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The Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 (Rodrick Rules)

Went to watch movie at 1U on Friday night. When our queue reached the counter, not much ticket was left. Kungfu Panda (both English and Cantonese) left the front seat. I've watched Priest and nothing much that I wanted to watch then as the movie I wanted to watch is no longer playing. So, we opted for The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning as the last one my friend commented that it was not too good while her bf (now ex) said that it was great. So, who should I trust then? The guy always say that all movie is ok or good so of course I would have trusted my friend more.

However, I was wrong. It was great for a good laugh. So funny. Rofl with my movie partner. Lucky we didn't made the wrong choice. Greg (Zachary Gordon) is so good looking even at such a young age. I think he gonna make it big in the future. Holly (Peyton List) looks a bit more mature compared to the previous movie I had watched. At least she is playing her own role rather than playing a…

10 June

Why put this date as title when it isn't 10th June yet? Good question.

My reminder rang and reminded me that 2 weeks from now is this date. It was stupid of me to put it as a yearly thing because I never needed this reminder. And I definitely do not need this reminder any more. I thought it would be a yearly thing forever but it seems that nothing last.

Self-deception and illusion are never a good thing. So, it is wise to not hope for too much. To have both feet on the ground. Live life at the moment and enjoy it. In life, you learn that not everyone stays in the process. As per EPL, certain people come into your life to help you reach another level and once their responsibility is done, they will walk off your life. They were there/here once in your life to help you learn/experience something.

Someone told me this once or should I say 1 or 2 weeks ago that there comes to a certain point in life that a person must learn to live in seclusion. I would disagree with him. Doing things…

Workaholic and Priest

I should be sleeping right now. Tomorrow gonna be a late night again or should I say I might be working till morning again. But I just feel like blogging while waiting for my hair to dry. Should I categorize myself as a workaholic? I went to the office yesterday (Sun) even though I wasn't obliged to do so. It's just that I felt the need to go in to do certain things. Lucky I made the right choice. I thought of going in for an hour to help me save the trouble today and I ended up spending 4 hours there. Which means that I saved myself a lot of trouble today since my manager is not in.

After working for 4 hours, I made my own weekend count too. At least I have my own personal time. I went and watch Priest and had my first meal of the day. Breakfast cum lunch cum dinner. And guess what? I lost 4 kgs in 8 days. I have achieved my personal goal but then in a very unhealthy way. Loss of appetite ain't a good thing but at least I made myself eat. Although I didn't finish my r…

Bond paranoia

How should I start?

I think I am a paranoid freak or should I say I am a paranoia freak. I don't know if it looks bad for me to request my boss for a b&w confirmation that my training will not bond me to the company. I know that being bonded at least meant that I have a secure job. Thanks but no thanks. I don't like being tie up. I prefer doing things or should I say going to work because I want to go to work and not because I have to go to work. I prefer doing things on my own free will.

Being bonded is like having my parents setting a curfew on me and if that happens, that's when the more I rebellious I would be. Lucky my parents never do that because there's a trust between us. I think what's more important is this type of emotional attachment. Being bonded makes me hate my job. I will despise going to work because I feel like I am being force to work.

Besides, I had earlier made a gentleman agreement with my boss by WOM to stay in the company …


Since today I am early, I might as well blog especially I can sleep in late tomorrow. Yeah... ^^
3-in-1? Yup... Gonna talk about Detective 2 movie which leads to split personality and of course me-being rebellious.

I wonder what is wrong with me. I don't feel that the movie is so exciting at all as described by my cousin the other day. Or my friend's comment that it is full of suspense. It's like I am already numb towards suspense and thrills recently. I wonder what movie can bring that feeling back out. I am hoping that the upcoming Final Destination could. The movie is not bad. It's average but a little draggy.

Rating: 3/7

Watching this movie on split personality does remind me of something which I thought I would get a long time ago. I remember thinking that I was too normal, too in control and rational that one day I might get split personality.

There's a HK drama, Placebo Cure that revolves around a psychiatrist and his patients and I used to think that I migh…

2011 Mother's Day

Every year Mother's Day I would try to make it to celebrate with my mommy or should I say I will celebrate with her every year. I used to think that mommy is someone very strict and some times I think that I can't approach her when I am young but then she is my comforting arm all this time. And when I grew older, I realized that being strict is because she care for us and she is actually someone very approachable. Someone whom I can share my secrets and have a nice talk with; just like a sister and my bff. Someone whom I can rely on no matter what, someone whom love me unconditionally, someone who will be there for me no matter what, someone whom I can "manja", a shoulder to cry on and someone who plays a lot of different roles in my life. The one who comes in to my room and pull the blanket over me when I have kicked it away, when the weather is cold or when I am sick. That warm feeling makes sleep nicer. I felt very warm even if the weather is very cold. I can only…

Thanks BROS

All this while I was blogging to share my thoughts on the things (especially movies and songs) that I encountered or my feelings/events that I wanted to share with people. Never did I expect that blogging would get me a free gift. Thanks BROS. I was just blogging about my new water bottle and I got another for free. ^^

Wow. BROS is so efficient. They featured my blog last Wednesday and said that they will send me a new water bottle. I reverted the address that they are supposed to dispatch the bottle over at 12am on 3 May and guess what? The bottle arrived the same day, 3 May. The day before yesterday . If not mistaken just after lunch around 2pm. So good.

No wonder the new water bottle look so familiar. It's BROS latest  profile picture ^^ I was kinda expecting maybe I could get the girl on the swing water bottle but still I love it. 3 acts (Reduce.Reuse.Recycle) 2 love 1 Earth. ♥


Hi. I'm back. I just came back from Langkawi yesterday night but I'm gonna blog about it later this week cause brain-jammed now. Had seafood for the past 3 days and had seafood platter again today. Crazy right? Right after my 1 meal for the whole day, I went and watch Thor (3D). Nice movie but you don't have to watch 3D for this. Not much of effect that's worth going for 3D for this movie. I bought 3D tickets because the normal one was so pack.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has such a nice body figure. Btw... Thursday is a day dedicated to Thor. As a Thursday child, I quite like the idea of it. ^^ This year, my birthday falls on Thursday. I was actually planning to get Thursday and Friday off so that I can plan something to do but some how it seems my plan is gonna be foiled. >.<

Rating: 5/7