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ck one was the first unisex fragrance launched in 1994. After 2 decades, ck one unfolds a red-hot tension dedicated specifically for female and male - the ck one RED EDITION.

The new ck one RED EDITION was launched at Providence last Wednesday.

That was my first time there.

for her & for him
The bottle is a new interpretation of the iconic ck one signature flask. The bottle remains its simplicity. The women's bottle is clear glass with a red metallic cap while the men's bottle is a smoke-tinted glass. Notice the ck logo? It's also changed. The ck one logo is now in a red, powerful, industrial typeface, faded at one side for a hint of edge.

Belvedere Vodka collaborated with Calvin Klein for this launch and created 2 drinks along the top note of both for him and her. Watermelon representing ck one RED EDITION for women.

The new fragrance has the bold freshness of juicy watermelon and violet leaves followed by invigorating florals and leaving a trail of velvety musks. Th…

Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collection IV

Last Thursday was an awesome night at Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection IV first Red Party at PLAY, The Roof. I felt very privilege to be invited there. Thanks Manoah for the invite.

I went there with Janice and we were both late that the party has already started. The entire PLAY was transformed to red unlike its usual appearance. From the entrance to the inside.

 Right outside of PLAY.
 Walking towards the inside.
The whole interior was decorated in red with red laser lights.

Right up front of the stage. The DJs doing their magic.
The 2 local DJs spinning there were super awesome. The really got the heat going up without the usual "potong stim" that some DJs do. They are really good and I love the spinning. I love the DJs but they are not revealing their names until the H-Artistry in Penang this May. Their identity is still a mystery.........

Look how they are in a helmet. Looks like "Power Ranger".
I wonder how they can manage to be in the helmet for so man…


BVLGARI just launched it's latest men's fragrance this month called the AQVA AMARA EDT.

The AQVA AMARA is the percursor to the bestselling AQVA POUR HOMME. Both fragrances inspired by the Mediterranean Sea gives the energy and refreshment with its marine notes. The new precious gem from the sea, AQVA AMARA brings to mind the power and deepness of the sea.

It's been 10  years since the timeless AQVA POUR HOMME was introduced by master Jacques Cavalier (2004), the AQVA is not introduced to the shades of Mediterranean's volcanic soil. The AQVA POUR HOMME is blue in colour while the new AQVA Amara is copper in colour.

A vast contrast in colour, the AQVA AMARA has the rendition of AQVA POUR HOMME's signature aquatic note, enriched with the Sicilian mandarin and essence of Neroli as it's top note. Citrus and a little floral scent. Settled down to the water note - almost resembling POUR HOMME and at its base enriched with Indonesian patcho…

FMFA 2014

This year is my first time attending FMFA thanks to Manoah for the complimentary ticket.

Janice came all the way to my place to fetch me there after work. We had to walk almost 30 minutes just to reach the entrance.

 I felt so relieve when I reached here.
It was a great opportunity to party with the girls.

 With Janice & Michelle.
The arrangements of music was awesome. Day 1 with Deadmau and Day 2 with ASOT (A State of Trance).

It's a pity I didn't attend Day 1 as it was a working day tomorrow and non of the girls were there. My initial plan was to go for Day 2 and 3. Saddest thing that I can only party for Day 2 as the 3rd day has to be cancelled. People were mad but the event organizer should not be blamed. They are also a victim. Potong stim that Day 3 was cancelled but I really had fun with ASOT.

Thanks Janice for the companion.
I was worried having to go to FMFA on my own. We had fun exploring the ground before we started partying.

First up with selfies at Kakao Tal…

Painting the Town Red

Gonna be super red this week with 2 events upcoming with the theme red... Party mood on. No Monday blue at all ;)

Do you know that Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection 4 has arrived in clubs and entertainment outlets this month? This collection is a limited edition collection that is a manifestation of the Hennessy V.S.O.P's unique amber red cognac colour.

Not only that, it will be accompanied by a series of nationwide Hennessy V.S.O.P Red Parties starting first this Thursday at PLAY, The Roof.

It's gonna be a much anticipated nightlife debut with good company of dance, music and of course Hennessy V.S.O.P. It's gonna be a journey of sight, sound and taste with Hennessy trademark party experience. The last party I had with Hennessy was during the H-Artistry KL and it was definitely unforgettable.

I look forward to the first party at PLAY which is gonna be decorated in red elements. Red, red, red..................

I'm loving the red here. Red is a very bold colour and…