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Men with names

3 most recent movies that I've watched are named under the main character - Walter Mitty, Jack Ryan and Hercules

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

A rather slow movie but I would tell you that this movie is the most interesting among the 3. It's a very meaningful movie and the scenery is amazing. If only I could just let everything go and travel the world with just a backpack. Every place that Walter Mitty visited were deeply encapsulate in my mind and I ponder would I save enough to travel to those places.................

I may be a day dreamer but my imagination is not as good as Walter Mitty. And though it's a slow movie, the laughing elements are more subtle but still typical Ben Stiller movie. And of course the most important thing here is the lesson learnt. I love movies with key take outs that will keep me pondering even after watching a few rounds, that makes me feel that I've learnt something valuable.

The main quote that keeps playing in the movie: To see the wo…

Kaizen @ Puchong

Didn't know that there's this Japanese restaurant at the area nearby to Setia Walk. Every time I go to Puchong, it's usually just straight to Setia Walk or the shops opposite of IOI Malls. This is the first time I go some where further.

4 of us went to this Japanese restaurant called Kaizen located at the shop houses after Setia Walk. Didn't know that the restaurant is here for 6 years already.

 This is the front of the shop
Yeah... I know what you are thinking because the signage didn't give a good impression. Probably should ask my designer friends to give them a little help as the interior is quite good and the food are surprisingly nice. It's always good to go something without setting expectation as always. You might be surprise with what you get.

Here's a short simple clip on the place and food

I guess it's a norm for people to order Ocha (green tea) whenever we go for Jap.

And sashimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis ♥

 There's Shima Aji, Tai, T…

Delivery Man & Devil’s Due Review

I wanted to name this post Babies Delivery but find it kinda odd though both stories relate to it but in extremely different manner.
The Delivery Man is about David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn), a delivery driver for his family business who leads a sort of “loser” life but more to that, to his unknown, he is actually the biological father of 533 children (for donating sperm 693 times) of which 142 would like to know his identity.

It’s funny but at the same time quite heartwarming. However, the storyline is rather slow for a comedy. Slow story built-up. Not your typical comedy that you get to laugh from start til end. Emotional. But there’s a part where you need to connect the puzzle piece on why he donated sperms for so many times.  I don’t wanna be a spoiler so just go figure it out yourself ;)
Rating: 3.5/7
Devil’s Due on the other hand is a horror movie depicting a newlywed with an earlier/unplanned pregnancy and the whole “spooky” part of the pregnancy up til the delivery of the baby.

Mary Quant Lengthening Mascara

Got a Mary Quant Action Lashings Mascara before Xmas. This is the first time I heard of Mary Quant and as such I decided to do some background check. Mary Quant is a brand from UK and used to be very famous back in the 1970s (mum's time before she married daddy) and it's making a come back in Malaysia. It was launched last September in Muse by Watson, Sunway Pyramid.

Mary Quant brand is actually named after the creator who is a fashion creator. She's the one who makes miniskirt and bob hair style to be famous. Sound so cool.
And so back to the mascara. Mary Quant Action Lashings is a lengthening mascara. 

Have to admit that this is the first time I see mascara with such a mascara brush. 
I don't know how to describe it and as such googled for a description: "it comes with a two-sided cool and chip brush, which features short raised bristles on one side and the Oil Gel Formula that gives the mascara it's elasticity; together create sharp and spectacular long lashes…

The Burger Factory @ Subang Jaya

I haven't blog about food in a long time even though I'm a foodie. I think you can see more food post in my Instagram than my blog.

I think everyone realized that Malaysian always have this food phenomenon. It started with the donuts then to bubble tea and then now burger and cafes.

Went to Subang for burger with bro and his gf to eat burger. Didn't know that The Burger Factory just opened an outlet at Subang Jaya SS15. The first outlet is at Kota Kemuning which is quite far away from home. You will definitely will never miss this outlet as it's right in front of your eyes the moment you turn right at Public Bank.

It's right at the corner
We reached there at about 7pm and the place is quite pack.

The burger menu
Unlike some burger joint where you can choose your type of bread, The Burgery Factory has it fix. If you do not know which burger to choose, just choose the most expensive one. Those are the recommended one. Lol...

Bro ordered Bacon Razor. I can smell the b…

Counting Down to 2014

Good morning. It's already 2014 today. Last night was crazy. Started journey down to KL to We Love Asia at 6 plus (after working hours) and surprisingly, the road down to KL was so clear beyond expectation. It was only a little jam around the arch (border of Selangor and KL).

We reached Kenanga City Mall around 7pm and we grabbed dinner before heading up to the roof top. The security was very tight that they actually did body check on everyone. We reached there around 8-ish when ChukieSS was performing.

The music is awesome especially when Leon Bolier was presenting.

The music is awesome but the crowd ain't that good. Majority of the crowds are in their teens/early twenties. Majority of the crowds don't drink as well :(

We were at the drinking zone which is on the right. And above pic is the drinking zone while the rest on the left and back are people standing, just chill out and dance only.

But the music and scenery are awesome....

This is such a good view of the firewor…