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I'm tired but while waiting for my hair to dry, I better blog today or else it's gonna be next week already. This is going to be an extremely long blog post since I didn't really blog for quite some times.

Hmm... Let's pick up from the place I left. My 2nd presentation was not as good as my 1st. The feedback I got was that I'm not as "passionate" and "sparkling" as my previous presentation. The reason being was I've been working very late few days before the practice and have been working the whole weekend before that.

The final presentation was scary. I got questioned til I don't know how to answer. Although people said I did very well, I think I'm not good in my skill to "menggoreng". Or I should say that I don't even know how to "menggoreng". I'm still the straightforward me.

I would say, at least I am still who I am after being in servicing for 1 year plus. Simple... I wonder if it's good or bad. B…

30 Aug 2011

I'm too exhausted to blog. Keep you all updated soon....

Btw... Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Also Happy Merdeka. Truly Merdeka for me. I've graduated after 3.5 months of DDBU. Yeah ^^

Have a great holiday. I'll be back soon....... Maybe tomorrow, maybe the weekend =p

Social Media

Okay. From today onwards I'm gonna start another section for things/videos which I find relevant to my job so that I can easily retrieve them back and also to share this knowledge with the rest as they are not just applicable to advertising but for all scope of jobs to understand the people nowadays or to even better understand today's communication process.

- 50% off the world population is under 30  years old.
- Social media has overtaken pornography as the #1 activity on the Web.
- Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the US.
-  50% of the mobile internet traffic in the UK is for Facebook.
- 69% of parents are "friends" with their children on social media.
- 1.5 million real farmers BUT 80 million Farmville Farmers.
- 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations,  only 14% trust advertisments >.<

A nice interesting fact - If Wikipedia were made into book, it would be 2.25 million pages long and will take people 123 years to finish it.

Next video is about…

Presentation & Kissaten

I think I better blog while I have the chance because I will be crazily busy this coming week. I'm guessing I might have to work round the clock for the whole week and can't go to Bukit Cahaya for me recci this Wednesday with my team mates. Sorry. I feel like a non contributing member as I am always late for discussion and I don't even have the time to think about the project because of daily work. The other night discussion at 8.30pm, I only went in at 10.30pm yet I was checking visuals inside and answering client calls here and there. I feel so so so bad.

Any way last Saturday's "Presentation and Selling Skill" was good. I heard from one of the group 1 members that it's dreadful BUT I found it to be very nice. Although I am pack with loads of jobs, I'm looking forward for the next class (the final class) to see if I will improvise or not. I was rated "red" in my presentation. How does this scoring work? Well basically there's 3 colours…


Yesterday was 7日7月 which means the 7th day in the 7th month of the lunar calender.Why am I blogging about this date? It's the Chinese Valentine's Day. ♥

We, Chinese have 2 Valentine's Day - one on Chap Goh Mei and the other was yesterday. I only celebrate this one because to me personally, this Valentine's Day has a very meaningful legend behind it.

I admit that I'm still very naive believing in all the legends and fairy tales but that's who I am. I believe them but they only exist in the olden days, years back and not in today's society. It's very hard to see true love and people whom can sustain their love for many years especially for people around my age and the generation after me. I've seen people (at least 5-10 years older than me) being with their partner since young and are still happily married for years. I do belief that all this do exist but they are no longer those fairy tale like love story. They are more realistic and simple (or maybe…

Wu Xia & KTZ

I think I've been too pessimistic recently. Yesterday's thought is so negative about my friend. I should look at it from a brighter side. Maybe he removed his comment because he thinks that it hurt me and it's not a funny joke. I shouldn't just judge someone whom I've known for so long and taken as a good friend to be someone bad and wicked. I'm sorry even if you don't see this and what I've wrote yesterday.

Wu Xia
I don't know how people review this movie but it's very slow and boring. Even when it comes to the battle, it ended not as excited as it could be. Not enough "oomph". When the show ended I was like "O... like that end liao? Okay lor..." I wouldn't say that it's a bad production as the movie has plot and storyline which is a lot better. I can't accept movie whereby the storyline does not make sense at all. What I didn't expect was that the movie is more of a detective movie than a warrior …