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Christmas Feast

In a blink of an eyes it's almost the festive season. Counting down to X'mas and I've not completed Part II of my London trip. So many things had happened and now it's a month away from X'mas and I've already had a Christmas feast 2 weeks back. That's true... X'mas is early...

Together with a group of bloggers we were invited to Utara Coffee House, Armada Petaling Jaya Hotel's Christmas & New Year's Eve Buffet Dinner. It's a lavish buffet of traditional and innovative festive dishes - a fusion of European & French cuisine.

And here goes my experience of the colourful affair

The lovely X'mas setting
I was slightly late that day due to a telecon and the meal started off with the Salmon Coulibiac.

It was then followed by Tiger Prawn Ceviche with Avocado. Succulent fresh prawn that is compliment with avocados and onions mixed with lemon juice giving it a hint of sourness. A good appetizer to start the meal with.

It was then followed …

Knock Knock Who's There

It's the 7th month of the lunar calendar which is the Chinese Ghost Festival and this means horror movies. Yay! Thanks to Seeties, 10 bloggers where invited to watch the horror movie 'Knock Knock Who's There'.

While waiting for the movie to start...

Photo credit to Miss Cawaii
Not only that, we were given the opportunity to meet the actresses - Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Carrie Ng (吴家丽). Carrie Ng actually wrote the script, directed and acted in it.

Carrie Ng speaking about her movie. Kate Tsui on the left
The movie is a 3-in-1 short film which is sorta related among each other. Kinda reminds me of my previous GSC Horror Fest but that was horror movie marathon. The 3 stories are related as they comes back to the same mortuary.

As a horror movie big fan, the movie lack of horror factor to me but it was the exact opposite to the lady seated next to me. She was covering herself most of the part. The first story is a love story called 'Headless' where the main actress die…

I Heart London

So I was on a trip to London last month. It was a very short trip and I did not plan any itinerary for the trip. It was just free and easy. This is my first time to London and I know nothing about this place and prior to going, I did no research nor did I Google. Being able to come to this part of the world is like a dream come true. It's funny how this is the first trip that was so free and easy that I was only planning where to go the day itself.

So, here's some sharing on where to go when you are at London:

I started off at Westminster (tube: Westminster). London Eyes and the Palace of Westminster is right at that spot.

London Eyes from afar. I did not went up as I wanted to save time to visit more area.
Palace of Westminster which is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament of United Kingdom. The building is over a hundred years old and I love the architecture in particular as it is so detail. Basically most of the …

A better BOOST in the run

My speed of writing a blog post has been like a snail. I've not finish my post on my UK trip. I'm still editing it so please be patient with me. Ever since my trip to London, I've gained weight as I usually eat more when the weather is cold and been trying to loss weight. I started eating healthier and managed to loss 2 kgs in 3 weeks time but started to gain weight from my local trips especially Penang. Eat too much :P

I've just started to eat clean again and to exercise.

 Great Eastern Colour My Heart run. My first marathon after my UK trip on 24 May 2015.
I need to be more discipline and determine to control my eating as well as to be more consistent with my exercise. I just found out that warming up and cooling down plays a big part in weight loss, as well as BOOST energy. Do you know that?

Here's a some tips from Adidas to do it right for a better running experience and taking care of your feet health:

I've not start and end my runs correctly. It's tim…

The Y I Blog

Anyone can be a blogger nowadays. You can simply click or and register as a blogger. There's so many new blogger springing up like mushrooms after the rain. So what's the difference between us bloggers? Some call themselves social media influencers but I wouldn't say I've reach such level.

There's so many things happening at the blogging arena from unethical blogging to dramas that I'm starting to doubt myself. Why do I blog?

I will say all bloggers write for their passion but for different reasons. Who will stay true to themselves writing honestly, with principles? Who write just because they wanted the privileges in blogging - products, money, special invites to events, etc? Am I becoming them? Do I want to be controlled by others on my review?

I've blog much lesser as I'm not sure - Do I still have the essence in writing? Am I passionate about what I'm going to share?

This is until I got a thank you message from a r…

Going organic - Jeanie Botanicals

I was introduced to Jeanie Botanicals by Jessica and thus, I started going organic early March.
Jeanie Botanicals products are from 100% raw, natural and organic ingredients such as herbs, butters, clays, nut and plant-based oils, salts, essential oils. They are made in small batches to ensure the product's life span because the products do not contain any synthetic chemicals nor preservative. The ingredients are certified organics and as such, you can rest assure about it.

Jeanie Botanicals product & sea salt from US
I started with the bath & body range with the hair & scalp treatment oil as well as Pure Castile Liquid Soap (Calendula/Chamomile)

Hair & scalp treatment
I used this product as a conditioner after shampooing my hair as well as hot oil treatment once weekly - leaving at least 60 minutes before shampoo & washing my hair.

50ml @ RM35
I'm not used to organic product as this is really my first time in trying one. I was not used to organic product a…


It's been a while since I last blog. Definitely not going to be blogging so frequent but I'll try to keep my momentum going.

So, here goes to the most basic of how I started the momentum to write - movie review. I've not write about movies for some times although I've been to a few now. Definitely not going to miss out Fast  & Furious 7

Watched FF6 in 2013 and mentioned that somebody I like showed up at the end of the movie - Jason Statham. Being the antagonist in this movie, he has definitely spice up the show. Like all Fast & Furious series, this series is as exciting as it can gets from the beginning til the end.

At the end of the movie was a goodbye for Paul Walker with all the flashbacks. I didn't expect this conclusion. I have to say I will miss Brian O'Conner very much in future Fast & Furious.

P/S: The CGI did not look fake at all. Only got 1 part that is obvious.

Rating: 5/7

See you again ♥ Goodbye Paul Walker. The end was good.

Fading Light

Imagine that the light & colours of your life slowly fades away. Imagine standing in nothing but total darkness surrounding you. Everything is a total pitch black not the usual darkness when you go to bed where you can still see shadows and find your way around. It's total pitch black, no shadows, no shades of grey.

World Glaucoma Week (8-14 March).
Glaucoma is the world's leading cause of irreversible blindness affecting more than 65 million people worldwide including an estimated 100,000 Malaysians. Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to the eye's optic nerve and gets worse over time. It's often associated with a buildup of pressure inside the eye. There is no cure available. Glaucoma have no early symptoms or pain. Most patients are only aware of the condition when they lost between 30-40% of their peripheral vision. If not control, the vision will slowly become tunnel which will end in total blindness.

Have you wonder how does it feel to live in the dar…

My 2015 Makeup

It's been a while since I really did a full make up. Here to my first full make up at Party Of The Century...

Super red lips from Guerlain Rouge G L'extrait
Such a makeup is a rare sight and only during special occassion. I prefer a nude/natural look for my daily makeup. Started off with the most basic would be the base and foundation. I've always skip makeup base because I'm lazy but it really does help to keep the makeup to last throughout the day. And I used foundation to cover my uneven skin tone. My current base and foundation - RMK Makeup Base & Guerlain Lingerie de Peau

And my makeup powder to set my oily face - Guerlain Meteorites Perles. I used the Meteorites Perles Illuminating Powder when I'm home for it's super light texture.

A photo posted by csiewcheng (@csiewcheng) on Jul 18, 2013 at 7:53am PDT
And Meteorites Compact when I'm travelling.

My one and only makeup need is forever the eyeliner. I can skip even the base but if I ever wanted a qu…