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Din Tai Fung - Taiwanese Set Menu

It’s been a while since I had Xiao Long Bao (steamed pork dumpling) and this is my first time ever to have a Chinese course meal that comes with it. Din Tai Fung has just recently released 2 Chinese course sets with Xiao Long Bao as part of the meal. Set 1 caters to 4 pax and Set 2 for 6 pax (with additional 4 dishes in the menu and an additional dessert).

While waiting for our main course, our Appetizer of the Day is Din Tai Fung House Special 招牌小菜:

You can order it individually at RM6.90
This dish is of mix veges and chili. This dish is very dependent on individual preferences. It’s refreshing to start off with. It is slightly sour and has an extremely mild spiciness in it that it’s barely notable.

Served together at the same time is the Shaoshing Wine Marinated Chicken.

Individual order RM15.90
The chicken has a very subtle Shaoshing wine taste. I personally prefer to have stronger alcohol taste. The Shaoshing wine taste is a little lighter because of the Taiwanese style of cooking and I…

New Experience with Strongbow Apple Ciders

For having stayed at home for the almost 5 long days studying for exam and taking a breather was definitely relieving. Imagine the perfect drink to start the evening, icy cold... An alternative to mainstream drinking of the usual beers, wines and hard liquor... the Strongbow Apple Ciders and ending the night with a heartwarming movie with the Nuffnangers - The Big Hero 6. That's definitely a good refreshing break for the mind before I start  binge studying again for being a last minute student.

So, there I was at 31 Studio, a familiar place for my previous shoots but still directionless to get there. Never know why I can never get my directions right to this place. I always have 2 different extremes - extremely good in directions even I've only been to that place once or extremely bad that I'll get lost no matter how much effort I put in to remember the roads and landmarks. Aiks...

The place was totally turnaround and I specifically love the salad bar.

The fu…

Big Hero 6

It's been a while since I go for movie. REALLY? Yessss. Coz my usual rate is at least 1 movie a week and I've slow down a lot... And plus taking a breather from studying to watch movie is just mind refreshing.

Thanks to Nuffnang for such an awesome heartwarming and funny night.

Initially when I first watch the trailer, I thought that it was a small kid's robot invention that went wrong. Why such a cute, adorable, silly robot and upgrading it with shields and all?

So, story goes like this... (no spoiler just the synopsis):
Hiro (the cute little boy in the trailer) is a 14-15 years old genius, living in the city of San Fransokyo. Yes... Fransokyo = San Francisco + Tokyo. As a robot prodigy, he has a very good relationship with his elder brother, Tadashi Hamada. Tadashi invented Baymax (the cute inflatable robot) with the sole purpose of taking care of people. Thus explaining the cute, silly look.

However, something devastating incident happened that throws Hiro into a middle…

H-Artistry KL 2014

Time really past in a blink of an eyes. It's so fast November already and it's that time of the year again for H-Artistry this coming 15 November. It's a yearly affair not to be missed. It's gonna be held at the same venue as last year's H-Artistry which is the MIECC, Mines Resort from 7pm onwards.

This year's party goers can anticipate for an epic finale premiere super-clubbing experience. The Global Art of Mixing KL is going to feature a stellar line up of artists from around BOTH East & West. An awesome clubbing experience always encompasses the eclectic mix of sights, sounds and taste.

This year we have a mashup genres and music styles featuring the latest up and coming local, regional and international acts with the theme Unique, One Night Only collaborations. Headlining the event would be London born international award winning artist, Tinie Tempah who's famous for his #1 hit on the UK Singles Chart debut single "Pass Out" or my person…

Cafe Hopping (Waffles)

What's your theory to the best waffles you have ever had? Standing Theory @SS2 offers quite a decent waffles around Petaling Jaya (PJ). Located at a quiet area, this cafe definitely is a must try especially the BBC Waffles. Though it's at the housing area of SS2, I must say that they are good that there's quite a crowd.

They offered 2 different waffles at different time. In the morning til afternoon (brunch), there's the famous BBC Waffle featuring crispy house-cured bacon, bananas & cornflake ice cream by Fatbaby and gula melaka.......

The evening is another waffle but I'm not sure what is it called. Just remember that the ice cream is coconut flavour.

I love the waffle especially it taste very good on its own. I just found out that they have their very own batter. Yumsss. It would have tasted even better if taken hot but lil sis took so long for pictures that the waffle is cold already. And the combination of the rest of the ingredients - salty bacon, sweet …

Taste the French Way of Life

It's been a while since I've posted anything. Been juggling between work & study lately. Exam is coming early December and I'm only in Chapter 2. Suddenly feel like an old Chinese saying: 平时不烧香,临时抱佛脚 (Have to Google to find this idiom since I'm a banana. Lol). The meaning of it is 'at normal times, we don't pray. However, at the last minute of something happening, we will pray to God for help'.
Oh... if you do not know by now, I'm actually pursuing a professional qualification and since I do not have the relevant degree, I've to start from bottom. It will take me longer but why not MBA then or what I've initially planned to do - Master in Communication? That's because MBA is nolonger sort after by employers. Employers nowadays prefer somebody who has a qualification that is more sector specific. Master in Communication is okay but how far would that take me to?
So, I've been busy preparing for work and study for the past few weeks..…