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Saving Mr Banks

I haven't watch any movie since CNY. Not even "The Journey" and "Lego Man". Going back hometown for CNY = no cinema = no movie.

But the first movie and a good one after such long time is very much appreciated. I very much grew up watching Mary Poppins and though I don't remember the story, I remember most of the songs' chorus. Watching "Saving Mr Banks" so reminds me of my childhood especially watching it with my eldest sister.

I personally think that this movie is very nice, heartwarming and at the same time entertaining + hilarious. Plus it has captivating scenery and settings.

The whole story goes in and out of 2 different time settings revolving PL Travers' childhood and her present. It linked between how PL Travers gains her inspiration in creating the persona "Mary Poppins" and how this character was brought on screen to all of us to watch much later in 1964.

Never did I know that the character Mr Bank is so important in th…

a matter of philosophy

there's a saying that "philosophy is a matter of choice and question". but believe it or not, "the best cosmetic is great looking skin". truth be told, having a radiant looking skin makes you more beautiful then looking dule and pale. i believe majority of us don't put on cosmetic 24/7 and as such, having a great looking skin is the best and having said so, a proper skin care regime is a must.

with joy

philosophy has just landed in Malaysia for about a month and selling in sephora. philosophy is a brand that approaches beauty from a skin care point of view. the brand is founded in 1996 by christina carlino and its product are based on rich, scientific heritage. not just that, every single product comes with inspirational messages to inspire true beauty inside out.

philosophy products are designed to enhance skin well-being and the best thing is that it has multi-tasking benefits. not only that, even people with sensitive skin like me can use it.

each produc…

An Evening with Dick Chua

I'm slower in my post as it's the CNY season and there's no PC nor internet back at my hometown. We didn't install because my parents don't need it.

Won an Instagram contest from BMW Shorties to meet Dick Chua. Thanks BMW Shorties team for arranging the meet up Saturday before CNY at The Red Bean Bag, Publika.

Have you ever watched Dick's short films/ videos? I find them to be very inspiring with the latest one called "The Pizza".

I told Dick that I found similarity between a few of his films and his replied was the 3 are a trilogy. This include The Pizza and also Murdered + Bloody Fish. Thriller and I find the setup like horror movie screen.

Not only that, the film requires you to think like watching Inception especially when "Murdered" and Andrea also mentioned that. So, it's not just me alone feeling the same

And not to be forgotten, I asked about his video edit on his trip to Taiwan

This video had actually inspired a friend of mine t…

3 Most Common Conversation with the Relatives

It's the festive season again and the time to meet all relatives who we haven't meet for a long time. It's also to brace ourselves for questionssssssssssss; the conversation starter.

This is usually the very very first thing that they will ask you: your relationship status:

If you are single
- Do you have a bf/gf?
- How come so long still haven't paktor (dating)?
- Where's your bf/gf? How come don't bring them along? (If they have doubts that you are in a relationship)
- Did you set your requirement too high that no guys dare to approach you?

The best way to reply is I'm waiting for you to introduce to me because there's no good guys I know. This usually works wonder to render them speechless a while unless the person you are talking to is a " 姨妈姑姐" (translated to English is aunties who loved to gossips). So, they will usually reply with they don't know anyone or they will try to point to some other people for help with which they tried not…