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Celmonze iAnti-Cellulite

Got invited by Fiona to attend Celmonze Media Event for their launch of the Celmonze 3-Step Body Contour System on Friday at Fresca Restaurant, The Gardens Mall.

This is the first time I've heard of Celmonze and as such, I've went and make a little research on my own before heading to the event. Celmonze pronounced - "Cell-Mon" is a brand from France and the name itself means "cell reborn". They are into skincare and they offer therapies for renewal of skin cells through the combination of nature and science in their approach. Celmonze has been in Malaysia for over a decade and this is the first time they are launching products/therapies for the body.

According to Celmonze manager, their products/services are able to give women beautiful skin on the face and as such, they are launching something for the body to give overall beauty for all women. She has very good body shape that one might mistaken her for the brand ambassador.

Instead, the spokesperson is …

Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook Launch

I haven't really been following into the latest specs of laptops ever since the motherboard of my ex-laptop died and I changed to a desktop:

Kinda regret not getting a laptop as I'm always locked at home when I wanna use my PC. I can't carry it any where especially when I wanna have a change of place to blog. Any way currently I got my company's laptop to be using around but since I'm so petite, carrying the laptop around is very bad for my neck and shoulder. I've been experiencing back pain every since I changed to my current job. Always carrying a lappy with me makes me "crave" for massage. I miss the massage back at Bali and Chiang Mai.

Did a teaser for Acer Hybrid Ultrabook Launch here but I don't have the ending with Acer in this video. It really reflects my thought on my current lappy. Though it didn't really belong to me...

And so here's a newbie me getting in touch with technology again thanks to Nuffnang invitation to Acer PLAYsur…

Dead from "Overworking"

The news of O&M China employee who died from overworking was widely shared on Facebook. Li Yuan, 24 suffered a sudden heart attack on May 14 and was said that he had been working overtime for a month, not leaving the offices until 11pm every day.

The image above was the last message on Weibo.
Been reading about it and last reported that his health was not in good condition and has been on medical leave for a week before the attack. It was not due to overworking. However, this has actually raise the issue of work-life balance regardless of the real cause.

As someone who comes from an agency background, working late and long nights are normal thing. Having to work late nights for a long time might be bad for health but it might not be as bad as working a normal 9am-6pm job.

Why would I say so? Working late nights for a certain period of time doesn't mean you don't get enough rest. There's a lot of break in between and when we work late, we enter office late too UNLESS…

Hummingbird Into The Darkness Movie Reviews

This post came in later as it's supposed to be a movie premier review as I was hospitalized last weekend. While everyone was at the stadium gathering on Wednesday night, I was at Hummingbird movie premier by ChurpChurp.

I was wearing black that day and was undecided which to go to but I ended up to the movie as it would be more comfy for a sick girl to be at the movie than cramping with so many people. Any way I still ended up hospitalized =.=

Every time I see Jason Statham's name, I think of action movie and I like his movies a lot. However, don't be fool by the trailer as this is more of a thriller movie. Jason Statham is changing his character from someone who fights a lot to focusing into his acting skill on his emotions and character. You may still see him fighting in the movie as it's hard to entirely remove it from him. The movie is quite long overall to bring us into understanding the character of Joey (Jason Statham) but it's quite slow and a little boring…

A 3-Day Stay That Cost More Than An Overseas Trip

I've not been blogging for quite a while as I was admitted to the hospital. Remember I was saying that I've been falling sick quite often and my fever was on and off without really leaving. It turns out that I had a viral infection.

I never thought that I could be as independent to walk into the hospital alone to admit myself. Who would have thought a fragile looking girl like me would do so and not telling anyone apart from my family. My sister dropped me at SJMC (old name of Sime Darby at Subang) and there I was registering myself, seeing the doctor and got admitted on my own.

While registering for admission, the nurse requested for a deposit and I happily asked how much thinking that it will cost a few hundred until I asked "I begged your pardon?" when the nurse told me that the deposit is RM4,000.

I thought I heard wrongly but there's nothing wrong with my hearing. It is RM4,000 and my jaw fell open. I told her I don't use credit card and I don't have…

Guerlain Nail Lacquer

Guerlain used to have nail lacquer only for its collector's edition. Mostly for its Christmas collection only. Like a gift from Santa, it only happens once a year. Now Christmas is here every day as Guerlain will be launching a permanent link next week onwards.

10 different shades, a top coat and protective base will be available in the market. Let's start with the protective base. It's a simple layer that dries quite fast.

And I realised that the brush is wider and flatter compared to other nail colours I've used before.

The new brush design actually allows a better and smoother application. My fingers are tiny and as such 1 stroke can cover the whole nail except the thumb. Just right for me as it doesn't get out the line. You will see later what I meant.

And I managed to get 5 colours to try on. Hehehe...

 From left: 00 Lingerie 260 Jardins de Bagatelle 64 Gemma  263 A la Parisienne 125 Vega
Okay. They all actually have the Guerlain cap on like the one in the midd…

Ranting of a Malaysian

Q: Did election just happened yesterday?

A: It was only just a dream..........

Waking up as though nothing happened yesterday. But I can tell you that every Malaysian woke up with a different emotion. A complete different feeling as though the dream last night has awaken each and everyone of us.

As we mourn the death of democracy, we never forget the fire that's burning in our heart.

Instead of wearing black to commemorate the death of democracy, I added red to symbolized the fire within us. Just like the song from Les Miserables:

Do you hear the ppl sing? Singing the song of angry men.... You may have won the election but never the heart of the nation...

We, as Malaysians are not angry because a certain party won but we are all angry because it's not a fair election. We know that the change of leadership wouldn't be so fast especially the opposition has yet to win the heart of those from the outskirt. And I don't care who wins but just that I want them to win with pri…