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Sorry for the backdated post. Was invited to a local production few weeks back and the movie is called Cuak which will be on the screen this coming December. Cuak is a word from Hokkien dialect but adapted into the Malay community. It roughly means "cold feet" and is the story about Adam who is having second thoughts about getting married and the whole story is told by 5 different directors.

I was invited to the screening of “The Bachelor Party” by Khairil M Bahar as per below trailer:

Whenever we heard of Malaysian production, the first thing that came to mind was how good is it going to be? So, I went there without much expectation. Though it’s just one part out of 5 from the movie, I must say that I was completely wow by it. I must say that Malaysian production is better than I’ve thought. For a local production, I must say that it’s ok. I would have never spent money to watch Malaysian movie at the cinema but this movie will make me reconsider. We were shown the raw edi…

Special ID - Odd Thomas

Am queuing up at #GSChorrorfest while writing this post. Am officially so 'black' that my car is leaking while I was planning to come out at 4pm. Thus, here I am at quite far from the front queue.
So here I'm reviewing 2 movies before my horror movie marathon begins. I was at Kuching the past few days. It was raining at Kuching that we decided to go for a movie because our sightseeing plan has to be cancelled. So there I was at Kuching watching Special ID by Donnie Yen.

I would say the whole movie is all about fighting from start til end. The fighting scene seems to hold 80-90% of the movie. I mean though I love action pax, this is way too over and the storyline is average only. 
There are some sense of humour in the movie but overall the movie is not very entertaining.
Rating: 3/7
Came back from Kuching and went to Odd Thomas premiere by Nuffnang. 

Not even scary and I wouldn't even categorized it as a horror movie. Basically at the end of the story, I felt that the movie d…

Super-Clubbing Hits KL

Haven't go clubbing for a very long long time. I think ever since I graduated I've only gone 2-3 times. And I missed the DEFINEmusic FAME event last week because of my leg.

My ankle is better but I pulled  my knee vein because my leg is still weak :(
Luckily the epic finale of this year's famed H-Artistry - The Global Art of Mixing is coming to KL on 2 November 2013 from 7pm - 1am. It's gonna be held at Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) at Mines Resort City and I'm gonna be going!

This H-Artistry finale will see the return of the Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone, featuring the My Hennessy Moment Photo Booth, as well as the trailblazers of all H-Artistry parties - the Hennessy V.S.O.P signature long drinks: Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Soda.

I think what's most important at the club apart from the drink is the music and this epic Super-Clubbing Event will feature lots of awesome artists from around the…

DEFINE Urban Recipe to FAME

Got my invites delivered by a super pretty ambassador straight at the place where I was seeing the sinsei.

Super love the invitation pack. Been in the ad industry but this is the first time I see such awesomely creative invitation pack. Loved it so much that I'm keeping the full set as an inspiration.

Anyway back to DEFINEmusic party. I was unlucky caused my ankle hurt badly that I've to go for a 2nd round being a "pork knuckle" that I've to give out my invitation last minute to my plus one so that he can bring a friend over :-(

FAME such a big word yet it's what everyone wants but FAME here refers to Fashion Arts Music Etc. Creativity yet all over again. Though I can't attend, it didn't stop me from asking lots of question to my plus one and both my friends actually took so much photos to tell me their experience. Thank you :)

So nice interior:

There's a lot of nice corktales which I missed it :-( An alcoholic missing alcohols. Damn...

It's s…

NN Food Fest

I miss my desktop. I feel something amiss without it - I can't blog properly, access personal email and go online :(

And my foot is not getting better 
2nd bandage after a week. 
The sinsei asked me to rest my foot and not walk too much. But the strain while driving especially to step on the brake is unavoidable and granny been making me to run around just to get her food supply almost every day. How to get well like that? She likes to ask me to get 1 item at a time and expect to get it immediately and not in a list even after I told her to let me know what she needs a few days earlier and not expect immediately I can do magic.
Talking about food supply, Nuffnang organized a Food Fest at Sunway Puramid and all everyone need to do is twEAT and eat for free. Such a nice concept as we get to test out food in bite size. If only I can easily get food for granny using a twEAT how good would that be right…
It's a nice weather during the food fest and loads of people. 
Some food and d…

Kiss Me Event

I'm blogging using my iPhone now. Had a rough week and my PC has yet to be fixed. This is gonna be a long post.

Was invited to Kiss Me event at Sunway Lagoon last week thanks to Manoah. It's been ages since I went there. Last I was there, I was still in my pre teens.
*cant adjust pic size and layout using the Blogger app :(
Any way, I was there as Janice's partner *cant hyperlink too :(
I wasn't there as a blogger but it was a fun day out that I decided to share this. The photos are taken from Kiss Me Facebook. We didn't bring our phones and camera as some activities will get us wet.
We were there early and was asked not to put on makeup. We were provided Kiss Me eyeliners and mascara before the activities commenced.

It's obvious that they wanted to show that their products are waterproof but I must say that at the end of the day, they proved it. I like the liquid eyeliner as it's very solid black in color compared to Loreal liquid eyeliner which smudges ea…

Black black week

Been feeling very bad luck this whole week. I was nearly crashed by a driver in black car plate number 6988 on Saturday while on my way to Kiss Me event at Sunway Lagoon. Stupid driver. If he rammed into me my left gonna be a goner. And luckily the right driver was alerted by my honk that he avoided me. Else i would have rammed into him.

Then I sprained my leg.

And then I felt so stupid because I bang my left side mirror out while I was parking. Don't know why I was not focused at all. It's going to cost me at least RM500.

And TNB is so effff that they cut my electricity bill because I didn't pay for a month when they didn't even send the bill to me. F*** stupid lor. And The house account has almost 1k deposit with them. Idiots.
And my pc decided to join in the fun and let out smoke for me. Now I'm forced to blog with my iPhone. 
I wanna say I'm damn black 黑上加黑. But I like what my friend said. Good times will come after the bad. Ciao. Will blog about Kiss Me ev…

Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Cendol in PJ

Apparently the famous Penang Cendol opened their first outlet in PJ. Went and taste it out with my sis during the Malaysia Day. It's at Paradigm Mall and only start operation at 11am. You will see long queue for place to sit once business starts.

The cendol is nice but the ingredient inside - red bean & cendol, are very less as you can see in the video. The cendol is slightly diluted. If it's richer/thicker, then it's as perfect as the one in Penang.

Rating: 4/7
Damage: RM2.10/bowl

The one from Penang

Oops. Pic from another blogger. 
I think I didn't snap shoot the cendol picture cause I was too busy drinking mine at Penang. Hahaha... but managed to capture the picture of the queue. LOL

Happy trying :)

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 Review

I just got home less than 10 minutes ago and decided that this is a must blog. Love it so much. Hehehe... Thanks Nuffnang.

The whole movie is so cuteeeeeee especially The Barry:

The whole movie is highly imaginative. Love it... Especially the foodimal combinations. You can see from trailers there're Shrimpanzi, flamango, tacodile, leak but there's more that's even cuter... Nwoooo. I'm not going to be a spoiler so just watch it yourself.
It's highly energetic and colourful. ♥ 
P/S: There's Mandarin within and it's so funny and hard to capture what they said. I can only figure out a little bit at the end. And don't leave because there's after credit ;)

Rating: 6.5/7