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Transcendence Review

Johnny Depp in a science fiction movie. He really has many talent though I think this movie doesn't take him much effort.

I was super blur that night, queued at the correct line to collect my tickets and went back to the wrong lane. The seat that we got was broken that we sat at someone's seats until I think Sarah came. Luckily within the same row there's 2 empty seats. Hahaha... Then I lost my parking chip IN MY CAR after paying. Blur max.

Any way back to the movie, thanks Nuffnang. It really depends if you like the movie or hate it. The storyline was pretty slow at the beginning and quite boring so that it set up the whole story of Dr Caster transcendence into the AI world.

However, the storyline will turn around at the back and then you will start to doubt Johnny's character. In return, he was true to himself, his love for his wife. It takes some interpretation and thinking for the movie. Jessie was sick and at the end of the movie had so many questions for me.


Prodigy KL Redefined - Official Grand Launch

Been having bad days lately...
iPhone got reformatted and all my pictures went missing BUT luckily got my friend's around.Roach in the car and dominated it that I had to let it win over my car and took a cab to work BUT I'm so lucky to have my manager who was so good to sent me home from work :)Sick for the past 2 days BUT I  had a very entertaining weekend. Always look at the bright side of things :)

Was invited to attend Prodigy KL official grand launch last Friday with the BFFs.

Thanks to Manoah for the exclusive invites. The coming pics in this post are all credits to my friend Ray and some from Jaz Khai & Prodigy KL. Thank you very much :)

  With Michelle, Li Chuen and the girls
 With Manoah team and all other bloggers
Haven't hang out with my friends for a long time ever since CK's wedding.

With the newly wed
Prodigy KL is located opposite Pavilion KL right at Jalan Kia Peng. If you do not know where it is, it's the previous Butter Factory. The first tim…

Escape Room

If you are thinking of doing something in a group, head on to Escape Room. I think it's the current craze of the town. We had one awesome Friday night thanks to Churp Churp.

We were all given a chance to try it out at Escape Room Berjaya Times Square. I was not in my best condition as I was driven crazy by someone that my whole thought keeps going back to her even though I tried to block my thoughts. I even missed the turning to Melody's home while I went to fetch her. Initially we were both supposed to reach earlier than the stated time but we ended up late because I took I missed the turning to her home. Lol.

Luckily we weren't late for the game. Took picture before starting the game:

Churpers were divided into three teams. Each team with 8 people. When it's almost time, we were all briefed by Nick on what to expect:

We were in Team Nick.

And got the hardest room of the 3 - The Taken.

The most difficult room to unlock at Escape Room Time Square is The Haunted House. …

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Mr Peabody & Sherman Review

I haven't been blogging for about a week. Was falling sick so I was in bed at 9pm most of the days. There's so much movie that I've watched over the past 2 weeks.

The major one of course is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A must watch!! Don't miss it as this is even better than the first one.

It's hard to find someone with Steve's characteristic. So cool looking yet so cute in personality. Scarlett Johansson looks so different yet she's still so beautiful. I like the idea of Black Widow with Captain America but too bad she already has Hawkeye.

The whole movie is very good. From visual effects, the tech, the storyline, the characters, the fighting choreograph... And definitely Marvel.

Don't leave the cinema once the movie ended. There's 2 after credits. So, don't miss them.

Rating: 6/7

In less than a week, RIO 2 is coming........... and I realized I haven't even blogged about Mr Peabody and Sherman which was an awesome cartoon.