Unity Satay

Waking up early just to blog. Today the last day to go for the Malaysia Unity Satay - Satay 3 Rasa by Kita Kawan Mah...

It's at Section 14 near Digital Mall and the mosque area. Easy to look for. Just go to the Ramadan Bazaar and search for the stall. Very easy to identify

Or you can listen to it from faraway.

Pic taken from Kita Kawan Mah FB page.

The loudest around the area who also promotes next stalls because we are all friends (Kita Kawan Mah).

They are selling satay 3-rasa which consist of daging (beef), chicken and kambing (mutton). And if you are buddhist/hindu, there's satay 2-rasa (chicken and mutton).


And they only cost RM0.70 per stick.

And if you go with friends of different races, you get to enjoy it at RM0.50 per stick.

Many would have questioned, how come beef when it isn't friendly for the Hindu and Buddhist community in Malaysia. And it will not be representing the big 3 races. Some would have criticized and it some how made me think of the recent Alvivi controversial picture of berbuka with Bah Kut Teh. But I think it's the thought of Muhibah-ness that counts. I don't eat beef as I'm a Buddhist myself and as such, I stand on a neutral ground. It's the spirit of being Malaysians that counts. We are one nation.

See: they separated the satay 2-rasa & 
satay 3-rasa that we bought :)

They satays are very yummy. Very good and you should try it. I'm not a mutton person because I dislike the strong taste or in BM called "hamis". I will never purposely order mutton but this satay I can't taste that strong smell and its quite nice. So, I like it. First time liking mutton meat. Lol!

 Satay 3 rasa

Satay 2 rasa

A happy me with mua food :)

Realized that there's design on the packaging? On it, is a piece of puzzle. Each person will get a different one. To see the full picture, you need to take a photo of it and send it to kitakawanmah@gmail.com. They will assemble it and share the full picture later on.

Also, you can buy one extra satay for the next person, a total stranger. Sorta like pay-it-forward. They will take your pictures so everyone can see the stranger that belanja you makan satay... so after that, boleh jadi kawan mah.

They are open today and the next weekend. Do go and give your support as Malaysians