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Never look down on a simple flu

Mamee Chef Day

31 May 2014 signifies that half of 2014 is passing. Did you spend your first half of 2014 significantly? Recalling my first half of 2014 is good. I’m doing what I love and loving what I do :)

 Ended my first half of 2014 with a rather different one day trip to Melaka… Alongside 60 bloggers, we went to Mamee-Double Decker Factory for a tour and it’s the first time Mamee opens the factory for the public (aka media) to visit.
 Group picture before we proceed with the tour. Picture credit to Mamee’s photographer
Mamee is established in Malaysia for 42 long years and still growing. Revisiting my childhood via Mamee Monster factory is fun. I’ve been snacking on Mamee for so long and finally have the chance to see how they are produced. It’s definitely an eye opening day for me.
Mamee produced 6 tonnes of flour every day and covers both Malaysia and international market. Can you imagine that 4.2 million out of 5.47 million household buyers in Peninsular Malaysia purchased the Mamee-Double Decker …

a matter of philosophy 2

a month ago on labour day, i shared on instagram my new addition of skincare - philosophy brighten my day

it's the 2 on the left - brightening lotion and essence
so i challenged myself for 4 weeks to test out the whitening range. they just launched it in may and it is said that this range is designed to diminish dark spots, but also redness and pores, all the troubling skin imperfections that take the focus away from  the ideal skin.

the brighten my day has a 10.3.3 complex:
10 complimentary actions on pigmentations: significantly reduce dark spot and brighten skin tone.3 combined effects on pores: visibly improve enlarged and darkened pores aspect3 correlating actions on redness
brighten my day all-over skin perfecting brightening lotion (on the left)  has a light texture. it has no colour, texture as light as water. however, for me, it's still very strong for my skin and will cause slight redness but instead of the usual 10 cent coin size of toner, i reduced it to half and i…