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Sin Seng Nam

Went to this Hainanese restaurant for my ex boss' birthday celebration back in May. Such a big delay and this shouldn't be delay any more because there's isn't much more chance to eat here. Reason? I'll tell you later on.

KL is full of high rise building but this place is very nostalgic. It's been here for a long time. It's been passed down for generation and I love the ambiance here. It's the very typical Chinese restaurant that is very hard to be find any more with so many of them being commercialized.

The exterior of the shop.

The interior

Another in black and white taken by my ex boss via Instagram.
I have always love Hainanese coffee shops for the bread, coffee (when I was young. Now I am caffeine intolerance), chicken rice. Maybe because I always go to this type of restaurant with my parents during breakfast, I have never ever heard of Hainanese chicken chop. I find myself a bit the "kampung" but then I just found out that the Hainane…

who, what, when, where, why i love...

Watch this video before I blog then you will understand more:

The 5Ws of the one loved.
Who: The fantasy, the make-believe that things are actually true.
What: The depth, the inside jokes, the best friend.
When: Young lovers who our older self will reminisce.
Where: I will be everywhere just to be with you.
Why: Because before you I don't truly understand what I was looking for.

I can't find anyone else with the 5Ws yet. The one who is none of them but who is all of them.

Some times not everyone get it. They might even leave a feeling of a very unhealthy relation. Complicated, ambiguous... On the one who is a best friend, I do believe in platonic relationship but when it's more than that, it should either become something healthy and if it ain't then the best is to stay away from it.

McDonald Spelling Error

Spot the error on this french fries packaging. Noted it for few years yet it is still around.

Can you find it? It's a grammar error.

Starbucks Malaysia Thermos (Oct 2012)

Brought myself a Starbucks Stainless Steel Thermos at RM128 for the 16oz bottle. If you think it is expensive I would defy it. They are having a 50% off drinks every time the bottle is used it in October. Plus I get a free drink from Starbucks card for buying a tumbler.

Got the white colour one :)

There's 2 opening. Top for us to drink from.

 Cover completely open.

An instruction comes together with the thermos just in case.
I was eye-ing for a Hello Kitty thermos. Checked the price at Isetan and it caused RM199. I might as well get a Starbucks thermos which I can also save RM2 @ every drink I buy. Much more practical.

 Made in Malaysia
And the thermos is very good. I didn't expect a local manufactured thermos can keep warm for so many hours. It states 6 hours of efficiency but I would say it can last for more than 12 hours. I boiled coke with ginger in the morning before work. Put it in and it was still burning hot in the afternoon. I have to leave the cover open to let my dr…

Churp Out 2012

I wanted to go to Churp Out 2012 but was still down with my fever for almost a week. Waking up to the rain and become a bit moody. Plans for today all spoilt. It was still raining when I decided not to let the rain get in the way.

Went out at 11ish to fix my car tinting because the bubble is still around after so long. Then went for lunch and then to the doctor. Waited for 3 patients before my turn but I ended up reaching home at around 4ish. There goes half my day.

So many medicines and it's my 2nd round of medication. Been falling sick quite often lately :(

Went to Churp Out event at around 7pm. Registration counter for goody bag.

The goody bag:

 The things inside. There's Durex inside -.- Guess they are the sponsor apart from Mister Potato:

After registration, not only we get a goody bag, we were given a card to collect stamps at 5 contest booth.

Was out in the drizzle playing the games accompanying my little sister though I was sick. Guess it was only right since we ar…

Amanda Todd


Saw Amanda's video above in Facebook. Clicked in to the Youtube link and saw so much comments. Mix comment but some are so evil that it disgusted me.

Some of the negative comments from the public out there. Most negative comments have been removed or flag.

How come people can be so cruel? This makes me question people's humanity. She is still young and naive. People tend to make mistake. She had learn her lesson and tried to move on. We should be more supportive. She has passed away and can't you all be more human? Show some sympathy.

It's not about the entire world paying attention to Amanda in particular but an awareness that there's bullying and what the world has become with internet. 1 simple mistake could cost your life. A lifetime of regret. It takes her such big courage to stand out in front of the camera to bring her story out. Though what might have caused her to commit suicide after she had said "... I hope I can show you guys that every…

Advertising Account Exec

Sorry I've been away quite a while. Quit my job as an account exec to become a marketing exec but no worries as I am still involved with my "EX" job as there's one initiative project that I'm still handling. Not going to give it up so easily even though I'm seeing that everyone seems to be giving up on it. It's a very meaning full project yet there's so so so so so much obstacle. It's for the greater good of Malaysians.

Why did I make the move while I am still deeply involved in the job? I guess life is full of changes and the only constant in life is change. I can't see where I am going if I stay any longer. As if I have reach a stagnant point. I still love my previous job but it's only my first job. I need to widen my view and advertising is a small part of marketing. There's so much more room to improve myself. Learning never ends but advertising process is there. I can always come back and pick up the changes very fast. I am a fast…