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Of stares & whispers

I've been getting a lot of stares and whispers lately because of how I looked like.

Yeah. This was an injury I sustained from cycling at Publika as the break was malfunctioning.

With my chin being so bruised, I was afraid to go out. I had to wear a mask to go out as my chin juts out on the right.

Then I decided why should I hide. Do I look that hideous? I went to work on the second day without any mask on. It felt so odd getting stared at. There are times where I noticed people staring at me and when I stared back, they still continue to stare. WTF.

The awkward stares, the way people point fingers and the way people whispers made me feel very insecure even for just a few day. I wanted to hide myself from people. At times I felt like using my hand to cover the bruise when people are looking.

Being at my height, I'm already very insecure. I get stare at, I hear whispers, I get mock yet it's not as bad as now. Being short is not a choice. There's a lot of limitation. I c…

Godzilla vs X-Men: Days of Future Past

It's summer blockbuster time....... Loads of big movies and I haven't even watch Spidy. Gonna go catch up on my own this weekend. Don't wanna miss out on that. Next week is Edge of Tomorrow and Maleficent. Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

But first let me review X-Men: Days of Future Past first which is not even up yet until tomorrow :) I was sick (still am) but I went for movie. I look super tired and pale but still..... it's a movie premiere...

The storyline is awesome but you will need to understand how it works. How Wolverine will go back to the past and why is it important to send him back in time. And at the same time, the future is still happening. I don't know what I'm saying already. In summary, they are happening concurrently.

There's a lot of funny scenes and of course fighting and fighting. The part at Pentagon with "Quicksilver" got me laughing the most. The choreography of the fighting is very well sync. The arrangement of how each move leads to…

Curbing Monday Blue

It's Monday again... And instead of feeling the blue, why not be more optimistic and have a more positive vibe?

So, here are three simple tips to get through Monday blue...

1) Wear happy colours
Instead of wearing something dark like black, grey and dark blue, why not try to wear something bright and sunny like yellow and pink? I've read in an article before that wearing yellow or pink on a Monday helps to bring positive vibes to everyone around you. Not only that you will feel good, others around you will also feel happier instead of being very gloomy.

Yellow mood board - Sunny, bright and happy Photo credits to
Does this look sweet, lovely and good?
2) Have awesome Friday night / weekend plans
Having an awesome plan that you look forward to will keep you motivated to finish your work. The M for Monday could simply mean "Motivation". Having something that you look forward to will make your week seems so much better.

No plans yet? Why…

Ferry Corsten in Malaysia

Oops... A little slow in my posting lately but here to celebrate a great Friday night with Ferry Corsten during the eve of Labour Day.

Ferry Corsten was in Malaysia and performed at PLAY, The Roof. PLAY was full before the show even starts.

Hanging out with the girls. Picture credit to Jaz Khai
Li Chuen and me were busy exploring Janice and Zana's Samsung NX Mini Camera. One of the selfie that we took together

Photo credits to Janice
Managed to go to the back stage to meet Ferry Corsten in person. Who is this he?

Ferry Corsten is a legendary deejay, a Dutch producer of electronic dance music who has been at the forefront of the global EDM for more than 2 decades. He is regularly ranks as one of the top 10 deejays in the world. Not only that, he has produced and and remixed for U2, Moby, Faithless, Duran Duran, Nelly Furtado and more.....

He plays at events all around the world and Malaysia was part of his five-city Asian tour.

Corsten in action
The whole club was having a lot of f…

Bringing You Together-Gether

Got invited to KakaoTalk Bringing You Together-Gether with the Youtubers fortnightly ago :) I was part of the 200 lucky people invited. Yeah... can meet and great my favourite Youtubers - The Ming Thing, Dan Khoo, Grim Film, Joseph Germani and JinnyboyTV...

In conjunction with World Hangout Day, KakaoTalk actually organized this event so that the users can hangout with the Youtubers...

Picture before meeting the Youtubers.
Actually I don't know what to expect when I got the invitation as it was supposed to be a 3 hours event. But it was a fun session with the Youtubers sharing their personal stories and some behind the scene clips.

We were shown The Ming Things latest video even before it was released few days after the event.

It was so funny......

The gang from Grim Film is very funny too with their different styles of videography. The emo type and the funny one. I like both actually.

And Joseph Germani explaining his latest video "Monchichi" and how it came about. Int…