Too much of a movie review recently thus today's post is update on life. Caught viral infection previously and til now my body is still week. Fatigue most of the time and forgetful.

The doctor said it MIGHT be due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or also known as Post Viral Fatigue Syndrom which will take months to recover. Hmmm... Went and Google on CFS and learnt that it is "persistent fatigue (exhaustion) that affects everyday life and doesn't go away with sleep or rest" and which the doctor said will be disturbing to me because I might be experiencing the following: weakness, muscle pain, impaired memory and/or mental concentration, and insomnia, which can result in reduced participation in daily activities. And which I find some of it to be quite true. However, apparently it could be worst. Read on the difficulties of living with CFS part.

It's been 2 months plus and am still not recovering much after I was discharged. For me, it's the whole weakness that's disturbing. My body feels like jelly and I can't really do much of my weekly exercise routine of going for a walk or to Bukit Gasing. My stamina is lower. And I get tired easily so I can't wash my car and clean the house on the same day. I do that every weekend last time. *Le sigh*

So, to my friends, it's not because I am lazy that I ffk or don't go out at night but it's because my body can't function as how I wanted it to. And I don't feel great about it. I'm craving for exercise but I just can't do it without getting myself feels like I'm being tear apart. And I miss all the late night outs for movie, yum cha and drinking sessions.

I don't think I can go to Bukit Gasing now :(

And am doing things out that's not of my usual self. Can't think properly to function. Please forgive me if I tend to do things wrongly, say things wrongly or breaking the law (LOL) and being forgetful.

Any way, it's not confirmed unless I do a further blood test to check on my immune system whether the infection has done damaged to it or not. In the mean time, the doc said it could be because my body is weaker and I have very low blood pressure (80/60) and as such my post viral infection takes longer to heal. In order to do so, the doctor said to take a month time to monitor on myself and build back my immune system. The easiest way is to take more antioxidants - natural antioxidants to help build up the immune system. Antioxidants are food that contains Vitamin A, C and E.

So, I started today with lemon + water :)

It's actually killing 2 birds with one stone. My ex manager, Mr A, told me that drinking water with a few slice of lemon every morning helps to reduce weight. It helps to detoxify and also reduce appetite to snack during the day which would be good to loose weight ;)

I just start taking supplements which hopefully it will help. And been drinking DOM before going to bed once every 2 days. I think it does help because my body feels stronger after drinking it. Not much of a shoulder ache as well. But just found out from Jessie that drinking DOM makes you FAAAAAAAT!!! No wonder my beer belly is still around even after I stopped drinking. Only drank twice within these 3 months *feeling angelic* Must finish my DOM and try to change to Yomeishu so I can be a slim "jie mui" for my bff's wedding. Jessie said that DOM is more suitable for after giving birth while Yomeishu helps to refresh the mind and body =.=!!! SWT as my mum asked me to buy DOM and drink.

Also hopefully the massage session next week will help my body to recover faster *Fingers crossed*

Plus I need to take up exercise to build back my stamina but it has to be something light and low impact. I want to learn yoga. Any recommendation?