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Movies Related to Childhood Story

OzzzzzzMG I forgotten to blog about Oz The Great and Powerful. At first I thought it was related to our childhood story of Land of Oz just like Hansel & Gretel. Zzzz. Trying to find the link to Hansel & Gretel only to realized I didn't blog about it. I think it slip my mind since the movie sucks big time. If so, I will cover both movie though it's a bit too late to blog about it.

Oz The Great and Powerful
The only similarity the movie has with the childhood story "Land of Oz" is the world of Oz itself. I thought the appearance of the Lion was the first twist of the childhood story but not really.

Oz The Great and Powerful is what my friends said as a typical fairy tale. They said it suits me cause I'm still very "innocence/child-like" or in Chinese they said "童真". Any way I kinda enjoy it though you know how the whole storyline is going - that the good will defeat the evil. Very fantasy like but not fake. The animation is good especiall…

Reachout by IM4U

Saw Jinny Boy posting on Facebook that he has invited Jason Chen, David Choi and Chester See for a performance at Reachout. Registered for the morning session of the talk since I'm interested in voluntary work and secondly because I wanted to see Jason Chen.

Didn't manage to win any Meet & Greet session with the Youtuber.

Any way reached Taylor's University at 8am and I was such a long queue.

Look at the long long queue and I was standing so far away.

We were only allowed to go in at around 8.45am.

At the staircase to the multi-purpose hall.
The registration was quite long but suddenly everyone was allow to go in very fast. One of the staff there was promoting the IM4U B Card and was scolded by another person "Stop promoting. Let everyone go in. The PM is here already". I thought I heard wrongly until they announced there's a special guest coming in. I was like =.= & LOL!

We were given IM4U wristband while 50 early birds was given bags and other merc…

The Last Exorcism 2 Movie Review

Won free tickets to The Last Exorcism 2 Movie by Churp Churp. It was a Facebook contest.

The movie premier was initially on Monday, 9pm at Mid Valley but was changed to yesterday, 8.30pm at Cathay Cineplex, E-Curve. We were even given 1 small popcorn set with Coke per person.

I haven't watch horror movie for a  long time and was anticipating for it but it turns out to be a disappointment. Not only it wasn't scary but it was a total mess. The starting was cut and then you don't know what happened. Never explained. The story line was predictable.

Rating: 2/7

Though the movie ain't nice but winning the ticket cheered me up. Haven't been so lucky to win all this creative "slogan" sort of contest.

The Call Movie Premier by Nuffnang

Got an email from Nuffnang to go for "The Call" movie premier. Thanks Nuffnang, you made my day. Not just one but two. First day was when I saw my email and second was last night.

The movie premier was at Tropicana City Mall last night. 9pm. Hall 4 was a small hall. Kinda hard for me to view from the screen as my seat was 3 rows from the front. Can't blame the placement because it was on a first come first serve. The one who came earlier will get the best seat. I was late because I was asked to do some work while I was planning to leave office :-(

I  ♥ Nuffnang
It's my first time to watch a movie premier. Just realized that they don't have the subtitle and I think movie premier also meant that the movie is uncensored.

The Call featured Halle Berry not as the Bond lady but as Jordan, who works in 911 call center. Watch the trailer above and you will roughly get what I meant.

The whole movie got me thrill and tense. There's so many part that the killer could h…

Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash

I'm back from being a sick cat. Been coughing like an old hag for the past 2 weeks and been away from the computer (apart from work) for that whole duration. Finished my medication and am still coughing on and off now. Boiled coke the other night and the cough was subsiding. Boiled coke still work wonders for my cough. Best remedy ever.

Any way, I always run away from my subject matters at the start of the blog. Finally ignoring myself for sleeping my nights away, I spent my whole Saturday out of home. Attended Reachout by IM4U at Taylor's College in the morning at 8am-4ish pm.

Then straight on to Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash at Lust KL from 6pm til late. I'm gonna blog about Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash first. Reachout will be in the following.

Anyway, how come I was there at the birthday bash? Remember I blogged about winning Nuffnang badges on Instagram here? I won the other 2 of the #NNProjectInsta under the hashtag #BestPlaceToBlog and #BloggerOnTheGo.'