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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

There's a Malay saying "Di mana ada gula, di situ ada semut" (where there's sugar, there's ant". I would say where there's horror movie, there's me... Hehehe...

The camera was turning so fast and around. A lot of shaking and my motion sickness got so bad that I had to close my eyes and rest aside. Half way through the movie, my motion sickness was so bad that I felt like vomiting. I opened my eyes a few rounds to see what happens next. By the end of the movie, I was pale and just want to leave as soon as possible. Thinking of it makes me feel unwell now... *Bluek*

However, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is better than PA2 & PA3 I would say. It's more scarier. If you don't have motion sickness then you should watch it but if you do then better avoid it.

Rating: 3.5/7

Thanks Nuffnang for the scare...


A rather different Disney fairy tale. I loved it. Love the storyline, love the animation and all the graphics though my friend couldn't agree with it.

I mean hey... come on. It's a fairy tale after all. What do you want to expect more of it right? It's no longer girl meet boy for the first time and they end up living happily afterall. And the true love is changed some how in this Disney tale. I would say it's heartwarming and funny. Olay is so cute and farrrrrrniiiieeeee.....

Though everyone loves Elsa (The Snow Queen), I prefer Anna (the little sister) instead.

Like her bubbly, cheerful character. Like her naiveness. Like her sisterly love for her sister even after she has rejected her after so many years. She feels more like the main character than Elsa...

Oh and did you realized that since this is based on the classic tale of "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen that you see his name appearing in it? Like Prince Hans and probably Kristoff (Christian…

Approaching 2014

It’s the time of the year to start planning for 2014 though I’m quite late. I didn’t set any resolution for 2013 cause I was kinda lost and just embarking on a new job end 2012. Lots of anonymity and I just wanted to go with the flow.
This year is another year of embarking on a new job yet again. Hahaha… A journey to the unknown again? I would say yes but rather than feeling lost like last year, it’s something I’m familiar with but in a different industry.
I realized majority of the resolution I made the previous years are all about personal growth – i.e: in career wise, being more independent by getting a car, buying a house, etc. It’s an improvement of character and material wise. I’ve neglected my health and was hospitalized in May for viral fever. I’ve fully recovered but my immune system is still weak and will easily get infected if anyone near me is sick. Damn! Don’t come near me if you are sick!
Sorry BUT

Come 2014, my biggest resolution is to take care of my health.  Most impo…

Xixili - An Epic Tale of Snow Queen

I was invited to Xixili - An Epic Tale of Snow Queen two Fridays back.

Thanks Sabrina for the invite. This is my first time over to Xixili event. Previously I was invited as a plus one to my friend at Xixili Mid Valley Fashion Week 2013 but I couldn't make it as I have a family event on that date. I was excited heading over to Parkson Pavilion where the fashion runway is at. I left office quite late that day as I'd went home during lunch hour to accompany granny as a technician guy was there to fix the washer. Got back office an hour late as parking was ridiculous to find. So, I stayed back. I rushed down to KL and was lucky since I'm directly in the opposite direction from the traffics. Parked at Pavilion jockey (RM10) and rushed up to Parkson Level 4 *phewwww* just in time before the show starts.

The fashion runway was for the launch of Xixili Autumn/Winter 2013 lingerie collection and the theme "An Epic Tale of Snow Queen" was actually based on Hans Christian …

47 Ronins

Overslept on Friday and felt damn bad for being late to work. And very grateful that I've such a good boss who didn't scold me but came and fetch me to a meeting out of office. OMG! I felt even worst.

I was exhausted but still agreed to Jessie when she asked me to for movie the same night. It may seem contradictory but then I don't feel like going home alone since it's a Friday night and I can sleep in on Saturday.

This movie is inspired by the 47 Ronin legend in Japan. The word ronin refers to samurai that is leaderless or have been kicked out for failing the leader.

The movie revolves around Samurai and witchcraft/black magic but nothing huu haa about it. The story take a long time to build up so it's rather slow. A lot of loose end to tie. For example on the Tengu who raised Keanu Reeve (Kai) - what's so special about them? Why are they called demons? etc, etc. Witchcraft that's quite junior and the witch was easily killed. The fight was not exhilaratin…

The Hunger Games Catching Fire

I'm craving for alcohol at this time of the night and it's a weekday some more. Die lor... becoming an alcoholic soon.

Whatsapp Jessie on Monday night to watch Hunger Games Catching Fire as both of us had said we wanna watch together since day-1 but never found the right time to watch together.

As usual I'm random since it's a Monday midnight movie and Tuesday is a working day. Lol. Jessie was half sick and she still came out to watch with me. Just love how compatible our randomness can be. But I catch her flu bug the next morning and was bad since I didn't get proper rest.

Back to the movie. This is way better than part 1. The story build up is good that I'm excited about Part 3. The end is open ended just like The Hobbit: The Desolation of the Smaug. However, you will have to take note that the story seems a lot slower. It's 2.5 hours long.

Katniss looks so different in this movie. She looks entirely different in every costumes she wore. I particularly lo…

Project High Tea with the Butterflies

I've been staying at 2 places nowadays and it's hard to blog. It's even harder to blog when I keep going back to my hometown recently where there's no internet connection. How I wish I have a tablet or if my RM5k lappy's motherboard didn't short circuit (which at the end worth less than RM500 sold as spare parts). I've so many delayed posts that I haven't wrote. So sorry for the back track post.

Last laaaaaaaaaast Saturday, was my first time attending an event organized by Butterfly Project Malaysia. It was located at Showcase, Plaza Kelana Jaya which is directly right opposite the Kelana Jaya. Being familiar around the area, I decided to park just at the shop lots outside and walked-in rather than going inside Plaza Kelana Jaya, get lost within the basement parking and walking far away not knowing which is the best spot to park. I like going to places where I know where's the best place to park nearest to the venue I wanted to go to.

I reached the…

Homefront Review

*wide wide grin* I just realized I forgotten to blog about this movie. Probably because it ain't that good that I forgotten about it.

So I guess the only thing that I'm watching in the movie is Jason Statham. And of course his cute daughter. Other than that, action wise, it's very Jason Statham's style but all this opponents seem to go down way too easy. Story plot is meh only.

Rating: 3/7

Thanks Nuffnang

The Wolf & The Firestorm

11.12.13 only happens once every few hundred years. It's so special and coincidentally that it's a holiday for me today. Managed to go to BBW 2013 and bought quite a number of books but lesser than what I got last year cause I went twice.

 My haul today.
Been going to BBW every since I started working and have been loving it. Every single year, I look forward to it. Saw Says has written a 15-tip on how to survive BBW which is very useful for beginners.

Any way, wanna include 2 points here:
Point 1
I was bang by many people while I was there but this is common. I know I also knocked a few people here and there because I got lost in my own world looking for books but I still try as much as possible to avoid others. Nothing to shout about I know but this big guy in particular knocked me so hard that I nearly trip and fell and I hurt my right leg again. I know I may be small and short but please look out. At least I'm okay *though my old pain is back and probably need to …