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10 thoughts of a mid twenties

Initially I wanted to call this post a 'Mid Twenties Crisis' as I'm way passed my quarter life crisis (I don't think I can live that long) but I kinda spin the entire direction of the messages and decided that they aren't crisis at all. So, here goes:

Disclaimer first: This post is entirely based on my personal thought at my current stage and differs from a lot of people my age. I’ve been crafting this post for more than a year. Writing, deleting, editing, changing at different time, different mood, different place. So, some part of this post can be super optimistic while some could be quite emo (I hope not).

1) Looking young is not always a good thing.

I'm not the damn 'perasan' type but I do get mistaken by a lot of people as a college/uni student and sometimes people do thought of me as a high school student too. I need to ensure that I always have my IC/license/passport wherever I go (though I always misplaced my wallet) because I'm at a h…

Be there, be present

I've been very quiet in my blog for few months because I've been spending more time with my family. Which means being away from my computer and phone as much as I could. No computer, no phone, no internet = no blogging. For me my handphone is unavoidable for some occasion but some times, I'm quite addicted to it. Unwilling to let it go...

Bow head groupis a direct translation from the Chinese term低头族. It simply refers to smartphone addict. It's as simple as referring to people who bow down looking at their phone all the time.

低头 in Chinese also means surrender. When people are guilty, they will bow down or look away. We are all guilty of surrendering to our own smartphone.

Captured this while I was on a trip down to Penang with the Instagrammers.
Yes, majority is looking at their phone because of them posting on Instagram but can we do it later even though INSTAgram means INSTAnt?

While the rest are on the phone, look at the genuine laughter of the two chatting away. An…

Uncage Yourself

Wow. Didn't know that Tiger Beer has been around since 1932. Went to the newly launched bold new campaign together with Melody, Janice & the babes at Nagaba.

The UNCAGE event was hosted by Peter Davis

The tiger and tree logo has undergone a revamp in this new campaign.

According to GAB marketing director Bruce Dallas, the brewery  recognises the need to evolve and thus the new evolution of the Tiger Beer logos while retaining the original elements.

Not just that, the bottle was given new designs too. The 'g' in the name is also given a new design which resembles an '8' for luck.

Instead of using the traditional beer advertising themes, the UNCAGE campaign features three inspiring young Asian personalities. We were shown three video short films featuring Chinese female tattooist Joey Pang, Thai-American stuntman Charlie Ruedpokanon and award-winning Singaporean filmmaker Anthony Chen. They brave the odds to succeed in their new careers and this shown how they br…

The Guardian of the Galaxy

Before I continue with my Krabi day 2 & 3 which will take long hours to blog, let's do a short one on The Guardian of the Galaxy.

This is an awesome movie and definitely not a show to be missed. Guardian of the Galaxy by Marvel is not as popular as the big shows like X-Men, Wolverines.... but it's worthwhile watching. It's unlike the usual Marvel heroes but I find it very enjoyable especially the heroes ain't actually heroes but 'criminals'.

The whole story is humorous. I've been laughing from the start til the end but some where towards the end I was sad with the sacrifice made (not going to reveal it). The movie gets your emotion all heighten up. A mix of happy, excitement, sadness, curiousity.

The music (the oldies) are perfectly blended in to the movie. You get to enjoy all the old songs without feeling like an ol'chap. Definitely an "Awesome Mix".

If I were to use 1 sentence to say how good it is, it will be "I'm Groot" …

Light Up Your Night Party

Friday night and not knowing what to do? Me too but... gonna go party tonight.

Just found out that Belvedere is hosting a 'Light Up Your Night' party at Providence, KL for the singles. Yes, you heard me right! It's an exclusive party for the singles with variety of quirky engagements to break the ice. There will be fun conversational body stickers, dark room graffiti light photo engagement, and Tag Me! Lanyards to be fully explored throughout the night.

Belvedere has always represented the pinnacle of vodka making traditions and have received endless of praises from the likes of the Vodka Masters, Vodka Awards and loads more from respected industry voices. Belvedere was even awarded "Gold" at the recent 2014 International Spirits Challenge award.

It's so exclusive, so classy, refine, chic and sophisticated that I've never ever associate Belvedere with 'cute' and this time, they have this Belvedere Bear. OMG! Cute it is. And not jus…

Manoah Bloggers Appreciation

Haven't go out for some time at night with loads of work and prep for my 3 big events this coming 8 Sep. 3 events in a day - gan jiong max. Finally got an excuse for myself to go out at night as Manoah did a bloggers appreciation night at iDarts Quad, Sunway Giza with free flows of Asahi...

Thanks Don and Manoah for the invitation.

 With Janice
It's been almost a year since I was introduced to Manoah thanks to Janice. I was there at Kiss Me event as her partner and there started my journey with Manoah. It's been an awesome journey not just being expose to events and products but being able to meet more people with various experiences. I learnt more and thus able to share more.

Started off playing darts with Duncan. He said it's his first time there but he's so talented. By end that night, he was flying darts like an expert. It looks easy but I'm super lousy. All my darts flew down to the floor and only one made it. I wanna find lubang to hide or can an expert…