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Bridesmaid Dresses

I'm getting more and more wedding invites from my secondary school mates. And of course invitation to be ji mui (bridesmaid).

The planning stage starts now and that includes sourcing for bridesmaid dresses. It's very important to get the right bridesmaid dresses for the girl as it should relate to the wedding theme. Based on my experience of a ji mui, you can either go with colour theme and one would not go wrong with pastel dresses. Pastels have been a huge hit in the wedding theme these past few years and pastel bridesmaid dresses will definitely blend in well.

I personally prefer Tiffany Blue theme.

And what's better if it comes in lace. Lace dress designs gives off that sweet innocent appeal which is perfect for an English wedding theme.

A friend of mine loves black and had her wedding in black and white theme. It's quite rare for Chinese to go ahead with black but it actually brings out a very sophisticated look for her bridesmaids. Mix and match the bridesmaid bl…