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Simple life can be happy too

Charles & Keith Euro 2012
I really believe that happy go lucky. Call me Miss Cheerful, Miss Sunshine if you want. Everyone that knows me said that I have a very warm personality. Always smiling, always cheerful.

And life can be very happy as long as you are satisfy with what you have. And happy really does go lucky. I don't watch football nor Euro yet I won something out of it.

I unintentionally saw Charles & Keith post on Facebook and just click in to guess the winner of Euro between Spain and Italy.

I didn't know that there's gift for it. I was guessing just for fun since I was very free that day. Until the other day I received an email from Charles & Keith marketing dept.

The first thing was disbelieve but I became very excited. Hehehehehe... This is the first time I won something out from a random internet game. Without any requirement for slogan and all was based on a lucky guess. I wasn't even watching the Euro at all. I just click Spain bec…


Spiderman spiderman♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫
Went and watch "The Amazing Spiderman" on Tuesday night. I think the movie is a little too long. The beginning is a little slow. But by the time the movie ended, I was surprised that it was already 11ish. The movie was at 8.30pm.
I prefer the past spiderman movies. Maybe cause I was expecting superheroes type of movie and also because the previous movies have more intense storyline and the current one is back to the beginning. However, the storyline has changed a lot from the initial Marvel story. The planning director said he like it a lot. I agreed with him that the story is more humanize. It's a rather refreshing compared to the old one. Mary Jane has been changed to Gwen. Emma Stone is actually prettier compared to Kirsten Dunst.

Didn't expect Andrew Garfield to be so good portraying someone so young. He is good and funny too.

Rating: 4.5/7

Draw Something

Draw something was a big hit back early 2012 but as time goes by, people get bored with it.

Where's the challenge when playing and so we started taking longer time to draw. Making it more of a challenge and it was quite addictive. However, I eventually grow out of it. People get bored. But it was very good previously and here's some very great drawing from a designer that I used to anticipate for:

They are very nice. Loves the details. If he continues drawing, I would have continue playing this game. Oh well, it takes a lot of time too. I still have the app in my iPhone but I'm thinking if I should delete it since the notices and reminders are quite annoying.