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Regretted taking one day off today. On MC. I would rather be at work but I'm too exhausted to do so. A little food poisoning from my Malacca trip and also the being feverish on and off for the past few weeks had taken toll on me.

Home alone for a while and I was crying out of the blue. I dislike this feeling within me. Not physically sick but mentally I feel unwell. Don't know how to describe this feeling. It's like the heart is aching from all the ambiguity and the so not me recently. I shouldn't use dislike... should have use "hate". I hate this feeling.

Feels like really going on a break that wouldn't "break me apart". Going some where far far away. Soul searching I would say. Backpacking or doing some voluntary work. If I can be Elizabeth Gilbert how good would that be. Earning by just writing then I don't have to worry about income.

It feels like that time of my life where I need to learn to love myself more. Learn to care about my own …

Father's Day used to be on Saturday

I remembered Father's Day used to be on the 3rd Saturday of June. Mother's Day is Sunday. But don't know when onwards, Father's Day suddenly falls on Sunday.

And I can proof it that it's on a Saturday. You can refer the picture below. Or you can go to Google's Doodle to check yourself.

I think it is changed to a Sunday so that it is easier to remember Mother's Day and Father's Day and not to be confused between both. I prefer it to be on a Saturday as it makes both day more special.

Happy Father's Day daddy. I felt so bad going out on a trip tomorrow without you. Not on a purpose as DH booked the air ticket without realizing that it's the weekend of Father's Day. Will make it back for my dad. Hope he wouldn't be upset.

Wishing all father in the world Happy Father's Day.


I went to the newly open so-called "neighbourhood" mall - Paradigm on its opening 23 May. The traffic is a lot even up til now and I pity Tropicana City Mall.

The Curve when it started did not have as much traffic but Paradigm... it was wowwww factor.

I lost count how many times I've been there.  Been going there like every weekend, like twice/thrice a day and some times during the weekdays. Went to Plan B last Saturday with KK. Spent our night there chatting till they almost closed shop around 10.30pm. Felt very bad but at least there's still 2 tables of customers who are still having their food.

The two of us ordered Carbonara and Wild Mushroom Pasta and shared. We ended up so full that our initial plan of having dessert has to be put on hold.

KK's Iced Peach Tea - the glucose comes separately.

Lychee Lime Granitas - a mixture of lychee, lime and mint. After ordering only realized many people ordered this drink too. It's refreshing but a little too chilling…

Dark Shadows

Not working today. Went to the doctor opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station then decided to go for a movie since I don't feel like being home.

Since I am at the LRT station, I decided to head over KLCC to watch the "Dark Shadows". Wanted to watch since JM said it was pretty good. Let's say I disagree. I don't think the movie is very nice. The movie is quite slow that it gets very boring. Even the people sitting next to me left the movie after a while.

Can't deny that the movie is funny and hilarious but not a very nice storyline though. Kinda disappointed with the storyline as it was not as what I expected.

Rating: 2/7

I always add on some of my thoughts while reviewing the movies I watch and from this movie I do agree that love cannot be forced. If a person really loves you, he/she will always have you in heart, will always find excuse to contact you. If a person doesn't really love you, no matter how much you pray that he/she will take note of you, that…


June - my favourite month of the year probably because I am a June baby. Hehe...

Fever on and off since last Tuesday and I am feeling that it hasn't go away. But still going to work. Only took MC last Friday. Actually I did get ready for work but the lift at home spoilt and I don't think I can manage to go down 18 flights of stairs to go to work. I will faint. So I think it's best to stay home and rest. But still my fever is still around *pout*.

Been feeling bitter sweet recently. This feeling of wanting to cry has been around lately especially been crying for few nights continuously while watching Autumn's Concerto. And also with this emotional wave around especially when I am not feeling very well.

3 more episodes to finish but I've returned the DVD to DH as I promised to watch the end part with him as he had stopped watching around episode 17 quite a few months back. Lucky first half whereby all the parts that made me cried, I watched alone. Hopefully the last 3…