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A better BOOST in the run

My speed of writing a blog post has been like a snail. I've not finish my post on my UK trip. I'm still editing it so please be patient with me. Ever since my trip to London, I've gained weight as I usually eat more when the weather is cold and been trying to loss weight. I started eating healthier and managed to loss 2 kgs in 3 weeks time but started to gain weight from my local trips especially Penang. Eat too much :P

I've just started to eat clean again and to exercise.

 Great Eastern Colour My Heart run. My first marathon after my UK trip on 24 May 2015.
I need to be more discipline and determine to control my eating as well as to be more consistent with my exercise. I just found out that warming up and cooling down plays a big part in weight loss, as well as BOOST energy. Do you know that?

Here's a some tips from Adidas to do it right for a better running experience and taking care of your feet health:

I've not start and end my runs correctly. It's tim…