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31 January 2012

Tomorrow is Federal Territory Day but I have to start work tomorrow :(
Still holiday mood. Break not long enough ar... Haha...

I can't blog too long as I still haven't finish studying the book that I am supposed to read. I am now only at page 27 when there's more than 100 pages to be read. OMG!

I will blog about Langkawi this weekend as all the picture is in my sister's PC. It's not with me now. So can't blog about it. This time it will be in very detail compared to the previous time. I might blog about CNY if I am free these 2 days.

Going over to Langkawi reminded me that nothing beats the first time. The food, the cable car, the experience up to the bridge of Mount Machinchang.

I would say that the first feeling/experience will always be the hardest to be forgotten and nothing can be compared to it. The first time you tasted something really good but going there the 2nd/3rd time you will never get that same feeling even though it is still good or maybe the st…

Happy CNY in advance

Wishing everyone Gong Hei Fatt Choy and a happy holiday to the non-Chinese readers.

Just finish watching Bernas CNY commercial and it got me crying. Omg...

"Family is forever." "There's nothing like family." Family is your pillar of strength that keeps you going. ♥ Appreciate your loved one and don't forget to spend quality time with them this CNY.

The commercial is way better than Petronas 2012 CNY. This year's commercial is such a disappointment.

Guess Petronas ad will never be the same without Yasmin Ahmad and Tan Yew Leong.

We always see Lion Dance right? Now here's a Tiger Dance for you all. And it's very fresh and creative:

First time received angpao not from my parents/granny first.

I went to the bank during lunch hour today but then the salary is not out yet even though they announced that they are banking in today. Very slow ar but I think by now it's already in my bank account but what's the use when the bank is not open. I go b…


I think these 2 recent flashmobs are the most recent ones in Malaysia and it's being share on the digital platform.

Wow the Malaysia Airlines flashmobs have over 600,000 viewerships.

I think it's bad but I saw a lot of positive comment towards it. Any way, I think people in the creative industry don't think it's good since in my Facebook they are saying that it's not good. Plus we never finish the entire video.

I think Maybank Malaysia Open flashmob is way better. I wish I participated in that campaign.

Doing it at Pavillion is a wise choice as there's high traffic.


Last working day of the month. Yeah... Clearing my remaining 2011 leave ^^

I wanted to share this a long time ago when it went viral. I wonder which creative Agency does this. It's very good.

They made it look like Youtube but actually it's not. Smart. The even have a trailer for it on Youtube:

Although we work in the creative industry and know how does things work, my colleague said that she bought Wing Heong also because of the viral video.
A success of a viral video is how widely it is shared among others (awareness level will be higher). See the below Chinese New Year viral video and you will know. On the first day it was posted, the video has over 40,000 viewers. So cool. It is really style like the annoying orange.

Compare to the following video, it has a higher viewership. It's almost triple the viewership.

But then I would say that this video is very very creative. Even the cinematography is very good. The ghost part really will make people has goose bumps.
I am ov…

Money Money Money

My 2nd time doing a focus group yesterday (17/1) but already my first time being a moderator. A moderator is the person conducting the focus group. Awesome experience but I was a little nervous that I nearly left out 1 question. Lucky I managed to tweak it back. Hehe...

But after doing 2 focus groups, I understand that money is the core problem for everyone. It's what everyone need but it's also the thing that caused work life imbalance because everyone wants to earn more. It's also the root of all evil.

It's the core problem for everyone even myself. What car that I can afford, how much money left for me to use as I need to start paying my study loan, whether I can increase my insurance premium, how much down payment I can allocate for the car, etc? Right now half my salary is being paid home to my parents (they are not working), my mum's insurance, my insurance, house utilities and condo amenities. If I start to pay my loan at RM300++ per month (this is lesser t…

Songs for the night

Let me just update you with a few songs that I'm addicted to recently before I go to sleep. What am I doing being up so late? I was waiting for creative just now.

I hate to admit this but I've been repeating this song over and over again. Just this song alone only which is odd as I tend to grow "jelak" listening to one song repeatedly everyday and I will feel like I wanna vomit. I remember my ex-roommate used to play the song "Because of you" over and over again till I hate that song so much because it grew so irritating. Some times I will just go into the room and hide because the song was played repeatedly. I didn't tell my roommate because I don't wanna offend her plus it's nothing serious. I can just avoid it or put on my own ear phone. I meant no offense back then, I mean no offense now too. Just telling out my thoughts.

Just a kiss "GOODNIGHT".

Going off to bed now. Have a good night and enjoy the songs.

Twin's mission

Hehe... Reviewing 2 movies I watched previously: Mission Impossible and Jack & Jill.

Mission Impossible (Ghost Protocol)
To think back, the longer I delay my review on the movie, the more details I forgotten the detail on what I wanted to blog about. Like my colleague said, it's a combination of Jackie Chan, Die Hard and James Bond. It's different from previous Mission Impossible but still I kinda like it. Some of the parts are over exaggerated but a movie is still a movie. Entertaining and humorous plus a great lot of advertising for BMW.

Great stunt which is why my colleague commented that it's very Jackie Chan. Tom Cruise - although old, he is still stunningly awesome. There are part when the story is quite heart warming. Ie: When you thought that Ethan's wife was killed brutally and the vengeance he took up til the final revelation to William.The movie is exhilarating and overall is damn good.

Rating: 6/7

Jack and Jill
It's a quirky, crazy movie but funny and…

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I am still not use to writing the year as 2012. I still need to correct 2011 to become 2012 especially when I am writing job reqs. Hehe...

I just realized that I am the only one using an ordinary handphone (not a smartphone) when the rest of the brand management department used an iPhone. Btw I was talking about wanting to buy an iPhone 4S because I have been so busy with the 2nd account that I got no time to go to my place and check my emails. Then my colleague was encouraging me to get one soonest possible because I am the only one out of 2 servicing not having one and it will help speed up my working if I wanna cope with 2 accounts. What do you think? I have been thinking of buying since iPhone 4 was out but my pattern of always delaying myself from being a shopaholic made me waited until the 4S is out. OMG. I really need to start pampering myself more. Hehe...

I've been busy lately which is why I haven't been blogging. I haven't update my review on Mission Impossi…

Darkest Hour

Revised my previous post. Giving Sherlock Holmes a higher rating compared to this movie. It's better compared to The Darkest Hour. I will only rate The Darkest Hour 2/7. I think around there. My friend rated it 6/10 but I think I am giving it lower 3/10 while Sherlock Holmes is 5/10. Lucky it's a free ticket. Not much of a storyline and I was lost half way through the movie. I think I have zone out half way through. Hehe...

I was out shopping alone again. This time mission is to buy new keyboard which has spoilt for a week. So difficult living without keyboard which is why I have been blogging lesser. Hehe... I am addicted to buying books. I need someone to stop me from going to book shops.

Isk... The Hello Kitty card which I anticipated since a few months back is not going to come out due to stock limitation :-( E... But I don't like the current pink and white strip card that is consider limited edition. Don't like it since it was out. Can I just request to get that …

Sherlocks Holmes Review

"Sherlock Holmes, 2.30pm, 1 person". Yes, ONE. You heard me right. :)

I guess I am not the same me any more. Being more random, being more..... unlike me? And mood swing being more extreme. I went out in a very happy mood but I ended up feeling very down in the evening. Funny right?

I think that the movie is average only but wonder why when I Googled, there's so many positive reviews about it.The movie is a bit dull that the guy sitting next to me fell asleep. Omg. He even snored. I don't think the movie is very bad but still fine. Some of the part is funny and entertaining.

Rating: 3/7 3.5/7

I grew up with Sherlock Holmes but never remember the story at all. Only remember Holmes and Dr Watson. I like Dr Watson. I remember him but never remember the story. All I know is that it's detective story. I was thinking about this while watching the movie ~ Dr Watson is the type of person I like but in the end, I would have chosen Sherlock Holmes. The way he thinks intrig…

Fragrant Proposal

This wedding proposal is so sweet and I loved the song used - Christina Perri's A Thousand Year which is so addictive. Even repeating one song for the whole day wouldn't make me feel jelak. Still loving it a lot since it's out and I've even shared it in Facebook for a few times. Wonder if I've shared it with you before.

Why am I sharing this? This is because with one such simple proposal, it has gone so viral that even Christina had mentioned about it. I has been view over 2 million times but others. This show how creativity can span widely and touches people's heart. Actually anything can help to sparkle inspirations and idea and I think this wedding proposal is awesome. It really inspire a lot of ideas. Thanks and wishing Timothy and Audrey a blissful wedding life.

At the same point, Justin Bieber just launched a new perfume called "Someday".

I like what I learnt today that rarely guys become a spokesperson for girls perfume and Bieber is smart enou…

4 Jan 2012

2nd working day of the year. Started my 1st 2 working days of 2012 busily. Last night til 10pm but not all work is done. Today also til 8.30pm and the delayed work is still unfinished. Felt unproductive though. :-(

Any way, I was feeling so down and moody but I am feeling happy and want to do more now. Such big mood swing. But I think working keeps me feeling productive and happy. At least I am doing something. ^^

Gonna keep this short and simple so that I can do some work before going to bed. 

Wow. Just a while ago I was talking about keeping this blog simple so I can do some work but I actually done some of it while the remaining one I am leaving it for tomorrow *cause I need to come up with ideas and my brain juice is dry out now. So many nights sleeping less than 4 hours, nightmarish, restless night is killing me. I can only start thinking of idea in the morning while I am still fresh. And I can blog more now. Haha...

The weather is hot man. So crazy. If I know how to swim, I would…


It's finally here. Happy new year. Nearly ended up coming out from the toilet in 2012. I was queuing up at the toilet for quite long. I was so scared that I will really end up like the SMS received but I really need to use the toilet. Lucky when I came out of the toilet, the countdown began at 20secs. Phew... Started and ended the new year meeting new people.

Feeling very miserable now. Emotionally I felt hurt and physically I am getting major headache. I can't sleep these 3 nights. In addition to this, I just realized the additional client has made me so stress without noticing it. I've been waking up dreaming about my powerpoint slides. I slept at 5am last night. Awake at 8am then 9am then 10am. All dreaming about my slides. OMG. It's just the beginning. But I think it's normal since I don't want to let down people's expectation towards me.

Any way, found this to be very interesting to share with everyone.

30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself (As usual, in …