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Dark Knight Rises

I know this is very late but still better late than never :)

I went and watch Dark Knight Rises twice. The first round was at Sunway Pyramid IMAX. RM20 is worth it BUT our seats weren't at a good place though. It's too front so it's quite hard to watch the movie especially during the fight scenes. But the sound surround system is extremely good. Lesson learnt: Never buy any seats 6-7 rows from the screen.

Went for it the 2nd time and understand the story a lot. Just a missing part on the League of Shadow as I didn't watch Batman Begins. Free ticket from Dam Dam. Extendable was from him too. Free tickets. Yeah :)

The overall story is very well-planned and you do realized that the super hero movies nowadays are getting more humanize. Starting from Spiderman and now Batman. The whole plot is very good including how Gotham is being conquered and saved. Just a small part that doesn't make sense is whereby the part I thought Wayne is already paralysed and I thought Robi…

The Expandable

Gonna keep this short and simple on my review. Told someone that I will sleep before 12am today so have to keep to my words :)

 I didn't watch the first Expandable so I can't compare to it. But I would need to pre-empt those who has not watch the movie that it is quite mind f**king. You can see people blowing to pieces, dying as though you are stepping on an ant.

Kinda find the movie a bit fake as the main character can't get kill or hurt at all even though one of them has been shot twice yet like not injured at all. Even if they are hurt, they are healed very fast in the next scene. But overall, the movie is good especially seeing all the big time heroes I grew up watching in this movie - Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, etc. They look old yet still fit and body-licious. So cool!

Apart from killing here and there, there's a lot of funny scenes too. Humourous. ^^

Rating: 4/7

Vanilla vs Chocolate Cupcakes

I haven't blog for a long long time. Kinda miss it like I haven't drink milk in ages, like something amiss. Wanted to blog about Dark Knight but since the craze is over, I can blog about it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Since it's half an hour to Chinese Valentine's Day, I may suggest for you to bake some nice cupcakes as a gift.

Here to 2 cupcakes recipe for you to choose from (got them both from Google and I've tried them both myself)

Vanilla Cupcake by Nigella:
250g self-raising flour
250g caster sugar (sugar needs to be reduced a lot. I reduce til 210g but still very sweet)
250g butter
4 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 tablespoons milk

 Rating: 4.5/7 (Mark deducted because it's very sweet and not so fluffly as I expected - suggest to reduce some flour as well).

Chocolate Muffin (Updated)
Actually I still can't find the difference between muffin and cupcake. They are the same to me though. Anyway, here's the recipe:
2 eggs
220g sugar
110g self…

Snatch Theft at Kelana Jaya

I know I haven't blog for a long long time. My bad. Very busy and I still got work to do. Don't know what time I can finish. OMG!

Any way, I think I should take some time off to blog about this. Early Monday morning almost kena snatch theft while I was on the way to the office. 2 Malay dudes on motorbike with the plate number WRF4949 at Kelana Jaya. They are in their early twenties, both clad in T-shirts and jeans. They don't wear helmet so that you wouldn't be so alert when they come nearby.

But you do realize that that every time approaching Raya, crime rates increased. Not being racist but you do see crime rates increase every time Raya is approaching. And I thought this month is the holy month yet they still attempt robbery, theft, etc.

Even if they are fooling around just to scare me, I have taken this issue seriously and has taken the action to call  triple nine... 9...9...9... Though the cop has only said that they are going to add more "ronda&qu…