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I Heart London II

Here to continue my 2nd post on my visit to London back in April 2015. Oops... There's been such a delay in my posting as my priority has changed quite a lot since last year and I'm trying to set myself some personal time to blog. So, here goes for my visit to Trafalgar Square, China Town, London Bridge and Tower Bridge

My day began at Trafalgar Square and China Town which are both within walking distance (10 minutes)

but I spent quite an amount of time here. China Town is just a small area but of course as an avid Instagrammer, I did spend some time taking photo.

Also, you get to eat good Chinese food here. Had my lunch at  with my uncle. It's Hong Kong style dim sum and it was really good. Nothing that we can get from Malaysia. Don't ask me the total damage as a relative had foot the bill even before we finish eating.

On the way over to Trafalgar Square, one will actually walk pass Leicester (pronounced lɛstər) Square. Leicester Square holds a number of cinemas such …