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The Impossible Review

Two weeks of not blogging. Feels like I'm starting to abandon my blog. Watched The Impossible last night til I cried. Tears can't stop dropping down even when I tried to control. If I'm watching at home I think I'll cry badly already. Went out of the hall with swollen eyes.

The movie is based on a true story by a family whom all survived the tsunami back in 2004 which is why they called it "impossible". The whole family found each other in the devastated place at a hospital. All reunited together. I can't imagine myself having that determination to live through the whole tragedy.

The mother was..... is courageous. I can feel every single pain and agony of her injury and when she was dragged. OMG... The hall is so silent that you can hear the sound of people aching for her as well. You can see how strong a mother's love is that she keeps going because she has her son depending on her. How her son had helped her survived the tragedy. The agony of the so…

Reflecting 2012

It's 2013 but why am I blogging about 2012? Ain't I suppose to be doing my 2013 resolution? Actually true but I really got no idea for any resolution this year.

I think I should reflect on 2012 instead.

So, here's my 2012 resolution:

To find my own direction in life. To know what I want to do latest by end of Chinese New Year. It's going to be a very different route that I am taking next year and it will decide my path in life. - Went interview early of the year but ended up only changing job at the end of the year. And it's a different path from what I want at the beginning of the year. Weird how life change over the year.To be independent - learn how to drive and get my own car (this is suppose to be my 2011 resolution but then I postponed it because I don't see the necessity to waste money especially on the petrol and maintenance. Now have to if I would to change job). - Really changed job that I've to get a car to travel around. I've been drivin…

Movie movie marathon review

I'm back!

For the past few weeks of not blogging, I've been for a few movies and sorry as it's a bit late for the review BUT still here they are:

Les Miserables

Basically the whole movie is singing til the end. So, unless you really enjoy musical, you would dread it because my friend was almost sleeping next to me while I enjoyed it very much. The voice of every single actor and actresses within is awesomely good. Anne Hathaway is da bomb. Didn't know she can sing so well. I didn't expect her to be featured so less in the movie. She only came out for a short period at the beginning of the movie.

Les Miserables in French means Miserable/ Miserable World. The life of the main character is really miserable. Because of stealing some bread for his starving-to-dead niece, he became a slave and then a fugitive for the rest of his life. But because of his determination, he is able to lead a decent life. I ended up with a little teary eyes.

Rating: 5/7

Jack Reacher

Just a nor…