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Girls vs Guys; Simple vs Complicated

A very interesting topic that will always be asked so often: Can girls and guys be just friend?This unclear line has occur in everyone's life no matter in what stage. When you are even primary/secondary school and friends teased you with someone else. When you are older and people starts to gossip.

Can girls and guys be just friend and nothing so complicated?
My answer still remains the same: yes. Why not? I do know people who disagree with it but also people who has the same point of view as I do. I think what's most important is the both know and from the very beginning has set the relationship straight. Some would say that this is "bullshit" but I would say that I do know people like this and I am one of them. I can be close friend with the opposite sex. Just close friend and nothing else.

I think as long as both of you is clear of the relationship, what other thinks does not matter. Why do you care about what other thinks and spoil a good friendship? Some time it…

PS, I Love You & Eat Pray Love

Ah oh... My jelly is a failure in term of taste. Not enough sugar. So pai se. Hehe... Lucky I managed to keep it to only 3 people. Not much of a damage since it's just bland.

PS, I Love You
Finally I managed to finish a book in 2 weeks. Actually less than 2 weeks if I minus my working days and the weekend that I went out window shopping. I haven't do this in a long time. Finding time to stay home, reading on my own and getting lost in my own imagination. I like the peaceful feeling I got out of it even though I got emotional from reading it.

Actually I spent most of my time reading the book while I was back in my hometown as there's nothing to do there. The idiot box don't seem attractive to me any more. I have long lost interest in the TV which I used to love and unable to live without. But I am crazy too as I read the book til 2.30am last night just to finish it. I wanted to know how it ends. I wanted to know what's Gerry's final message to Holly.

It's a…

Coconut Milk Jelly

Finally I spent one whole day at home without going out. Erm... Out a while to the mini market to buy coconut milk. It's funny as usually I wouldn't go out during the rainy season and choose to stay home if it's nothing important but I went out at 10.06pm just to buy coconut milk so that I can make agar-agar. Yes... It's PM. I am not crazy.

Some times, happiness can be very simple. I wasn't irritated by the wet wet road on my way out. I was just feeling happy and contented. All I was thinking was to buy some coconut milk so that I can make some nice dessert for those who care and love me (关心与疼爱我的人). ^^

Now all I need to do is wait for the jelly to be set before cutting it. Hopefully they will enjoy it tomorrow ^^

Real Steel & Trespass

Real Steel
The movie is nice and interesting plus the graphic/animation is good. Not fake at all. Some part of it is cute too... ^^ And Hugh Jackman is awesome. ♥

Rating: 6/7

The trailer looks good but it's just like any other movie trailers that wants to gain your attention. The movie story has a twist in it but the ending is quite abrupt as if the director is trying to end it as soon as possible. But any how, it's still acceptable. Btw, out of a sudden Nicholas Cage looks so old.

Rating: 3/7

23 Oct 2011

Goodbye uncle. RIP. It felt so odd that the previous time I saw you back in February you were still good and well & when I saw you on Friday night, I no longer see the cute, chubby uncle that I know. I think you have shed over 20kgs over this 8 months. I am sorry for not visiting you over the months when you were at the 安老院. Although I am not very close with you, vague childhood memories will remain. You will be remembered for being the one who introduced grapefruit to me. The uncle who loves buying food home to granny's place. I remember the goat milk as well.

It's odd that I didn't shed any tears these 3 days during the funeral. This is so not me. Also, please hit me cause I lost my temper even though my mum is still grieving the lost of her brother. I am feeling so so so guilty. Although I apologized after that, I am still feeling very bad. I hate myself. I am so sorry mummy. So so so sorry. I am so horrible.

Something Valuable

I learnt two valuable things today. Both also about relationship. One is relationship between colleagues and bosses; the other is within girls and guys (see how the opposite sex think).

I learnt that in real work life, there's a tendency where people take credit on your work and others tend to back step you. It's hard to manage such situation and that some times you need to be so careful with your words as to not make like you are complaining to the bosses. It's not only the relationship with co-workers but also between you and the boss. You have to manage his expectation and he has to manage your. I've just realized I used to have expectation towards my bosses but just that I've no longer expect anything any more.

About guys and girls relationship I... no... it should be CK.... she got a long lecture and I was sitting there listening. I am lazy to blog about it as I've long ago understand what was told. I've always understand that guys and girls have diffe…

Chiang Mai (3rd day) - Elephant sick

Chiang Mai is known as the city of the elephant. So, it's a definite thing that we will visit the elephant place or else it wouldn't been considered that I've go to Chiang Mai. A good experience but I think it's the first and my last time of riding elephant. A very unpleasant experience as I get "elephant sick"* from riding it.
*Car sick becomes elephant sick.
Once I got up the elephant I started to panic. Haha... I was scared and it's a very bumpy ride. The worst thing was my elephant is the type that loves winning. It kept wanting to be number one that it's so fast. The ride was so far away around I think 15 minutes. It was a very long and unfinished ride but then the scenery was very pretty. Lucky the return route was the cow ride. It's not as bad as the elephant ride but by that time I was feeling awful already. One more thing was my cows were also the type who want to be number one and chased after the two carts in front just to be number one…

Seoul Garden & The Sorcerer and The White Snake

I haven't been to Seoul Garden for a long time. The first time I've been there it was still located at 1U Old Wing. This is the 2nd time I went there and it has already shifted to New Wing next to Skin Food. I've already know that it has relocated for a long time but then never ever go there for food before. I would say that it has improved a lot. More choices and the food is fresher. The first time I went there, I think it's so so only. If there's no reason, I wouldn't go back there. But this time changed my perception. I don't mind going back to eat with friends again.

After lunch we went for "The Sorcerer and The White Snake". I have always like White Snake legend after watching the one by Media Corp (acted by Christopher Lee and Fann Wong). Of course making comparison ain't good as the director has only less than an hour to show how Xu Xian and White Snake fall in love with each other. The storyline is okay but then the effect is damn lous…

Girl with older guys. Materialistic?

Someone once told me before that there's 1000 people in this world who loves you. It's just that they are all scattered around the world and you have not meet them. But I believe in fate (缘分) more. I love the feedback given to me that the other person might have love you but it's just that these 2 people are not fated to be together有缘无分。It could also be affected by timing.

But being able to love and being loved by another person is something I would describe as "beautiful". Whether it's forever or not, it happens for some reason. But never go in a relationship with someone just because you wanted a girlfriend/boyfriend. Be in a relationship because you love the other person. If not, being single is never a bad thing. You can do a lot of things that being in a relationship will stop you to do.

And just a piece of my mind. If you love the other person, age is no longer a factor. My uncle is almost 20 years older than my aunt, my dad is 11 years older than …

Big Bad Wolf Books

I wanted to go to "Big Bad Wolf" since August that I bought very few book during this year's Book Fest. Finally the location of the Big Bad Wolf was announced and it's at MAEPS, Serdang this year and I was thinking how to get there. I was undecided whether I should go or not since it's hard for me to go there without proper transportation.

I nearly gave up my desire to go but thanks to Mr Penguin's words that get me going. He said "if you are really a book lover, you will find a way to go there no matter what". It's really "when there's a will, there's a way". I was supposed to go out with my manager on Sunday for my monthly showroom visit but I chose to push it to the following week and go to the book sales. Although I didn't buy much, I'm happy with what I got. ^^ I would say that your words really get me going. After what you said, I immediately Google-d to find how I can get there by public transport. Thanks Mr Pen…

Chiang Mai (2nd day)

Opps... Rupa-rupanya my 1st night at Chiang Mai dinner was at Mo'C Mo'L. 2nd night only at Tara Bar. I've corrected the post. =p

And remember the picture depicting the monk doing the Buddha, here's what I did:

The 2nd day was free and easy and lucky I found the souvenir that I bought at the street or I don't remember the place I visited. The place name was Nimanhaemin Road, T. Suthep. It's a place for arts & crafts and bars. It is a more modern building areas. Very pretty.

The pictures below are from Silver Birch:
28 Soi 1 Nimanhaemin Rd.,
T. Suthep A. Muang. Chiang Mai.