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Xmas Buffet Dinner at Armada Hotel

It's beginning to feel like Christmassssss... Finally finished my exam today though I failed =.=! 1 week crash course (self study btw) with 4% more to pass :( but well expected since others took at least 2-3 months to prepare.

December is a month for celebration and for more, counting down 3 more days to holiday since I'm clearing my leave :)

This is not my first time to Armada PJ Hotel's Xmas buffet. I went there last year too (review here). Thanks Sharon for the invitation.

Instead of reviewing the starter and main, I'm gonna jump straight to dessert first cause I'm a dessert lover and I must say that the best desserts are here to stay as we see a come back of the Classic Yule Log Cake and delicious Meringue Pie. This year round, the carrot cake is good. I'm never a fan of carrot cake unless it's really nice and I think this pass my expectation.

Now back to the starter... We started off with Lobster Platter Combination and Lobster Slices, Tiger Prawns.


Listen to understand not to reply

How often do you listen to people attentively? Are you always engaging in a conversation with another person while your eyes are fixated on the phone?

Try asking this questions to a friend and see if he/she answers them correctly. You can only read this once:
Is there a Federal Law against a man marrying his widow's sister?4th July is America's Independence Day. Do they have a 4th July in England?If you have only 1 match and enter a cold room with kerosene lamp, oil heater and wood stove. Which would you light first for maximum heat?How many animal of each species does Moses take abroad the Ark with him during the flood?The Yankees and Tigers play 5 games. Each win 3. No ties or disputed games involved. How come?How many birth day does an average have? What about the average woman?According to International Law when airplane crash on exact border of 2 countries, would unidentify survivors be buried of the country they are traveling to or from? Have you answer the above on your …

My musical journey

So I went to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO). I know I don't look like a person who appreciates music but I've always enjoyed it. It's been ages since I attended one. The first time I was exposed to the orchestra was back in 2006. It was for a college assignment and we were lucky to have attended the 'Magic Orchestra'.

I'm not one who is crazy about music and is very cautious about my spending on entertainment. I've waited long enough for a session that catches my interest. When MPO posted on 'A Musical Journey in Anime', I know that this is it ~ something that I can relate to especially when it's Studio Gibli's.

The session started with the Water Traveller for 8 minutes followed by my favourite Studio Ghibli animation of all time - My Neighbour Totoro for close to 25 minutes. Joe Hisashi is truly a master composer. It's music to the soul, not just the ears. I had goosebumps and flashback of the entire story throughout the ses…

Suicide Squad, Sadako vs Kayako & Don't Breathe Movie Reviews

Last mentioned I was going to watch Suicide Squad. 5 movies later... here are my reviews on 3 movies and why them together? The 3 movies bear 1 similar resemblance - being on a suicide mission unknowingly.
Suicide Squad Suicide Squad was much anticipated until it was on the big screen where there were generally a lot of negative reviews. It isn't that bad when you have no expectation or probably because I was prepared for the worst.
This movie is sort of a continuation from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It's the aftermath of Superman's death and Intelligence Operative, Amanda Waller led a secret government agency by recruiting imprisoned supervillians to execute dangerous black ops missions to save the world. Indirectly, the supervillians under this mission is heading to suicide without knowing the treat. Bruce Wayne made a special appearance at the end of the movie. 
I found the movie to be acceptable in a way. Not as bad as it seems but lacking in a solid story line…

Bausch & Lomb Lacelle Diamond Daily

How many days in a week do you wear contact lens to work? To me, my answer is 0 for most of the weeks because I have very sensitive eyes. I don't wear contact lens to work often but I do when I'm attending event or if I have a big presentation as it really does make a difference to the confidence level.

However, getting the right contact lens is not easy especially when it comes to cosmetic colour lenses. My cousin has to buy her daily cosmetic contact lens from Taiwan. That's right, she goes to Taiwan and buy her supply yearly because she can't wear any daily cosmetic contact lens sold in Malaysia & Singapore.

To quote Mr Jake Kim, the Managing Director of Bausch + Lomb Malaysia "you can easily purchase contact lens anywhere from optical shop to pasar malam and even online shopping. But how reliable are they?"

Finally, there's something in the market that will give us the piece of mind. Bausch + Lomb Malaysia launches Lacelle Diamond last Wednesday, …

Jason Bourne

Bourne. Jason Bourne.

I remember my first Bourne series was way back in 2002, Bourne Identity. Matt Damon was so young then. See the comparison:

VS now

That was like 14 years ago and I would say the entire Bourne series has never been disappointing. From Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum to now Jason Bourne... the movie never lacks the action and storyline. I know you would mention that it came from the Bourne Trilogy by Robert Ludlum but the movies aren't entirely the same as the storyline in the books.

And yes, there's a lot of not good/average review on Jason Bourne but I still enjoy my movie. Jason Bourne is not your typical hero or CIA movie or even spy movie. Bourne not Bond. He is more realistic - he's not the well-dressed super handsome hunk with hi-tech gadgets nor pretty ladies and martini.

No spoiler here but I didn't expect the twist in Heather Lee. Watch the movie to find out yourself what I meant. I guess the new generation is repla…

Lights Out

It's been a long long looooooooooong while since there's a good horror movie worth watching. And yes, Lights Out is worthwhile watching. I've to give James Wan credit for making me all thrilled and panic. There were even screams by some dude in the hall.

Slight movie spoiler here, this is one horror movie whereby the ghost keeps appearing and even so, the scare factor is there. It may be common but still effective.

Rating: 5.5/7

And I have to say that this is better than Conjuring 2. I was trying to piece the story of Enfield with the beginning of the movie, Amityville and couldn't find any linkage after watching the movie. Finally read about it here on the reason why both are connected. They are not connected at all and it was pieced together to avoid any issue with The Amityville Horror owned by another company.

Even so, I must say that there is still fright factor in the movie.

Rating: 4/7

Me Before You Review

It's been a while. Here to start back my habit of blogging with Me Before You. I enjoy the movie as I've read about it long ago. It's always different reading the book as I was one with the characters vs watching the movie. However, I think that the story line in the movie is fine. Some said that the end was very abrupt but I think it's just right and not because I've long known the conclusion. The whole story was already building for the end but I must say that I'm very disappointed because one of the important part was removed due to censorship ~ kissing scene *roll eyes*. My eyes were teary already when that part was cut off and it's what I called 'potong steam'.

The abruptness would be because of the scene removed. It's not about the kiss but the conversation. It's similar to watching Loves & Other Drugs. It's the bits & pieces missing. Yet, it makes a whole lots of difference. I was upset with the censored scene that I stopp…

Bridesmaid Dresses

I'm getting more and more wedding invites from my secondary school mates. And of course invitation to be ji mui (bridesmaid).

The planning stage starts now and that includes sourcing for bridesmaid dresses. It's very important to get the right bridesmaid dresses for the girl as it should relate to the wedding theme. Based on my experience of a ji mui, you can either go with colour theme and one would not go wrong with pastel dresses. Pastels have been a huge hit in the wedding theme these past few years and pastel bridesmaid dresses will definitely blend in well.

I personally prefer Tiffany Blue theme.

And what's better if it comes in lace. Lace dress designs gives off that sweet innocent appeal which is perfect for an English wedding theme.

A friend of mine loves black and had her wedding in black and white theme. It's quite rare for Chinese to go ahead with black but it actually brings out a very sophisticated look for her bridesmaids. Mix and match the bridesmaid bl…

I Heart London II

Here to continue my 2nd post on my visit to London back in April 2015. Oops... There's been such a delay in my posting as my priority has changed quite a lot since last year and I'm trying to set myself some personal time to blog. So, here goes for my visit to Trafalgar Square, China Town, London Bridge and Tower Bridge

My day began at Trafalgar Square and China Town which are both within walking distance (10 minutes)

but I spent quite an amount of time here. China Town is just a small area but of course as an avid Instagrammer, I did spend some time taking photo.

Also, you get to eat good Chinese food here. Had my lunch at  with my uncle. It's Hong Kong style dim sum and it was really good. Nothing that we can get from Malaysia. Don't ask me the total damage as a relative had foot the bill even before we finish eating.

On the way over to Trafalgar Square, one will actually walk pass Leicester (pronounced lɛstər) Square. Leicester Square holds a number of cinemas such …