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Plan B

For the love of food. You do realize I have a lot of food pics in my Instagram right?

I haven't blog about my food adventure for a long time. I like going to Plan B and kinda love the name of the place. It's like how everyone likes to go for a Plan B when they don't like Plan A or when the first plan doesn't work.

2 of my favourite there are Turkey Ham & Cheese Toastie

And also Asian Style Soft-Shell Crab Spaghetti which I forgot to take the pic.

Both of the above I can highly recommend.

Other spaghetti that I've tried is


Wild Mushroom Linguine
which I think is average only.

Something nice for breakie there would be the Egg Benedict (RM16)

But I always have no chance to order the dessert because I'm always super full after my main courses. Wanted to try the chocolate cakes there... I shall find one day to go there just for desserts.

Oh... since I can't drink coffee, can't comment much on it but there's 2 very refreshing drinks that y…

Oktoberfest – For The Love Of Beer…

OMG. It's so fast that September is coming to an end which means... OKTOBERFEST is coming and which means BEERS!!!

Cheers... Wooooots...
Beer cravings. Sketched this in the middle of the night. Submitted it for #madeofmore instagram contest and  won an Instax camera ♥
Though I've been drinking lesser these 1-2 months due to my health, (immune system is down from a post viral infection. I was building it back up), I've started to drink back.

Since I haven't drank for a long time, I bought a can of beer to satisfy my craving on Saturday. LOL! Enjoyed it at the balcony of my new place ;) I was by myself that day but I wouldn't say I was drinking alone as Raywas having a can of Heineken at his place while we were chatting over Whatsapp. What's beer without a good companion to chat with?

I've fallen in love drinking beer but it's also the chatting session and the heart-to-heart talk that make it awesome. I miss drinking with my bff, CK.

Free flow Tiger Be…


Haven't blog in a while and was thinking what to write first and think that this would be a good simple one to start off. Let just say it's a big change for me lately ~ shifted to a new place, getting use to staying with different family member, different responsibilities, left my job, beginning a new journey... Talking about change, it's the only constant which is inevitable yet feared by many.

My new bedroom
I'm thinking that this change is a good one. Was looking back at an old post back in 2012. I was unable to let go off what I wanted and loved back in the past. But a recent dream made me realized that I'm glad to be where I am and who I am now. I dream of changing what happened in the past. I tweaked it the way I wanted it to be and got what I wanted BUT I awoke crying because I don't want the change. LOL! If given the chance to go back, I would never change a thing because I would lose a lot of things that I've gained over these few years. People wh…

Googliness Interns

Woohoo! Giving this movie a 5/7 rating. It has loads of funny jokes. I was laughing all the time and also reminiscing the good ol' days working in the Advertising line.

Though the jokes are lame and some are quite yellowish, it's worth the time laughing. And most of all, you must catch the meaning of it. For example the C++ joke. C++ is a programming language.

And most of all what I enjoyed most is the whole working at Google - the creativity, thinking out of the box and drinking beer with the boss. Reminds me so much of working in Agency. Drinking with the bosses, going karaoke with them, food hunting, the late nights at work and things we do. Thanks Nuffnang for the good time.

Rating: 5/7

Paranoia Review

Been away for a week at Singapore but not gonna blog about it. Gonna keep this simple as I wanna go to bed. Back from Singapore and the next day I did was to watch Paranoia thanks to #NNPremierScreening.

Was kinda expecting something good from Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman and Liam Hemsworth. The movie isn't that good I would say. A lot of talking and you really need to pay attention to what is happening. It's considered a thriller but at the end of the day, nothing that gets your adrenalin pumping.

Rating: 2/7

Of black or coloured hair

I always have very very black hair. It's a 01 black colour that most hair stylist told me that it's an envy for everyone who wants really black hair. Cause commonly people hair slightly brownish hair under the sun which is unhealthy.

I have always loved my black black hair that the thought of dyeing it is nil. I had even mentioned before that I will not dye my hair until after my wedding (LOL. I was an unrealistic dreamer) because I wanted my wedding album taken with me with my dark black hair. I'm afraid dyeing my hair and as it grows, the black will not be as pretty and also the hair might be damaged.

When I started my previous job, the bosses asked me to dyed my hair so that I would look more "stylish". I refused because that's against my principal. But what is the problem being black? We are Asian and black is pretty. Why should we defy who we are?

Me & my solid black hair
But then I went and dyed my hair recently just before I'm leaving the compa…