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Hot Steel

Was invited to Hot Magazine Man Of Steel Event the other night at The Curve – House & Cineplex.
Hot as Steel
The event was attended by few hot guys: Ben Ibrahim, Peter Davis, Arnold of ONE FC Fighter, Mark’Odea

And hot and pretty Nadia Heng.

Yet attended another event hosted by Kelvin and Isabelle from Traxx FM. They were like Santa Claus and Santarini. Giving out a lot of gifts byby DC, Ferragamo, Guerlain and more.

After dinner at the House, we adjourned to Cineplex for Man Of Steel movie.

Heard many different opinions on the movie. Some said it was good while some said it was bad. Some said they can forego the story as long as there’s Henry Cavill to watch. Many think that he is super hot but then he’s not my cup of tea. I think he is way too big. The body-built is a bit over.
Any way I think that the movie is a disappointment. Not as what I expected of all DC movie. I was bored half way through the movie.
I feel that the movie lack of something. The storyline is average only even th…

Badges of Fury Premier Review

Thanks Nuffnang and Churp Churp for the movie invite.

Seriously, I didn't watch the trailer before going to the movie so I wasn't expecting anything at all. When the screen started rolling, I was questioning whether it is the movie or was it just trailers of upcoming movies. It turn out I was wrong. It's the movie rolling with Kevin Cheng on screen. 

It's not the typical Jet Li movie but a super lame yet FUNNY movie. I didn't expect Jet Li to be starring in such "comedy cum action movie". Though the jokes in the movie is lame, you will laugh and ended up going home with a light heart :) You will really "za dao" in most of the conversation but I was LMAO / ROFL. You can hear many giggling over the lameness of the jokes in it.

Don't take the movie so seriously like the usual Jet Li movie because mostly everything is exaggerated with some part of the fight being in slowmo or just doesn't make sense. The focus wasn't much on Jet Li whil…

The Only Man Whom You Love Your Whole Life

Today's is Father's Day and I've been giving a thought to what people always say that your dad is your first love, your hero, etc.... and I kinda think that it's not just it - he's also the only man whom you will love your whole life. Reason?

You love your dad the moment you come to know things. You will love him forever be it having him by your side or not. This is something your partner will not be able to replace. Why? You only meet your partner as your grew older. That means you have never love your partner at the beginning of your life.

So, to all father in the world, Happy Father's Day. You are all a hero and the love of the lifetime for someone even if you think you are normal and haven't done anything great. In every child's heart, you are irreplaceable.

And there's also another person whom you will love your whole life - your mum.

After Earth Movie Review

Thanks to Nuffnang for the After Earth premier though it was a few days after the movie was on screen.

Always find that it's a cliche that every time during the last assignment, the main hero will encounter something big/ dangerous. Similarly in this movie when Will Smith said to his wife that he will announce his retirement after returning from his trip. And thus, his ship encountered a big thing

The story is by Will Smith and can see that he is trying to change the focus to his son, Jaden. Seems like he is paving for his son... What do you think so? But it's still a movie with a storyline. A typical story but still funny. Hardly to get movie with only 2 actors and wouldn't bore the hell out of you.

"Danger is real. But fear is a choice" is a good saying. A friend said that "in order to overcome our fear, we must understand our fear" but it's easily said than done. People fear of the future, something they can't see but anticipates. To tell you…

Guerlain Maxime Poulin in Malaysia

Guerlain is famous for its Meteorites Perles which is not just an illuminating powder/highlighter but a very good loose powder. Reason being is because it's very light and sheer :)

It's pretty ♥
It's actually a constellation of pearls that correct, unify and highlight the face. I'm not a person who is into super thick makeup. I don't really do makeup unless if I'm going to work or some very big event. Any way I love this product a lot. It's light and unnoticeable. Really super sheer and bright. It illuminates the skin well.

This June, Malaysia early to launch its limited edition Meteorites Perles which is a limited edition packaging. Only available while stocks last.

Left: Limited Edition. Right: Standard packaging.
I still prefer the standard packaging. What about you?
In conjunction with the launch of the limited edition Meteorites Perles, Guerlain International Makeup Artist - Maxime Poulin is here in Malaysia only for 2 days (7-8 June). He was at Sephor…

FF6 Review

FF6 - Fast & Furious 6 and not Final Fantasy 6. Hehehe... I got this mistaken in a Whatsapp message from a friend.

Watched this movie without much expectation as I was not so into car race movie recently. But it turns out better than that. The storyline is different for every Fast & Furious movies. They may differ but some how related. A lot of action in this movie and kinda miss it cause the other time when I watched Hummingbird, it wasn't "satisfied". Lol....

The movie is good. Storyline is good but at the end 2 sacrifices instead of 1. Is it worth it? But live life with no regrets. At least sacrificing for someone/something that you love is well-worth.
Any way, somebody I like shows up at the end of the movie. Guess there will be FF7 and I will definitely watch it because of him :)

Rating: 5/7 (When you don't hold any expectation to a movie, it's always more enjoyable)