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Belvedere 212 VIP Party

Thanks Manoah for the invite to the Belvedere 212 VIP Party. "Don't just go to the party. Be the party" coupled with "Are you on the list" made the event exclusive - for the VIP whereby it's more of having the attitude and personality and not about money and fame.

The party was held at Signature, The Roof and it was my first time there.

One of the reason I joined blogger event as I wanted to meet new people and enlarge my social circle and this event really gave me a chance to do so. This is the first time I attend a drinking event without a plus one and I was lucky to have Jolie as a companion. We have met a few times during events and exchange few words but thanks to this event, we managed to have proper conversation. By not bringing a plus one, I'm forced to get out of my comfort zone and really make friends.

Me with Jolie.  *I feel extremely petite and small standing next to the model.*

It's free flow of Belvedere Vodka that night.

One of the pla…

Welcome to my world

Blogging from my iPhone. A sudden urge to write my opinion just because it's been in my mind for a long long time. And I really need a platform to release.
There's no point bad mouthing a deceased person. We know him differently and it wouldn't change the way I remember him. Learn to forgive and let go. Death is inevitable. You don't want others to talk bad about you too when you passed on.
There's no point criticizing others because they have all the rights to spend their money the way they loved it. No one is obligated to share their money with you nor others. They can be as selfish as they want to because the money is not earned by you.
Don't look down on people who is not educated or have lower education level because they can be more successful then you think. So what if a person is a graduant or not, everyone has their own talent. Besides they know how to respect others and not 狗眼看人低. They are more morally educated. And even more united when there's …

Thoooooor 2

I totally forgotten to blog about Thor The Dark World........................

The Dark World is not as expected but still it's a decent movie. Just that it is not as good as the first Thor

Rating: 4/7

Sin Seng Nam Back in Action?

How many of you remember the famous Sin Seng Nam in KL? They have closed because the owner and all the old workers wanted to retired.

The last day at Sin Seng Nam was jam packed and everything was sold out by 11am. I didn’t even managed to go there. I wanted to head out at 9.45am but I saw a friend’s Instagram that certain things were already sold out and decided to give up.
But guess what? After retiring, the owner finds that he to have too much free time and decided to do something about it. He is selling his famous kaya right now in a bottle. A bottle cost RM3. The kaya is bigger than this. The standard kaya size  you can get outside. This one is a sample size.
The kaya is homemade and as such, there’s no preservative and has to be finished within 3 days or you will have to keep it refrigerated. Estimated to last around 1 week if it is refrigerated. No preservative means that it is way healthier than those manufactured whereby the expiry date is 1 to 2 months. Gosh. I remember th…

Talent Corp SFCF - Regret-proof your life

While I was driving home from work on Tuesday (12 Nov), one topic on radio that caught my attention – “Regret-proof your life”. What does that mean? It means to reflect if you have any thing that you didn’t do and regret about it. And what if you did it and what will the outcome be today?

For instance, I’’ve always wanted to study accountant but I did not because my dad stopped me from doing so. So, the questions to ask myself is this: What if I did take up accounting in my college year? Where would I stand now?What differences would it made in my life? Am I still interested in accounting?Am I happy with what I have now?Do I regret not taking accounting? By asking all the relevant questions and you start to regret now doing what you want, then you should start thinking what can you do now to stop this regret.
Coincidently on the same morning, I’ve just attended Sector Focused Career Fair at UiTM Shah Alam Campus. UiTM campus is so big that it took me some time to locate at Dewan Seri B…

Last Vegas

Thanks Churp Churp for the good laughter and thanks Janice for the extra tickets. This movie is like the movie Hangover but the elderly version.

The movie has reflected a lot of elderly life who gets dull and repetitive. And being controlled because of their sickness. It's good that they find something fun to do especially to have something they loved to do.

I had a great laugh together with Jessie and Ray.

Rating: 3.5/7

Turkey runnnnnnnnnnn

It's 2 weeks from Thanksgiving and Free Birds just come in time.

OMG! It's damn funny. Though the story is not overly creative, I laughed from start til end. There's heartwarming sessions as well. Suitable for bringing young children to watch. Probably not all adults will like it but still I had a great laugh.

Don't leave at the end as there's after credit.

Rating: 3.5/7

Collected my Churpie plush for #GSCHorrorFest and took this pic

I've birds running free and thanks Nuffnang for the Rubik cube

GSC Horror Fest

My blog posts are back tracked but this is a must to cover because I'm a horror movie fan. Thanks Churp Churp for the awesome invite.

We began #GSCHorrorFest with a Horror Feast:

Can you believe that actually ate all this "human parts".

My partner in crime:

Thanks for being a good companion

I was having fun taking pictures around with the cosplay before the movies start. I love the ambiance

3 horror movies back to back with a short break between each and let the review begin:

Rigor Mortis
We started with Rigor Mortis which is a Hong Kong horror movie which I find to be quite rojak.

The story writer must be undecided to choose between a Chinese Zombie and spirits that he combined both. At the end of the movie, I don't know what's the key take back. I was confused and find the whole story without sense. I wouldn't recommend you to watch.

Rating: 1/7

Second Sight

If I were to categorized this movie, I wouldn't say Second Sight is a horror movie. It's more…


I actually loved the English name "Carrie" and have thought of using it as my own. Even up til now, I favoured this name.

Any way, back to the movie Carrie. I thought I was very late that day as the email mentioned movie to start at 9.15pm but it was actually at 9.30pm. Thanks Churper for giving me such a good seat. I was seated right in the middle.

Carrie follows the story of a conservative girl which I find the whole movie to be typical, predictable, over exaggerated and the director just don't know how to end the movie that he decided to abruptly end it.

Rating: 1/7

Btw, found this activation featured on A&M to be quite cool

Have you considered having telekinesis power like Carrie before? I used to especially when I watched The Charmed Ones where Piper has such power.

H for Happiness. H for H-Artistry KL

Yeah just got my PC fixed and can finally blog properly ;)

So many delayed blog post and I'm gonna swam you with loads of posts soon but gonna be in staggered stage since I'm down with fever, flu, sore throat and now cough and it's my second medication today onwards. If only I can go party today like last weekend during the H-Artistry KL, Super Clubbing Event.

It's my first time attending the event and my manager told me that he had great fun during the previous Hennessy Event and that he attended the very first Hennessy Event. Classic. So, I was happily anticipating for the event :) We reached Mines at 7pm and parked at the open area for only RM5 which I think is super cheap. Then we grabbed our dinner at the shopping complex before heading to MIECC.

At the entrance and am sure everyone took picture with this Hennessy word
Free flow of Hennessy woots
It's not my first time to MIECC but the whole place is completely changed that I barely could recognized.