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Xmas Buffet Dinner at Armada Hotel

It's beginning to feel like Christmassssss... Finally finished my exam today though I failed =.=! 1 week crash course (self study btw) with 4% more to pass :( but well expected since others took at least 2-3 months to prepare.

December is a month for celebration and for more, counting down 3 more days to holiday since I'm clearing my leave :)

This is not my first time to Armada PJ Hotel's Xmas buffet. I went there last year too (review here). Thanks Sharon for the invitation.

Instead of reviewing the starter and main, I'm gonna jump straight to dessert first cause I'm a dessert lover and I must say that the best desserts are here to stay as we see a come back of the Classic Yule Log Cake and delicious Meringue Pie. This year round, the carrot cake is good. I'm never a fan of carrot cake unless it's really nice and I think this pass my expectation.

Now back to the starter... We started off with Lobster Platter Combination and Lobster Slices, Tiger Prawns.


Listen to understand not to reply

How often do you listen to people attentively? Are you always engaging in a conversation with another person while your eyes are fixated on the phone?

Try asking this questions to a friend and see if he/she answers them correctly. You can only read this once:
Is there a Federal Law against a man marrying his widow's sister?4th July is America's Independence Day. Do they have a 4th July in England?If you have only 1 match and enter a cold room with kerosene lamp, oil heater and wood stove. Which would you light first for maximum heat?How many animal of each species does Moses take abroad the Ark with him during the flood?The Yankees and Tigers play 5 games. Each win 3. No ties or disputed games involved. How come?How many birth day does an average have? What about the average woman?According to International Law when airplane crash on exact border of 2 countries, would unidentify survivors be buried of the country they are traveling to or from? Have you answer the above on your …