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Jalan Jalan Cari Makan

I think this is the remaining pictures I have. Deleted quite a lot as I totally forgotten where I went to for the food. So no point showing them inside this blog when I don't even know which eatery it was from.

Porridge at Seapark I am not talking about the Teo Chew Porridge at Sun Fatt Kee Restaurant. I've been there too but didn't snap picture. I don't favour plain porridge as much as porridge with loads of ingredient inside. So, back to the porridge shop that I wanna talk about. It's the one called Restoran Yong Tau Foo Khong Kee.

The porridge has loads of ingredient inside: oyster, peanut, mushroom, century egg, etc etc. and it only cost RM4.50 per bowl. Yummy and very fulfilling.

Or you can  have the yong tau foo which is homemade. RM1 per piece of yong tau foo. A bit expensive but then I am willing to spend here lor.

They even have curry chee cheong fun.

The shop is at Taman Paramount, right opposite Giant. The address is:
No 22, Jalan 20/16A, Taman Paramoun…

Happy Happy Feet

The little penguin is so cute... So so so cute... Fluffy too. "It's so fluffy, I wanna die".

It's a cartoon so not much of an expectation towards it. The storyline is for little kids of course. A little too exaggerated. But it's a nice show to relax after a stressful week. Will the Krill and Bill the Krill is so funny. Feels a little gayish. Haha... Ramon's cute and Ray said it reminded him of D. Funny but I totally agree with him...^^

Rating: 3/7
FOOD DIARY Restaurant Well Cook Gourmet Something quite different to hear of "fried laksa". It's located at my childhood neighbourhood at SS14/2. The place that my family always go out and eat, da bao... 

Rating: 4/7 (I can't say it's very very yummy but it's special).
Between walking distance is the famous fried chicken. I use to know the coffee shop owner's daughter as we were in the same kindergarten. Trust me it's way back to 1993. But then I don't remember her name or how sh…

Strat Planning

This video is shared by my boss with us. I think it's quite meaningful for strat planning (strategy planning). It's quite long though but then you can learn from it. Seeing things from the root but then everyone has different perspective. Just think it's a good insight.

Guang by Quek Shio Chuan

Autism presented in a very good way:

When all hell break lose

Have you think of the position that you have put me in today? WTH. I wonder if it's for better or for worst but it definitely going to serve as a catalyst for me. Don't know what to say.

Any way. Here's a message from me to the AM who leaves me :(
Remember last week you were asking me this question randomly (what are you going to say during my obituary?), I was speechless because I really don’t know and “choi”, touch wood *I am superstitious. Hehe…*

I really got no idea what I will say but I definitely know what I wanted to tell you now. I will miss you a lot. Without the “Fun”, the “Fact” will be very boring and dull.

And do you know what the main purpose of this message is? You asked me not TO MAKE YOU CRY. So, PLEASE don’t CRY. Haha… *Don’t call me bitch right now, k?* =p (It’s gonna be quite long, so save your tears for later).

My first impression towards you: This person looks so strict and serious. Wondering what is his working style but never mind since he is…


Happy 20112011. Nice date today. Saw it last night on Facebook but totally forgotten about it today when I woke up. Just realized it again.

Someone cooked lunch for me today. Thanks. Appreciate it a lot. Some more this is the first time a friend made such nice food (apart from Maggi, hot dog, pancake) for me. Carbonara. An additional coca cola chicken for my surprise. Thanks.

I have save so much food pictures but so lazy to review everyday. Now I'll review all of them at one go:
Pasta Zanmai
I have blog about this place before previously. You can go here to refer to it. I still love the pasta here. Very special compared to Western pasta. Although the standard is not as good as previous (maybe also because of different outlet), the pasta is still very nice. A portion of 2 can be shared among 3 people and still very full. But then, the sauce is the same. Only the "toppings" are different (soft shell crab, prawns, etc).

For the price and sauce comment, you can refer to my pr…

Importance of Child Seat

While I was cleaning my room, I found this assignment that I did back in 2008 for the subject "Issues in Publication and Design" whereby we need to come up with a content for a magazine regarding road safety. Print it on paper that is of magazine material. My topic was on child seat.

The article is as per below:
You try to give the best to your children but do you realize that you did not give 100% protection to your children. Why is it so?

The Ministry of Transport had implemented that all rear passengers are required to wear seatbelts but many people ignore it. Do you know that wearing rear seat belt can help protect your child?
Children are at a higher risk in accidents. If they are unrestrained by the seatbelt, they will definitely be thrown out of the vehicle due to their light body weight (Road Safety Department 2008).
In accidents, the rear passenger suffers heavier injuries because the force of the impact can propel the rear seat passenger forward to hit against the seat…

Apple-ish Adventure

Opps, I haven't update for few days. Felt like very long didn't update but "rupa-rupanya" only 5 days. Hehe... Going to review 2 movies then update on my own thoughts for a while. That's the plan. Hopefully it goes accordingly. =p

The Adventure of Tin Tin
It's awesome. The animation is good. The normal one is already very 3D like. That's what you can expect from Steven Spielberg. Can't hardly wait for the 2nd part.

Rating: 6/7

You Are The Apple of My Eye
Something different from the normal screen as it's a Taiwan show. A lot of people said that it's awesome. When there's too many expectation set on a movie, you tend to think it is not as good as the rest will rate it.

Before going to the movie, I met my ex-secondary school mates and they said that I should watch it as it brings back a lot, a lot of movie. The movie does bring back memories but not as exaggerated by my friend.

The storyline is good since it's a real life story but then j…


11.11.11 today. Actually if I can, I would most definitely like to post this post at 11.11am. Then it will be all 1. Nice and interesting. Btw, I forgotten what I wanted to post already. I just got home about 10 minutes ago as I was down at the guard house. I think I should have go to the police station together with my sisters but I chose to stay home as I have to attend TGIF tomorrow morning. Gotta sleep as I haven't been getting any real sleep due to my allergic problem.

Right now walking to office and walking home will never be the  same. I have to be more cautious as people don't only snatch your things by motorcycle but with car and parang. Just happened extremely near the guard house. Just 10 steps away. I can no longer loiter around office after work to ensure that I don't walk home in the dark. Sigh. Hopefully 11.11.11 is the start of something good ahead. Til then...

In Time for New Insights

Did something last weekend that I would never have done alone last time - eat out and movie on my own. If it's the previous me, I would never have do it. I dislike the feeling of eating alone and if I really have to, I made sure that it's a very quick one which would not last more than 10 minutes. But this time, it's different. I purposely went out to The Curve and had my own meal and movie. As I was left with 30 minutes to grab my lunch before the movie starts, I headed to McD (as usual, my fav and I haven't been eating it for few weeks).

Tried the new Classic Chicken McDeluxe. I think the burger's okay only and my fresh tomato is missing :( (My tomato gone missing. I love my fresh tomato til the extend I would take them away from my boss and manager's plate). The burger is a bit too salty. I prefer the normal McChicken instead or GCB would be nicer.

With the short 30 minutes I have, I sat there reminiscing the me from a year back *while eating*. I gained a ne…

Paranormal Activity

Just when I plan to go out to get my food (I haven't eaten since yesterday apart from a small packet of Munchy Oat Krunch), it started to rain. I've been feeling very dizzy and now I can't go out to get food. :-(

I might as well blog while waiting for the rain to stop and get my food. Here's the review on Paranormal Activity 3 which I had watched 1 or 2 weeks back. It's back to the beginning when everything started before PA1 & PA2. I think it's better than the 2nd one. You can feel the presence without seeing it. Nice. I think it's scarier because of the sound effect from the back as the group of girls sitting behind was screaming. It managed to provoke my fear. I don't know is it due to the screaming or the movie. Hehe... D said that the suspense is very long. And I do agree with him.

Rating: 3/7

Faster stop raining la. Out of a sudden the sky is so bright at Sunway area. Hopefully it becomes sunny here too. I watched The Thing 1982 by John Carpe…

1/11/11 - 1 year anniversary

Today mark my first anniversary of my working life. Nice date 1/11/11. Everything marks a ONE.
Last year, same day was my first day of work. I wouldn't consider myself as a freshie as I've interned in an ad agency before. I remember my first day was just browsing through the previous job req and FA files and folders. Which made me feels a little miserable as I've been through the same thing during my intern day. I had wrote job reqs, checked through visuals and FA, go through the AOT process before as an intern but I have to revert back to the most basic of file browsing on my first day.

Mr Penguin told me that I looked pale today. That's the thing you get from working. Appreciate your study life as once you work, your life would never be the same. Everyday is about working 9-5 (this is just an ideal world) and earning $$$. You basically have no life apart from the weekends (granted that you are not working) and the short >15 days of leave. Hehe... It's not so b…