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Mars vs Venus

Yesterday suppose to have a cousin gathering @ farewell for a cousin who is leaving to America to work for 2 years. So nice that his company sends him here and there. Previously was Japan. And right now, he is bringing his wife along. I think it's cancelled as he was busy packing.

As usual, a busy girl I am, I was supposed to go for crab. Apparently Ray found a nice and cheap place to eat crab at Klang but ffk last minute. But then I still go out since today the only Saturyday I don't have to wake up early for training. Yeah!!!

A lovely Friday night with 3 funny friends. I had a good laugh during our late late late dinner and when the restaurant closed, we proceeded to Starbucks continuing our "猜迷" session. Laughing at all our cold and lame jokes especially the penguin question: Why penguin's front body is white? ~ until my stomach ached.

Then I played my childhood tricks on one of them. Why hadn't I remember these tricks and come to think of it, I've nev…


Like history repeating itself. Lost of appetite, diarrhea and vomit - something that happened about 11 months ago. Plus a sad day. Cried but for a different reason. Additional thing to my sickness right now is that I'm having fever and also low blood pressure. Feeling very weak and dizzy as I vomited out what I ate. Plus my skin problem is still ongoing. The doctor said that if it persist within 4 days of a new medication, he will send me to a specialist.

First time MC for 2 days straight. If I am still feverish tomorrow, then I need to go back to the clinic again. Aiks... I need to make sure I am healthy tomorrow. I hate feeling this sick and tired although I've been sleeping the whole day yesterday and today. Isk...

And I am so so so hungry although I got no appetite to eat plus whatever consume is being processed out. Luckily mummy made me something nice to drink to replenish energy and blood.

Yesterday I have to take public transport out to see doctor. Tired an…

Cuz Wedding

Attended a lovely and sweet wedding this weekend. Lovely church wedding. I always love church wedding and hoped that I can have one even though I am not Christian and never have the intention to switch my religion but future circumstances nobody will know but for now, I am still the same.

So many lovely songs sang and I forgotten to ask the title of the main song when the bride was walking down the aisle. The most memorable song will be "yue liang dai biao wo de xin". Partly it reminded me of someone who love singing this song too.

The rendition of this song is Hakka and Hainan is very good. Bravo for the effort put in. It was lovely. Distance and time are not a problem if two person love each other and the previous videos proven that both need to put in effort to keep it running and not being a seasonal friend. When one is angry/being emo, then the other run off. This is definitely not true love. It's evidence enough that the other ain't serious of the relationship.…

Don't SHOUT!

It's the season of 得空死,不得空病。I am still doing my work now. Friday's leave so not on time but already plan 1 year in advance. I am someone who follows thing from step one to end and I hate missing out parts of it. Damn hard to ask me to let go for a few days when everything is starting up to role after it's been left hanging for so many months.

No time but I really need to get a doctor to treat my skin problem. Every night also don't have a good sleep. My manager just told me when he was sending me home today that I look damn exhausted. Not as lively and energetic as I use to be. I need more peace as I'm feeling the tension now. I am exhausted but it's the "argument" season. I purposely went and look back for the article that I've shared on Facebook last year and print out the article and slip it under someone's door.

Here's the article that's very worth sharing:


ONCE a professor asked his students: “Why do we shout in anger?…

Mr Popper's Penguin + Super 8

Mr Popper's Penguin
Jim Carrey never loses his charm. A very good comedian yet charming and smart looking. He looks a lot more older though. Any way, lovely movie. Heart warming as well as hilarious.

6 cute penguins (Captain, Bitey, Lovey, Nimrod, Stinky and Loudy) that bring a broken family closer and changed a workaholic to realized that loves and family are the most important thing in life. Who would you be if there's no one to share your success with?

I wanted a pet too. My colleague was giving his toy poddle away but mum and sis say NO! because Little J  crawls on the floor, no place for the doggy as I'm staying at a condo, I am working late nights (no one to care for the dog) :-(

Rating: 5/7 This is Little Kitten (Bald Eagle/Tippie Toe/Mama Bird) Over and Out.

Calling myself a "cat". Haha... This is  because not just once being said that I resemble a cat. Got my nickname "Kucheng" (Kucing in Malay is cat) when I was in Primary 5. D said I am li…


Argh... The 4 days medication not working at all. I am transforming again once I finished the medicine. I think it's time to go back PD to let the Chinese sinsei see if it's "snake" or "fong mok". Or should I go to my skin doctor at Rantau. Dr Tan is a good one at Rantau. I had serious allergic problem once I shifted back to PD. The worst period was during Form 3. He's a good "skin specialist" (some would describe it although he is just a normal clinic doctor). He helped me minimized my allergic problem. My cuz bro-in-law who had serious pimple problem is also cured by him. I am disciplining myself from scratching all the red patches that keeps appearing all over my back and hand. So itchy.

I better record this down before I forgotten. Little J kissed me last Saturday @ 2July. ♥ His tiny hand pulled my face over and then *muack* hehe... Lucky he didn't bite me. But still I would have blog about it in the same manner. Still loving it. He on…

Work @ 2nd family + Transformer 3

Haven't blog for few days. Few days but since recently nothing much to talk about so I don't feel very long. Since I am lazy to blog, I look back and check if there's any post I forgotten to post and guess what? I found this post which was written way back on 1 June. It seems that I didn't finish this post so I'm going to continue here. And so, it begins:

Actually I finally agree with everyone that we spend most of our time in office and we should like it. We are there 5 days a week and at least 8 hours a day. We spend lesser time at home and most of it is use to sleep. So, basically office is our 2nd home. The people there are like our 2nd family. I am grateful to have a whole bunch of good colleagues who treat me very good. It was not as scary as what others said that there's always office politic. And they are all very willing to teach me. I love this family. ♥

I'll just focus on my own unit in this blog since there's so many good people in the offic…

Meow vs Woof

Saw this in a show yesterday. Love it a lot although I don't like cat. It's something like this:
"Dog always wag their tail, begging for people's love. But cat is totally different. They rather choose to wander around than begging for people to love them. They will never hurt others BUT if others hurt them, they will use their sharp claw to scratch the other person back".

I tried to do pinyin while looking at the subtitle. Hopefully I didn't use the wrong Chinese words:
"狗永远是摇着尾巴跟人家乞憐。可是猫就不一样。猫宁愿一个人孤独的去流浪也不愿意乞求别人爱它。 它不会去伤害别人, 可是只要有人一伤害它的话,它就会伸出它的尖尖的爪子,一下抓過去。"
Gǒu yǒngyuǎn shì yáo zhe wěiba gēn rénjiā qǐlián. Kěshì māo jiù bù yīyàng. Māo nìngyuàn yīgè rén gūdú de qù liúlàng yě bù yuànyì qǐqiú biérén ài tā. Tā bù huì qù shānghài biérén, kěshì zhǐyào yǒurén yī shānghài tā dehuà, tā jiù huì shēn chū tā de jiān jiān de zhuǎzi, yīxià zhuā guòqù.