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The Conjuring Review

I'm a horror movie fan but then not much horror movie get to freak me out. I watched horror movie ever since I was young. Most remembered was a Chinese series called The Chinese X File back in primary school. I usually watched it with my mum during the late night.

I think recent years horror flicks don't really managed to scare me. I think Thai & Jap/Korea horror movies are way better than Western. Don't know why but they are good. Til date, I think best would be The Ring. Ju On too though I was laughing halfway because my ex-housemates were making fun of the ghost.

Though this is based on a true story, it kinda reminds me of a lot of other horror movies. A lot of similarity. The suspense, the way the "devil" appears..... But I can hear a girl's panic sound and the whole hall was laughing at it. OMG! A horror cum not horror when it's funny.

RG was laughing and said that the people in the hall is crazy like me. Yeah! I sometimes laugh when I watch horr…

Losing Weight Master - London Weight Management

The dream of every girl is to eat without getting fat. It's always very unfair that we usually gain weight so fast and so easily but losing is another story. It's like you have to go through so many hardship and only able to reduce that little itsy bitsy teenie weenie grams that you ended up gaining after a meal.

And I agreed even more during a conversation with Adam when he said, there's also an unfairness in losing weight between a guy and a girl. A guy can lose weight any time he wants but for girls after all those hardship, the plan will usually go down the drain because of the monthly period where you start to get bloated and hungry. So true *le sigh*

I used to be 38 kg but after started working, I weight keeps going up. Even after I started my weekly jog, it's still to no avail. Every time I control my diet (eating healthily, no snacks), I lose only around 1-2 kgs and this takes me a very long period to achieve and it refused to go down lesser than 40kg. FML.


If I Were A Naughty Smurfette for a Day…

I smurf watching The Smurfs cartoon every time it's on TV together with my bro. And I definitely didn't miss out on the first Smurfs movie

My siblings and I loved Smurfette a lot that we have the fridge magnet back at home:

Sorry the pic is blur because it's taken many years back with my old phone. She's on the top row and spot Gargamel which we always separate both of them and he is always located far away from Smurfette. A childhood impression to separate Smurfette from harm.
I think that magnets are almost 20 years old. Hahaha... That's how good my mum keep things.

I went to Chiang Mai few days after watching The Smurf and I even got myself a Smurfette t-shirt there

And The Smurf 2 is coming soon. OMG!

What's more Gargamel is trying to change my favourite Smurf to be a Naugthies. Being naughty and mischievous are fun. But Smurfette is going to change colour if she becomes truly naughty. Oh no.... I don't think Gargamel's plan is going to work.


Unity Satay

Waking up early just to blog. Today the last day to go for the Malaysia Unity Satay - Satay 3 Rasa by Kita Kawan Mah...

It's at Section 14 near Digital Mall and the mosque area. Easy to look for. Just go to the Ramadan Bazaar and search for the stall. Very easy to identify

Or you can listen to it from faraway.

Pic taken from Kita Kawan Mah FB page.
The loudest around the area who also promotes next stalls because we are all friends (Kita Kawan Mah).

They are selling satay 3-rasa which consist of daging (beef), chicken and kambing (mutton). And if you are buddhist/hindu, there's satay 2-rasa (chicken and mutton).

And they only cost RM0.70 per stick.

And if you go with friends of different races, you get to enjoy it at RM0.50 per stick.

Many would have questioned, how come beef when it isn't friendly for the Hindu and Buddhist community in Malaysia. And it will not be representing the big 3 races. Some would have criticized and it some how made me think of th…

ChaTime Malaysia Local Fruit Smoothies

It's been a week since I blogged about my health and I can see improvement. Managed to finish my weekly walk without getting very tired. After that, was bought to Mines Wellness Hotel for its rejuvenating massage.  Super enjoy it and never had such massage until the tummy. Ticklish but really relax all my nerves and muscles. P/S: It's a belated birthday gift. Thanks :)

Then spent my day at............ Churpers' Day Out.

Told Ray that the Day Out felt like a school rombongan. LOL!
Remembering back in college that Bubble Tea used to be RM2.50-RM3. In 2010, Chatime brought a wave that revolutionized the whole bubble tea industry. People were queuing up for a cup RM5.90 bubble tea. Then more and more bubble tea shops mushroomed in the country. However, Chatime managed to stay at the top of the leaderboard with the opening of its 100th outlets in Malaysia.

 It's at Publika but I think the outlet kinda secluded. I walked a few  rounds around Publika only managed to find it. …


Too much of a movie review recently thus today's post is update on life. Caught viral infection previously and til now my body is still week. Fatigue most of the time and forgetful.

The doctor said it MIGHT be due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or also known as Post Viral Fatigue Syndrom which will take months to recover. Hmmm... Went and Google on CFS and learnt that it is "persistent fatigue (exhaustion) that affects everyday life and doesn't go away with sleep or rest" and which the doctor said will be disturbing to me because I might be experiencing the following: weakness, muscle pain, impaired memory and/or mental concentration, and insomnia, which can result in reduced participation in daily activities. And which I find some of it to be quite true. However, apparently it could be worst. Read on the difficulties of living with CFS part.

It's been 2 months plus and am still not recovering much after I was discharged. For me, it's the whole weakness …

Despicable Me 2

My first Despicable Me was back in 2010. Can you imagine it that was 3 years ago and the little minions kinda reminds me of how my friends used to be. Bullying each other and still buddies. Cute max ♥ but I no longer really contact them any more. Kinda miss that time.

Went and watched the first one with Banana (my friend's nickname for being Chinese but can't speak Chinese) so relevant with the teaser below and kinda reminds me that this was the last movie I watched with him before we started working and getting busy with life.

So, when Nuffnang asked to post a comment onto a friend's FB timeline, I chose him.... Hehehe. Any way he is very inactive in FB thus no comment was made.

Love Despicable Me the first time I saw it and definitely not going to miss this movie... But it was thanks to ChurpChurp that I get to watch this movie earlier before it's on screen ♥

Woot woooot... Cute yellow minions turn into bad minions (p/s: no more other spoilers). But still so cutie pi…