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Me Before You Review

It's been a while. Here to start back my habit of blogging with Me Before You. I enjoy the movie as I've read about it long ago. It's always different reading the book as I was one with the characters vs watching the movie. However, I think that the story line in the movie is fine. Some said that the end was very abrupt but I think it's just right and not because I've long known the conclusion. The whole story was already building for the end but I must say that I'm very disappointed because one of the important part was removed due to censorship ~ kissing scene *roll eyes*. My eyes were teary already when that part was cut off and it's what I called 'potong steam'.

The abruptness would be because of the scene removed. It's not about the kiss but the conversation. It's similar to watching Loves & Other Drugs. It's the bits & pieces missing. Yet, it makes a whole lots of difference. I was upset with the censored scene that I stopp…