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Four Feet Something

Haven't really go online recently apart from my frequent FB updating. Have been very slow in updating my blog as well until these few nights. Busy and I will have to work this weekend. Monday's gonna be a very important day for the whole team. #Gambate.

Finally got the chance to scroll through the internet. My siblings were teasing me for reading Audrey's blog - *fourfeetnine* saying that I love reading the blog because I can relate to her in terms of height. Yes I think so too BUT she's taller than I am le... Plus her blog is quite a good read. Real and down to earth.

I think I relate more after reading her post about being short. I think the share experience is not many would understand. Always first in line during primary (add also secondary) school but something different is that I was insecure when I was younger in age. And never thought of anyone would like (love) me but guess I was wrong when I found out later in life. I am still learning to overcome my insecuri…

Make It Count

This video from Nike is nice. Loves every single quotes inside it.

1) Life is either daring adventure or nothing at all (Helen Keller).
2) Buy the ticket take the ride (Hunter S. Thompson).
3) You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough (Mae West).
4) Above all, try something (Franklin D. Roosevelt).
5) I never worry about the future. It comes soon enough (Albert Einstein).
6) One who makes no mistakes makes nothing at all (Giacomo Casanova).
7) Do one thing everyday that scares you  (Eleanor Roosevelt). ♥ (Particularly loves this)
8) In the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years (Abraham Lincoln).
9) If I'd followed all the rules I'd never have gotten anywhere (Marilyn Monroe).
10) Action expresses priorities (Gandhi).

Okay. Gonna end the night now. Here's a song that I got hooked up to recently:

那些你很冒险的梦 Lyric: 當兩顆心開始震動
Dang liang ke xin kai shi zhen dong
Dang ni tong kong xue hui shan duo
Dang ai m…

What's your worst nightmare?

Just realized that my blogging habit has become less frequent. I need to buck up.

Just finished reading "The Associate" by John Grisham. I find the storyline to be slow and don't quite like how it ended. It built-up to a quite nice story but the conclusion made the story seems a little lame.

Any way, that's not my blog about. I just started reading this book which I don't remember the title but I know it's by LJ Smith. It's about a game whereby the main character "Jenny" who got a mysterious game and by playing the game, she and her friends were pulled into a different world/realm. In order to win the game and return to the real world, they have to face their worst nightmare and win it at a given time period or else, they will be stuck in that realm forever.

The nightmare inside ain't scary but I got kinda hook to the book now maybe because of the storyline which is quite mysterious and I really wanna find out how did the "Shadow Man&q…

3 Words

Suddenly thought of this song:

Meaningful. 三个字 by Ling Jia Jun. 3 simple words could mean so much.

The lyric:
lei yat yat xiu dat je mo chan ngan ngo jam se dak lei ham 做小丑我都原意爲了搏紅顔一笑
jou xiu chau ngo dou yun yee wai liu pok hung ngan yat xiu 從來沒有這麽想一件事原來有這麽一件事
cung loi mut yau je mo seong yat kin si yun loi yau je mo yat kin si 才值得我們留戀今天為你死都可以
choi jek tak ngo mun lau lun kam tin wai lei sei dou hor yi
chung chin yau na saam goh ji tin tin gong nei ji
sui yin moot san yi daan yau yi si 我儲埋儲埋這麽多詩句我只想你可以跟我一起笑
ngo chou mai chou mai je mo dor si dui
ngo ji seong lei hor yi kan ngo yat chai xiu
cung cing na sam gor ji yan yan dou jung yi hou bat hor si yi 但是又有幾個人真正明白 那意思我只知道我只想你快樂
dan si yau yau kei gor yan jang jing ming pak na yi si
ngo ji ji dou ngo ji seong lei fai lok
趁住人多多講講心裏話 咁先至值囘票價
cang ji yan dor dor kong kong sam lui wa kan sin ji jek wui piu ga 從此得你知我 任何事都不會怕
cung ji dak lei ji ngo yam hor si dou bat wui ba 從來沒有 這麽想一件事 …


Haven't been blogging so long that I felt like writing a 2nd post right now. Hehe...

I wonder why life is so complicated when we are adult. How I wish I can just turn back the clock and go back to when I'm young. When we are young, we can speak as frankly as we like. If we like someone, we said. If we dislike someone we will just say "I don't like you. I don't friend you". But moments later, we became friend yet again because young kids never hold grudges.

But as an adult, people could be treating you so good but behind you they could be stabbing you. When I come out to the society, I never believe that you can find true friends from people you are working with. But working a year plus now, the office is like my 2nd home. Thanks everyone. Though some times I think I've been too transparent. Hmm...

Coming out to the society, meeting different people, you learn to see things differently too. Life can be simple but not all the time. Reason being i…

The Hunger Game

I am sorry that I haven't been blogging for the previous week. I am back. Tired.

It's funny how I always complain hungry to DH and we went and watch The Hunger Game together. Am always hungry hungry hungry. Any way, found this picture in 9Gag which I think very relevant.

The house is always out of food. Sigh.

Back to the movie:

I wonder why there's so many good review for this movie. I found the movie to be so predictable. DH said I was so accurate in guessing what's happening next. There's many flaws with the whole concept of the "Hunger Games". My cousin brother even said that the movie has "poor construct of ideas". Is it really good that Rotten Tomatoes has so much good review on it and even Timothy Tiah is calling it his favourite 2012 movie so far. I think that it's still an average movie but it left a lot of thoughts in pondering the whole concept.

Rating: 4/7

Can't hardly wait for all the big movies to come out - Avengers, Dark …

Maybelline Mascaras

Happy April Fool's Day people.

I think I'll blog for a while before starting work. A 2 weeks assignment but I'm going to use today to do. Have to present on Wednesday. OMG.

I got so much to blog about but just not the right time. Maybe I'll just blog about Maybelline's mascara as I saw Maybelline event yesterday at Mid Valley. The products are selling at a much cheaper price. Today's the last day if you want to go.

Also if you buy above RM50 of Maybelline cosmetic, you can get a makeover + photo shoot for free. They will give you an A4 size picture of the shoot in return.

Any way, I didn't buy anything as I was there for the career fair instead. Plus DH was waiting for me. So, I took a few pictures and headed off to look for him.

I am not a person who use make up all the time. It's very obvious. From my Facebook profile pictures, I can say 9/10 is without any cosmetics on. Even my current profile picture, it was taken before I head to bed. No cosmetic…