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Goodbye Sin Seng Nam

Remember that I blogged about this coffee shop before back in last year October? The link here.

I told you to go there while there's still chance to do so. Today, 28 February 2013 is the date it's officially closing down after 85 years. Such a sad story that all good things have to come to a stop.

I intended to go there another time but seems like it's too late. Was on MC today but couldn't wake up early because I was on medication. Saw an ex-colleague instagram that the toast was sold out at 8.50am. OMG!

Pictures in this post are all taken from a super awesome instagrammer - Wei Tzen. Loves the pictures that he takes. Meaningful and with great angle/perspective.

For now, it's goodbye to #SinSengNam. Hopefully your secret recipe will still be inherited by your descendants and one day, we will be able to savour such good food again. And also hopefully the boss will reopen the shop again some where nearer to his home.

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Call me an Instagram addict. Am addicted to it and are on Instagram more than Facebook. OMG....

But kinda love it. If only blogging can be combined with Instagram...... then I can do all my reviews and thoughts at the same time.

Been loving it since Day 1 using it. Now anyone can shoot like a professional though I'm very much learning. Learning on how to capture a nice angle especially after working in advertising. This is sort of a passion or I would say a sickness from the previous job. Everything is about looking nice. Every single angle of how a shoot should take place. Kinda miss what I was doing back then. Back then I was called Super AE. Now I felt like a super lousy ME.

Anyway, Instagram still cheer up a lousy day. One of my picture was featured by @gf_malaysia which really made my day. Wasn't expecting it.

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