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Going organic - Jeanie Botanicals

I was introduced to Jeanie Botanicals by Jessica and thus, I started going organic early March.
Jeanie Botanicals products are from 100% raw, natural and organic ingredients such as herbs, butters, clays, nut and plant-based oils, salts, essential oils. They are made in small batches to ensure the product's life span because the products do not contain any synthetic chemicals nor preservative. The ingredients are certified organics and as such, you can rest assure about it.

Jeanie Botanicals product & sea salt from US
I started with the bath & body range with the hair & scalp treatment oil as well as Pure Castile Liquid Soap (Calendula/Chamomile)

Hair & scalp treatment
I used this product as a conditioner after shampooing my hair as well as hot oil treatment once weekly - leaving at least 60 minutes before shampoo & washing my hair.

50ml @ RM35
I'm not used to organic product as this is really my first time in trying one. I was not used to organic product a…


It's been a while since I last blog. Definitely not going to be blogging so frequent but I'll try to keep my momentum going.

So, here goes to the most basic of how I started the momentum to write - movie review. I've not write about movies for some times although I've been to a few now. Definitely not going to miss out Fast  & Furious 7

Watched FF6 in 2013 and mentioned that somebody I like showed up at the end of the movie - Jason Statham. Being the antagonist in this movie, he has definitely spice up the show. Like all Fast & Furious series, this series is as exciting as it can gets from the beginning til the end.

At the end of the movie was a goodbye for Paul Walker with all the flashbacks. I didn't expect this conclusion. I have to say I will miss Brian O'Conner very much in future Fast & Furious.

P/S: The CGI did not look fake at all. Only got 1 part that is obvious.

Rating: 5/7

See you again ♥ Goodbye Paul Walker. The end was good.