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Of CK or Couch

Don't get me wrong. It is still not within my capability to buy branded goods. CK here refers to Charles and Keith. I love CK's product.

I bought a bag from Charles and Keith lately. Already like it for a long time but was out of budget to buy it. When I got my salary, I went straight to CK to buy it. But they were out of stock. OMG!

Finally found one is Mid Valley. And guess what? The last one was the display. And knowing CK, if I don't get it, I might never have the chance to get one. So, I decided to go for it.

Front view:

Side view:

Back view:

 There's 3 separate compartments.  One with zip while the other 2 don't have.
 The one without zipper has a smaller zipper inside though.
The 2nd one without zipper has 2 smaller compartments.
I didn't regret my decision though. Many thought that the bag I was holding was a Couch. Hehehe... I wonder if they will reorder it as they have restocked a few times but was still out of stock a few weeks after my …

Jin Yi by Coffee Ritual

While DH's car was "bathing", I Google-d to find if there's any place nearby where we can sit down to read and drink at PJ. There was a few options but decided to go to Coffee Ritual at Uptown.

Little did we know that the name was changed to Jin Yi while we reached there. It's at Level 1 which is even harder to locate. First I thought that the place has closed down and replaced by Orange Cafe. But we continued to search for it. It's actually located further down from Orange Cafe. There's a staircase to go up.

Located on the first floor, the place feels very modern in renovation but the name spoilt it. The name doesn't suits it that much.

I think it is quite comfy there but DH thinks otherwise because he said that the kitchen should not be in sight for the customers and also the office area. I was not that particular towards such details and as such still okay with it.

The kitchen area can be view from where we are seated at.
The office area but not so…

Frankenweenie & Cold War

Haven't go and watch movie for quite some time before The Fierce Wife. I think at least 1-2 months. Was doing my pet project after work when I received call from Ray for a free movie. Was rushing all the way to Paradigm mall from Phileo Damansara for the movie. Asked Ray to leave the movie ticket at the counter and I will collect on my own but they actually waited for me outside which caused me to become even more nervous.

I didn't asked what movie we were going to watch and actually went in when the movie had actually started. Imagine me walking into a black and white movie. Hehehe...

I still prefer Tim Burton's Corpse Bride style rather than the current black and white though the cartoon received many positive comments. Review has it that it was very good but I think still average because the storyline is very much expected. The only think is that there are parts that are very funny.

Rating: 3/7

Went for Cold War last week. I thought it was an English movie when I see ma…

The Fierce Wife Movie Review

Been very emotional lately. Some times waking up in pain. Not the physical pain but the emotional heart pain. Also the vomiting feeling was around every morning but because my stomach is empty, I can only vomit out the gas within me. Dislike this feeling but then it ain't a bad thing as it made me do crazy things like clearing some loose end. Clear a loose end on Sunday. One more to go next week. Something that has haunt me for 2 long years. I make sure if I fall, I fall hard. At least when I bounced back, I am way stronger. Hopefully by next week, all loose end is settle.

Any way, went and watch The Fierce Wife straight after work on Monday night, alone. Yeah, ALONE! Since it's more for couples to watch, I decided to go on my own as I don't find anything wrong with it. I've learnt to be so independent that watching movie alone isn't a problem any more which one of the song inside suits my mood so much. It's called 一个人生活 (Living alone) which is featured after m…

Night Delirium

Some times I just love being awake at this hour. In a state of big emotional wave. The pain that makes me feel so alive yet so lost. I feels like I'm in a love/hate relationship with it.

The feelings, the emotion, the fake mask, the highly accurate 6 sense towards the feeling of others. They who make everything so vague. I feel like closing myself away from everyone. The people whom is not being true. I felt so not healthy being by their side. Some times it's the prejudice but most of the time I knew that there's more to what I see. I just feel like closing myself away from every single person.

I feel like puking til the last bile. Or dispose off everything in me; within me. I wanna go on a retreat, a getaway. Some times I wish I can just ignore everything and just go far far away. To somewhere where I can just forget about everything and doing something I wouldn't have do.

The quiet, peaceful time of this hour is also what I enjoyed. The dilemma of this hour ~ to be …

PC Expo - Day 1

Went to SS2 Teapot Cafe today at 2ish but it was completely packed with people out til the counter. Decided not to wait as there's no more scone and very less cake left. Guess I don't have the 缘分 to eat here since it's the last day it's going to be opened as per updated by another blogger. Sadly that it's closing down.

Any way, back to the actual topic. I went to the PC Expo at Mid Valley yesterday. I was down at Low Yat Plaza few weeks back intending to buy an external hard disk. I was stopped by a friend's ex-coursemate (whom I don't recognize at all). He told me that the price will go down to RM11x for 500GB external and asked me to wait. 500GB external cost RM205. So, yeah. I waited but I didn't manage to get it at RM11x because I was stucked in a meeting :(

It's only limited and valid with a coupon. 
According to my sister's boyfriend's colleague, the queue started at 11am. I went there after work around 7pm and it's already finishe…

Food Foundry II

Was planning to go to SS2 Teapot Cafe but it was closed on a Sunday. OMG! How come the rest of the blog gave wrong detail. I heard that it is closing down which is why I wanted to go there. It's a very unique tea shop that has been around for above 10 years. Anyway I will try to go there before it closed down and hopefully it's not really "close" yet.

Since we reach there and it was closed, we detoured and went to Food Foundry. I haven't come here for a long time. It look so different already. The last time I blogged about it was more than 1.5 years ago. You can read it here.

It's renovated. It used to be blue but I love how it is right now.
The interior
The Interior 2
 The Interior 3
The Interior 4
Previously I only blogged about the Mille Crepe but never said anything about the other food there. So, here's a review on yesterday's lunch.

Chicken Cordon Bleu - RM19
The portion of food become so small already. The style is so different already. Unlike …