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BCL BFF Makeup Party

Friendship is not about quantity but quality. Been spending a lot of time with this girl...

She's not just my sister but BFF as well.
She's been spending lots of time with me and I've brought her to her first ever makeup workshop - The BCL BFF Makeup Party which was organised over the weekend.

I've seen BCL product but have never tried it before. So, I did a little more research into the brand. BCL is a beauty brand from Japan and in short, it stands for Beauty Creative Lab.

There are a few ranges under the BCL brand including:
1. Makemania Data
2. BrowLash Ex - eye makeup perfect for beginners
3. Tsururi - skincare range that targets the problem of 'pores'

To enhance our experience with the brand, BCL had invited renown makeup artist, Hiroki-san from Japan to gave us the workshop.

Hiroki-san demonstrated 2 different makeup styles using the same range of BCL products - Cool Beauty & Japanese Idol:
Cool Beauty for a defined & mature image that's suit…

Payot Expert Purete

It's almost 2 months back that I was introduced to Payot and I would like to share with you things I've learnt about it. I was introduced to Payot latest range - the EXPERT PURETE

The launch was in the form of workshop so that we can experience the products on our own.

Expert Purete is the new generations of expert care for clear, purified and radiant skin. This skincare fits both combination and oily skin people and suitable for any age. It is formulated and tested under dermatological control. This range is based on careful selection of active ingredients, specially chosen for their effectiveness and perfect skin tolerance. I'm a person with highly sensitive skin that's easily allergic to strong products and this range is totally okay with me.

Ms Aurelia, Payot trainer
Ms Aurelia purposely flew in to Malaysia to give workshop on the new range and it was a great opportunity for us to understand the brand and products better. Before we were introduced to the produc…

Deliver Us From Evil

Howdy. I've been away for a long time and gonna be back for good. My parents were around and can't spend too much time for blogging. One: family first and two: my parents nagged me every time I use my PC *save me pleaseeeee*.

Then I was away for more than a week - to Thistle PD for regional staff conference and to Krabi for birthdays getaway with le sis.

Sneak peek. Gonna blog about my trip :)
Got home and my brother has started to dominate my PC T.T

Will be spamming you with blog post starting this weekend.

Before hand, here's a blog post on the horror movie "Deliver Us From Evil" thanks to Churp Churp #churpremiere.

It's funny how I see many people criticizing this movie but me on the other hand thinks that it's quite a decent movie though there's nothing scary about it. It's better than those video cam horror movies that I've watch lately. At least it's not shaky and better storyline. It's more of an exorcism movie and I guess the …