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Kiss Me Selfie Contest

I love selfie and I love shopping. Typical girls some guys would say but hey! ain't that something enjoyable. So often we care about how people judge us that we forgo things that we love doing. Don't let people judge you for you should be. Just be yourself.

And girls if you are one who likes both - selfie & shopping, here's more reason for you to do so - be in the run to win up to RM70,000 worth of prizes.

How to do that? It's as simple as ABC...

Step 1: Out shopping at One Utama, Pavilion or Mid Valley? Just head over to Kiss Me Selfie Station at Watsons.

Here's one of its station and it's only at the 3 malls mentioned above.
Step 2: Take a selfie with any Kiss Me product using their Sony Xperia C3

The phone is fixated there and adjustable.
Step 3: Share on Facebook

 You can take as many photos as you like until you are satisfy with the one before sharing :)
They will provide you with a unique code at there, you can share with your friend.

The Book of Life Review

It's been a while since I watched an animation (maybe a month ago. Not that long lar) but this is a nice and heartwarming one. Though the storyline is predictable like any cartoon, this animation has a Mexican flavour to it with the story revolving around the holiday - Day of the Dead.

The story was told by a pretty guide to a group of 'problematic' children during their field trip to a museum. As majority of the animations, the story revolves around a love story and this - a triangle love story between 3 childhood friends and the fight to win their dream girl. The entire animation reminded me of Tim Burton's Corpse Bridge but in a colourful way.

It has a very vivid imagination with the Land of the Remember and Land of the Forgotten. "Land of the Remember" is a vibrant and colourful place. It's said that souls of loved one, those who were remembered will go to there and enjoys their afterlife partying and having fun.

While those souls who h…

Seventh - 守夜 Movie Review

It's raining right now... What's better than to write a review on a horror movie *big grin*

I've been writing movie review since 2010 and this is the first that I got the chance to attend a grand movie premiere gala with all the artists and director being there at the same time.

 Director & main actor/artists on stage with emcees for some Q&A before the main launch.
 With the pretty ladies all ready for the movie

Seventh is a local Malaysian film by Ryon Lee who has written the scripts for several good local productions including 'Woohoo Big Day", "Great Day" and "The Journey". 
I rarely have a summary of movie in my reviews because you can easily find one on Google. As I can find Seventh's summary only in Chinese version, I decided to include this part in to let you decide if you (mostly bananas like I do) wanna watch the movie. Yes, that's what I do... I read movie summary before I watch it if I'm unsure what the storyline…

Free The Nipple - The Asian Way

It's October which means Pinktober = Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I've wanted to posted this in a while but not sure how to construct it. So here goes.....

Free The Nipple
Free The Nipple started back in May this year by Scout Willis (Bruce Willis' daughter) who walked half-naked along New York city because Instagram blocked her posts:
Of a jacket that has two topless ladies emblazoned on itHer picture in a sheer top Non which was provocative. Her point was that it's legal to walk topless in NYC yet not allowed to be topless in instagram. 

In US, there's censorship in the media whereby it is illegal in 37 states for women to appear topless.
Back in June there's this wave of campaign on Free The Nipple at New Yock city with ladies coming out together topless and walk around NYC. Then we have Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne who also bring this to a highlight...

Loading ⛔️🚫🔦💡 #bali View on Instagram
The fight
So, the entire campaign was to fight for equ…

Belvedere Light Up My Night

My previous post on Belvedere Light Up Your Night party was before the event and definitely a rather different party all together. At the entrance, they had a snow tree LED lit structured and people's picture is placed there for a month which means yesterday. Public can vote for their favourite and the best walks away with a gift which means the result should be out soon. I wonder who won...

Here to my experience at this rather different party... Of course the main hero was still the Jeroboam Belvedere Bear. Love it but didn't manage to capture a picture together with it :( Apparently the bear figure is super expensive to be constructed. No wonder it's so special.

Back to event where they mentioned that there will be quirky engagements and that's so true. I wasn't expecting much from the event until they announced the 'quirky engagements' that night. I was already mingling around with a 'long never meet' friend prior to that. Initially I thought the l…

Taste the French Way of Life

And the 'party' continuous... Kronenbourg 1664 is bringing laughter to you out there tomorrow night at TDH, Oasis Square, Ara Damansara.

What's better than spending a night fill with humours after one-week of work. It's Friday night and it's part of Kronenbourg 1664's quest to encourage work-life balance. There will be Taste the French Way of Life event tomorrow with Comedy Night.

Again I'm being slow with the happenings here as this is the fifth event from 'Taste The French Way of Life'. They had previously have a Rooftop bbq, a movie night, darts night and Dining in the Dark. OMG... I've never dined in the dark and that must be a fun experience.

And so, back to this weeks event, expect a night fill of laughing into tears with laughter-inducing experts the good boy gone bad - KuahJenhan

Photo credits to Clive
the comic with more spin than a high speed turbine - Andrew Netto

Photo credits to
and comedy crusader - Phoon Chi Ho


Counting down to Magic!

Yes. I'm back with more blog post. Family is not around and that means ample time to 'party' and write. Don't get me wrong. I miss my family but they are not around town only ;)

And first party was last Saturday at Guinness Amplify Music Made of More held at Foley, Oasis Damansara... Guinness Amplify live tour is on every Saturday beginning 6 Sep til 18 Oct. Running to its 4th week, this is actually the first that I've attended. Have to admit I'm slow 'a bit' to join in the latest happening recently BUT I do know what's happening out there.

What's this event all about? AMPLIFY brings together Guinness and music lovers to enjoy both beloved at the same time. Passionate and talented Malaysian musicians are going to spice up the place with their great productions. You can listen to the music while enjoying Guinness as much as you want at a special promotion... it's only RM10. Don't forget to drink responsibly and don't drive even when yo…