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Reviewing Love

爱 (Love) DH passed me this movie for almost 2 weeks but I haven't watch it. Spent my Saturday watching this movie. It's 3 different love stories within one by Doze Niu.

Rating: 4/7
Quite a twist in the love story even though some of you may have know that the individuals will end up together but it does touch me and got me thinking the whole day.
Something that captured my attention the most while watching 爱 (Love) is this dialog between Mark and Xiao Ye's son: Part 1: "...要是习惯有人陪, 你就担心有一天可能会失去那个人。 如果不去拥有就不用想念。 想念是很痛苦。"
Translation:If you get use of having a companion, you will worry that one day you might lose this person. If you don't have it then you will never have to miss it. Missing someone is very painful.
Part 2: "永远不要去想念你不曾拥有过的。。。 可我已经见过你了,我没办法不想你。"
Translation:Forever don't go and miss someone that never was yours.... But I've met you and I cannot stop missing you.

I love this dialog a lot. It got my eyes wet. Missing someo…

Marrying Mr Perfect

Went and watched Marrying Mr Perfect (嫁個一百分男人) with my bff. The show is pretty much predictable but still funny at certain point. It still pointed out to the same thing, money can't buy love and it's never easy to love again after being hurt. Extra effort has to be put in.

Rating: 3/7

To add on from This Means War, "Don't choose the better man, choose the man who makes you a better woman." I like it a lot.

I will advise you this, don't go desperately searching for Mr/Miss Perfect. It's like the law of nature. When you seek for something desperately, you will never find it but when you stop searching, it will appear right in front of you. Just let nature take its course. D should learn to see this. Not just listening about it but to truly understand the meaning.

This Means War + A Simple Life

I went out with a new friend for movie yesterday. It was the second time I met this person. Weird though as I rarely do such thing. Going out with new friend without knowing them well first.

Any way, went out for "This Means War" with this friend. Damn pai se as I was a little late (5 minutes) but the strange thing is the movie has actually started a little when we enter the cinema hall. Sorry. So sorry.

A romance cum comedy cum thriller, 3-in-1 movie. It's hilarious and funny. Good for a nice laugh and if anyone wants to bring a girl out then it's a good selection for a dating movie. And I learnt a new abbreviation: FTFO which means Freaking The Fuck Out.
Rating: 4/7
Slept at 4am last night just to clean my wardrobe from bookworm infection. Hahaha... It's my sister when she was studying in college. The wardrobe has hole and my sister covered it with paper which is why there's bookworm in it. My mum asked me to change the wardrobe as I told her that I think i…


Went to Watami for mummy's birthday with the whole family. We went to the outlet at 1 Utama. Love the ambiance there and the staff there is very friendly.

Rating: 4/7
Total damage: RM254 for everything above but Chicken Katsu Tamago Toji and Gomoku Kamameshi both have 2 sets.

I think the price is quite reasonable. Only didn't get to taste the sushi there. Mummy's around means no raw food. Any way lucky didn't order extra. We were quite full after finishing everything.

Proton Power of One

What am I doing blogging about cars? I consider myself working for the automotive industry as well so don't look down at a girl who blogs about car. Although I definitely agree that my knowledge about car is very limited. I only know just the tips of the iceberg. Any way, just a sudden urge to blog about car and maybe there will be more to come next time.

I went for a "field trip" today to Proton Power of One event at Bukit Jalil.

For your information, all picture in this blog is of low resolution as I have NX Powerlite (compressed) them. Sorry. But if you want a clearer picture, you can refer to Paul Tan's blog.

 Taking pictures of all the Motorsports car :)

What about P3-21A? Of course I wouldn't leave that out. It's the main hero in the event. Now I am wondering when they are launching it. One salesman told me it will be end March while another told my colleague that it will be launch early April. What do you think?

There's a sneak peak at the hall s…

White Valentine's 2012

Happy White Valentine's Day people.

I learnt something valuable today. Got a very good advisor. Thank you very much. I will give it a very good thought over these few days and weekend.

At least I know I'm up to my expectation. Using 6 different angles to see my performance:
1) Have the Client complain about you? - No.
2) Have the Studio complain about you? - No.
3) Have the Creative complain about you? - No.
4) Have you ever made any mistake when you output your FA? - No.
5) Have the Client complain about your working execution? No.
6) Have you receive any complain on your working style before? No.

Hmm... So now my basic is very good and execution is very firm. What's the next thing that I want to learn/improvise on? And I have identified them:
1) Branding.
2) Marketing.
3) Strat Planning.

Which would I want to go first? Which is more important? I will give them a real thought. Thanks for your thoughtful opinion.

I have omitted a lot out of the conversation but at least t…

Tong Pak Fu

I went to Tong Pak Fu for dessert last weekend. I went to the outlet at Empire Mall.

My first time there and it spoilt my first impression. The dessert there not nice also. But I can't be sure with the one that I have not tasted.

Rating: 1/7

Cannot compare with KTZ at all. I was craving for KTZ while I was there. Now I am hungry thinking about KTZ. Haha...

Charles & Keith Warehouse Sales

I found out from Charles & Keith FB page that they were having a warehouse sales last Thursday til Sunday. It was located at Wisma GBA, SS13 Subang. Right opposite from where I used to live at. The place was a basement parking lot - stuffy. It was open from 10am til 8pm. But they were allowing people to enter up til 7.45pm.

I went there on Saturday morning. Not much nice shoes left and even if there is, there's not much sizes left. If your shoe size is above 38 then you will find many but not size 35 or 36 (the standard Malaysian girl's shoe size).

A lot of people were there. It took me to queue up around 30 minutes plus to enter. I went there at 10 something in the morning.

Though the shoes were off season, they are cheap and reasonable. Some from as low as RM19. They divided the place whereby the price ranged from RM19-RM29, RM39-RM49, RM59-RM79 and 50% discount. Here are some shoes pic:

The shoes wasn't labelled properly as people was randomly returning it to the wr…

Brand New Me & Fragile Connection

Revamping my blog. I've been wanted to change it a long long time ago but was too lazy to do it. Haha...

The previous template was so moody and emo. I changed it end of 2010 when my mood that time was very sad and gloomy. I've long to change it back to the previous sweet looking, bright and happy template. The current one will do for now. I will improvise it if I have more time.

Further more end 2010 and the me now is very different. I am no longer the same. I changed yet it slip in so slowly within this 1.5 year that I rarely noticed it. Even my own thinking and believe have changed over time.

I come to realize something. That human relationship can be so fragile. It can change so easily, over night. Today is sharp 1.5 year since I stopped talking to someone whom I had care for for almost 5 years. It's funny that from caring and wanting to know every single minute, communicating every single day and then one night everything changed. We stopped talking since that night. W…

Make Joseph Kony Famous

I wanted to blog about something different today but this video changed my mind. The thing I wanted to blog seems so unimportant any more. Here watch this video to understand more. Although it is almost 30 minutes long, it will change you.

Bring this pathetic inhuman or should I say "禽兽都不如" down. Make him pay for what he has/had done to so many children. Help spread the message, make him famous and may he burn in hell.

Mask with Patience

I'm still in the office right now. Trying to blog using my iPhone while waiting for client to approve FA. I haven't work this late for almost 1 week plus already.

Sleepy. Haven't catch enough sleep last night. The medicine made me drowsy but kept me awake half the night. A little headache now.

It's funny how one can be so patient waiting for feedback and approval from client but not towards your loved one. Odd but that's life. U will always treat others better and more patience rather than closed one because people have to be more well mannered towards other.

People lose their temper easily towards loved one because they care too much. You will notice that you don't mind friends talking about you but you get mad towards your loved one when they say the same thing. Reason being is that you care about how they view you.

Another reason is because you don't mind being yourself with your loved one. Some times in front of others you will have to have a mask on.

PS I Love You & The Wedding Diary

I haven't switch on my own PC for few days after getting my iPhone. Hehe... But it's also because when I got home it was late and I was worn out. But I can't blog with an iPhone. It's very hard to. Tired plus Friday night only find out that I got a serious viral allergic infection. Saturday food allergic and my allergic reaction to the antihistamine medicine given plus some viral infection going around made everything very bad.

My rashes became bad and my joints was aching. That got my parents so worry that they requested me to go to the hospital for a checkup right immediately. Lucky it wasn't dengue. The doctor said that it was a strong viral allergic infection that disrupted my body system as well. I was put under a very strong steroid medication. 2 times a day, 6 pills once. Just finish the last medicine and I think it will still come back. Lol. Finger-crossed that it don't attack me tonight else it would mean that I am not recovering >.<

PS I Love Yo…