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Reflecting: Do what you like...

What am I doing awake at this hour?

Actually I'm doing my pet project. I haven't been following up as much as I used to since there's no deadline to it and many more to work on. Really finger-crossed for it to really happen. Been months since I felt this passionate in doing what I'm doing. If you get what I mean. This project keeps me going even if I've to put in my own personal time at night. Been on this project for almost a year.

Just finished finding information and am already feeling like this:

Yeah. Done. 
And I miss this "mission accomplished" feeling even though it's such itsy bitsy teeny weeny Google Search for information. At least I know it leads to something very meaningful. Even if it's not successful at the end, at least we tried.

This is a cliche but I think it's important to like what you are doing. I feel so refresh still up at this hour of the day because it's something that I want to see bearing fruit. "If you do wh…

How fair is Malaysia General Election?

The General Election is less than 2 weeks from now and I keep pondering this question: How fair can our General Election be?

2 months ago while I was having dinners with my cousins, we were talking about the upcoming election and to check the status as voters. I told them that I missed out the registration date to be a voter and can't vote for this election :( Guess what? I was completely wrong. My cousins said better try and check my status first. And it came out, I was already a registered voter!!!!!!!!!

OMG! I've never ever register myself as a voter because to me, my small, insignificant vote will not make a difference and most importantly, I don't like thought of the hassle - having to drive back to my hometown and vote. I would rather stay home and rest. But I changed my mind after seeing so many things happening in the country only to realized that I missed the registration date as I was too busy with work.

It is a good thing since I can vote now but still, who is b…

Wantan Mee Addiction

I consider myself a foodie and I love good food a lot which is why I am kinda "meaty". Good or bad I eat according to my mood and I realized that I've food cravings for wantan mee for quite a lot of times.

If you are looking for wantan mee around PJ areas, there are a few that I've tried and below are my comments:

Restoran Chan Meng Kee, SS2
Saturday was my first time here. Was on my way heading to Digi to pay my bill when I walked pass a shop that was packed with people.

After paying my phone bill, I decided to try it out. I ordered a plate of the most common wantan mee - char siew wantan mee but I waited for almost half an hour because they forgotten my order. Lol!

The mee wasn't as good as I expected. But the char siew was definitely very good. Succulent and juicy. The caramelized skin is da bomb!

It's quite fat. Usually I will remove the fats from my food but this was delicious.
I was out of appetite 3/4 way into my meal. Maybe because I've been waitin…

Harper's Bazaar 10th Anniversary

Congratz to Harper's Bazaar for its 10th Anniversary. It was a privilege to be invited to the event at Mai Bar, Aloft, KL Central.

My name spelled wrongly on the card but not the outside invite :(
Not much photo in this post because I was left with 2% battery when I was there. I was working out of office the whole day before the event and phone calls keep coming in and out and as such, my battery was exhausted. Plus I didn't get to charge in the car as I was car pooling with my colleague to the event. Little did we know, parking was free =.=!

Reached there and there was the big Bazaar background to take picture with but my colleagues and I decided to skip it as the queue was quite long. Went up to Mai Bar and wow.... it's at the rooftop with a pool. Nice place...

From where we step out to the rooftop, we can see the Hitlon Hotel.

Walk further in and you will see that we can actually view KL Tower and side profile of the Twin Tower. The construction opposite kind spoilt th…

Dirt Away? It's Problem Comes

Purchased Dirt Away 15-Step Meguiar's Full Auto Detailing Package through Groupon.

This package includes claying + polishing + waxing + tar removal + headlamp restoration. And it only cost RM128 for 2 cars. And my friend and I thought we got a good deal only to realized it was a nightmare.

I made reservation for both cars on the same day and time 3 weeks in advance because the rest of the weekends were fully book. They even SMS reminder for us on the same morning:

We reached there on time, minutes before 11am and was told off by the staff to come another day as they have 7 cars with them at the moment. If we were to wait, the cars will only be ready in the evening around 5pm. We decided to go with it since we already planned the day to wax our car.

We left and came back to our car later in the evening. I, being my usual self, started inspecting my car only to find a hole at my car door handle and immediately asked the staff how come there's a hole there. He keep telling me &qu…

Iron Man 3: My Way

Expecting Iron Man 3 to come soon and wonder is it as good as the first or the second.... Or even better...

I have always love super hero movies from Marvel. They are good and since I'm a Marvel comic fans when I was young, I've been to almost every single movie by Marvel except for Captain America. P/S: This was due to a friend who FFK-ed me.

And since I'm still child-like as per what my friends described me of being very 童真, I do some times live in my own "Lala Land" aka Fantasy land. I still do think of "how good would it be if I have their (super hero) ability".

Just realized my FB profile picture is also a super hero copycat. Kame Hame Ha.... by Dragonball. Lol!
Any way, back to the Avengers series, among the 4 main characters - Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor; I would prefer to be Iron Man - smart and rich. And of course what makes Iron Man is his suit. The suit/armor itself is very high tech and advance. If I were able to customize it t…

Signorina EDT Launch in Malaysia

Salvatore Ferragamo just launched its Eau De Toilette version of Signorina fragrance in April. There was a media event held end of March.

Was there at the event helping out instead of being a blogger. This post came in late as there's so much to write but so little time. I need more time to catch up to writing. Been away for more than 10 days for my trip. The previous post you saw was written way earlier before the trip.

Any way back to the launch, this EDT version was launched due to the overwhelming response of the Eau De Parfum version a year ago. The EDT is a fresher version of the EDP. Signorina EDT is the celebration of a chic girl's most joyful facet. The ideal fragrance for a romantic young woman who expresses her graceful sensuality through a natural elegance. It reflects a cheeky soul of Signorina. Because a Signorina is a different Signorina every day...

This Signorina EDT has a scent entirely different from the EDP. Many always think that EDT is the lighter vers…

Chat Chat Chat – WeChat TVC Launch

Was invited to WeChat launch by Nuffnang on Tuesday night at Neverland KL. Got the invitation call the day before while I was working. Decided on the spot to go and see what it was because I recalled my brother saying that it is a very good app compared to Whatsapp.

I was skeptical that time. He was using WeChat on his new iPhone5 as he doesn’t want to pay for Whatsapp. Yes, WeChat is a free app. So, I thought he only says it’s betterbecause it is a free app. P/S: How did he compare with Whatsapp? He has it in his Samsung Note.
WeChat is compatible for both iOS & Android. Thus, bro used it for both phones. Not only that, it is also available for Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.
Secondly, while we were meeting some digital guys for discussion on sponsorship, Ell.T brought up WeChat saying that she used it a lot and love it. However, the digital guy said that WeChat is meant for guys to flirt with girls. So, double skepticism.
However, the invitation piqued my curio…