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Kick Ass 2 Review

Can't remember the first one but remembered it was super funny. Kiss Ass 2 is slightly boring. The funny element comes in once in a while. It's funny then it gets boring and then funny and then boring and.......

There's loads of violent acts in the movie. I wonder is it because it's a premier so that many of them are uncensored but I do notice 1 section was cut. Damn! Overall it was still a good one. Thanks Nuffnang for the movie passes.

Rating: 4/7


Elysium simply means a place or state of perfect happiness. So, in this movie there's Earth and there's Elysium. Earth in the future is over populated and polluted. Elysium is a place for the rich where there's no poverty, war nor sickness, How would you have choose?

I didn't watch the movie trailer so I didn't even know what the movie is about. Lol! Until I watch it. I think it's an average movie. The movie kinda reminds me of 2012, In Time, .... and Dam Dam actually managed to speak that out on capitalism. It's so typical yet so true. The rich becomes richer and the poor just cant do anything but to strive and make changes.
A bit long to build the story and action starts coming at the end. The whole movie makes better with the appearance of Matt Damon. Hehehe... Like him since watching Bourne. LOL.
Rating: 3/7

The Purge Review

Watched the trailer and thought it's a very interesting concept.

However, after watching the movie, it's a nah... The whole storyline only happens because of ones stupidity. And the whole Purge concept, makes the character in the movie inhuman. Just like a beast. The story already not that good what's more with the couple of girls who're talking non stop in the movie. *a@f#!3# Hello!!! It's so annoying and inconsiderate for everyone who's watching the movie!!! Someone even tried to quiet them but fail miserable. They just stopped for that little 1 second and then continue talking. WTF!!!

My movie buddy said if he could purge like right on the spot, he would have purge those girls sitting next to me. The word "purge" means "physically remove (something) completely" but I kept thinking of diarrhea (as the other term for it was purging). So, he's kinda shitting them out of the cinema hall. Lol

The whole movie is sort of a waste of time but…

Happy Chinese Valentine's Day

Happy Chinese Valentine's Day peeps! Always find this Valentine's Day more meaningful compared to the other 2 - 1 on 14 February and the other on Chap Goh Mei as this Valentine's Day has its own story.

Found this year's Valentine's Day to be more meaningful. First it's V Day 七夕, then there's meteor shower and also it's Left-hander day. Woohoo... Plus a rather different V Day. Went chasing meteor shower and ended up with a different shower (rain) instead. =.=

And this year I made heart-shaped tong yuen just for fun ^^

Plus I learnt to spend the night quietly alone.

The Smurf 2 Review

This is up first thing after I watched the premier just a few hours ago. Hehehe... Any way, don't think I can sleep after waking up from a....... memory earlier today. It's worst than a nightmare as nightmare tends to go off but memories that shatter you into pieces don't.

However, Monday BLUE is not that BLUEEEEEE when it's The Smurf 2. It really cheers me up.

They are back in action and this time to save Smurfette. A nice movie where you will laugh all the way from the start til the end. Heart-warming as always but just lack a little more excitement compared to the first one. But still a great way to end a Monday Blue. I'm smurfing it and I hope you will enjoy it tooo....

Rating: 5/7

Thanks to Nuffnang, I won a Smurf recycle bag and t-shirt from my previous blog post. But don't read if you don't want a spoiler as my guess for the conclusion was correct. LOL... Hehehe

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