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Last day of 2014

My blog has been too quiet recently. Finally finished my exam yesterday and there's time for me to blog again. However, let's take a moment of silence here. There's too many things happening in Malaysia recently from the flood in the East Peninsular to Air Asia QZ8501.

2014 has been a year with lots of tragedies and calamities. I'll leave my blog today - the last day of 2014 for moment of silence.

Pic credit to Air Asia
Let's give our prayers and thoughts to all that have happened this year before moving on to a new year. Let's pray for a better and peaceful 2015. Remember to cherish every moment with loved ones and not to take them for granted.

#OhhSOME Fest

Did anyone of you meet David Choi or Wong Fu last weekend?

Yes… They were here last week for Hotlink #OhhSOME fest on Saturday (10am - 11pm) and Sunday (10am - 6pm). For all you social media enthusiast, #OhhSOME in short for Ohh Social Media has been organized to celebrate the glory of social media in Malaysia with a cross-platform event that is first of its kind in Malaysia.

And when it comes to social media, definitely we can’t miss out all our favourite social media personnel from local artists – Skyward (TheMingThing), JinnyBoyTV, Elizabeth Tan, etc to international – David Choi and Wong Fu Productions.

A little teaser first
The fest begins early in the day from 10am with #Ohhsome Bazaar, Talks and more. I reached Avenue K near to 6pm and missed out the Bazaar :( I managed to go through a few stalls behind going in for the #OhhSOME Stage. The Bazaar consists of urban streetwear to accessories all from local brands and arts. Too bad I missed out all the great deals earlier in the day.

Rustic Woodland Xmas

It's around 10 days to Christmas. Time to take a break from cleaning and study just to blog. Haven't blog in a while. Can't wait for X'mas and of course 'exam' to come.

December is the best month of festive and holiday. Definitely every where you go you can feel the X'mas spirit with all the decos up. Remember last year where everyone is so enthusiastic to visit top 12 best deco in Malaysia's mall? Where's the buzz this year?

Have you visit One Utama this December, the world's 4th largest mall? One of the top 10 must selfie mall in 2014. You can now selfie/wefie with cute polar bears, foxes, elephants, racoons, squirrels, meerkats, owls and many other fascinating characters at 'Rustic Woodland Christmas - Love & Joy'

Take a walk in this whimsical woodland forest, as snow-capped Christmas trees with glistening fairy lights and beautiful ornaments, meeting forest friends, find new treasures and create memories with loved ones.


Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2

I remember the first sequel to of this movie - Don't Go Breaking My Heart. The memory of watching this movie and the storyline is still fresh in my mind. I loved the movie a lot and the emotion was so strong that I even rated it 7/7 ♥

The second part of this movie continues from the first story. Cheng ZiXin and Qi Hong are a month away from their wedding and Shen Ran remains the player. Zi Xin meets Shen Ran again while he is dating her boss, Yeung Yang Yang (Miriam Yeung)

The storyline continues from there with the usage of songs from the previous movie 爱。很简单 and 我愿意 which gives the sense of familiarity and continuity. I loved both songs and another new song was introduced to this movie that ensures the blossom of another relationship with the new character - Paul (Vic Chou). Yes, the new song is the one in the trailer 没那么简单.

The movie remains true to the previous with the incorporation of love and humour. The love stories in the movie are much more complicated - 2 triangle love…

Glam Red, Glam H

It's so fast December already. The holiday and festive mood is on though exam is just around the corner. But can't help to throwback to 2 weeks ago H-Artistry 2014. It was on 15 November and time surely flies.

I love the invite. It's super creative if you can see the physical one.
The night was totally a different experience from the last since this is the first time I go party without the usual gang or at least my usual partner in crime. Same place, different setup, different performance, different gang and a different experience all together.

. Being bold going out with different group of people
This year with a dress code of glam red, it adds more red to the entire event setup which was glamorous. Seeing girls and guys in different shades of red makes me feel much at ease with my super red lipstick as I rarely go so red. Bought the Guerlain Rouge G L'extrait and have only managed to use it few times. I prefer to go with nude makeup and this is one of the few times t…