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Scream 4

So many farewells recently. This week already 3-in-1 farewell. Sob sob. Just when I started to get close and more comfortable with these colleagues@friends, they are leaving. Okay let's get into the topic. Here goes my review on the movie I watched last night:

I don't think the movie gets people screaming over it. But there's quite a few jumps in there. They should categorized it in hormedy instead of horror cause some parts are quite funny and you can hear people laughing. (P/S the guy sitting next to me, watching the movie alone, keeps burping and laughing without reason. One word: Gross).

Of all horror movie watched this year I think this is better than the rest. That's to be compared with Paranormal Activity 2 and the movies given by my friend. I am anticipating to watch the upcoming Final Destination. The last time I watched it was with a group of friends back in Genting Court. I think not the latest one. That time was late in the midnight watching at Meng's …


I was in a very good mood the whole day today. Or should I say for quite some time even when I am sick. I am at peace and at ease recently. But until just now, after I answered a phone call, it made me feel so anxious until now. I am so worry and I don't think I can sleep until the one I care for is back.

I haven't felt this feeling for more than a month. That's when I found out something I shouldn't have. Something that left me unsettled, worried and thinking for a long time. Just like the time when my friend, J had made me feel. He had left me hanging with loads of questions in mind until I finally think that I should be fair to someone who has been there for me for almost 4 months (This is according to my friends; as me being the usual slow girl, don't feel anything amiss). I stopped being so close with that friend. I do some times think back that I have acted stupidly since if I think that there's nothing there then why should I avoid this friend? Even unti…

Love and Other Drugs

18 April 2011 - I cried watching this movie. Tears falling down without me noticing.

My friend and I were supposed to watch Scream 4 yesterday as I had mentioned on Saturday that I wanted to watch a horror movie but the movie time is at 10.20pm which is quite late for both of us who have to work the next day. So, we opted for Love and Other Drugs instead. Too much censored scenes (it's 18sx). I guess we missed out a lot. I meant the conversation that happens during the scenes. It's like some of the conversation/points can't connect.

I was shaken by the movie when I watched the uncut version. Unlike other romance movie, it's one that would move you emotionally. To quote from the movie "you meet thousands of people and none of them touch you. And then you meet one person and your life is changed forever" ♥

Rating: 4/7


I consider this is another part of the movie by Jack Neo. The first one 吓到笑 (2009) is very funny and a little scary. Quite a good one for a "hormedy" (horror + comedy). I think the first movie is funnier compared to this. The first movie consist of 3 stories. I remember the graphic of one of the short story is quite fake but right now also the graphic for 2nd short story is very fake especially the part where the urns are chasing the actor.

For this movie, there's 2 short stories. By the way, I don't think this movie is very scary at all. Not much of a horror movie. Just more of a comedy. I prefer the first one but my cousin preferred the second one. She think that the second one is funnier since there's Mark Lee in the story. I don''t think I should reveal anything here because if I am going to state anything, I would be telling the gist of the story here. So here's the trailer.

Rating: 3.5/7 (This is a movie just for a laugh).

My New Bros Water Bottle

My water bottle break already. Every time also not my fault. >.< I went to look for my own water bottle a few times but never found something that suits me. Finally found one that suits me - the size fits me all. Bros water bottle. The problem is the design. I want a design that suits my personality as well. I love the design with the girl sitting on the swing. It suits my style. I love going to the playground whenever I am sad and whenever I am happy.

But i ended up not choosing this design. I chose a black and white colour Koi fish design. I think this design is better as it looks more professional if I bring it to work compared to the design with a girl and teddy bear.

Anyway I also like this design since it is simple and does suit me to bring to work. It's just that I prefer the girl with the swing design better. It suits my mood and personality more but to bring it to work of course I would choose something more presentable as I am already like a little girl to the res…

Little J

Wow... Just met him last Sunday and 10 days don't see him like 1 month don't see him. So much changes. The first time meeting him is already love at first sight. Now only I understand what is unconditional love. Loving J without expecting anything in return. Seeing him growing up and healthy makes me happy.

Last month he was still fat, fat and chubby. A week later he became so thin but "longer" or should I say taller. A week later he is so hyperactive when I carry him and my mum told me not to carry him any more, afraid that I don't have the strength and I might drop him >.<

Sunday I met him was my happiest time. I said "bao bao" and he knows how to react to it. ^^ He even let me embrace and carry him. ♥ Although my hand still aching from cuddling him (he's so heavy), it's something memorable. I used to have this BB vs me thing because he cries every time I carry him. Unlike my little cousins. He is the most difficult baby. The only baby w…

Japanese food & Source Code ♥

Japanese food spree. ♥ 3 times in one week. 2 times yesterday. Lunch and dinner. Yummy. I thought I will be "jelak" with it but no... I still love Japanese food. Plus it's 3 different places. Tuesday I had Sushi Zanmai and no place can beat its soft shell crab. Yesterday I had Rakuzen at Empire Mall. Followed by dinner at Sushi Tei, Tropicana City.  Ending the day with a good movie - Source Code.

Sushi Zanmai, 1 Utama
Super delicious Japanese food. Sushi King, Sakae Sushi, Robot Sushi (or used to be called Sushi Groove) can never beat this shop. The food served here is very nice plus its addictive. The sushi here is nicer than Shogun and Tenji too. Jogoya? I don't really remember how does its sushi taste like. Additionally, the price here is reasonable too. Not very expensive. There's another outlet at Sunway Pyramid. The food is the same but the service there - not so good.

Rating: 7/7

Rakuzen, Empire Mall
First time eating here. The food here is more reasonable i…

Just Go With It

Just finish bathing. While waiting for my hair to dry, I might as well blog about the movie I watched today. Before movie I had Sushi Zanmai for dinner ♥ I'm not afraid of radiation la... It's ridiculous. If you wanna be afraid of it then you should also stop eating seafood including fish. So, no to fish and chips too??

I read the synopsis of the movie first, watched the trailer and then watched the movie. The storyline is just as expected. Plastic surgery surgeon asking his assistant to pretend to be his soon-to-be ex-wife to cover his lie to a girl whom he wants to spend his life with, ended up finding himself already deeply in love with the assistant. Typical ending whereby he will be with his assistant aka a friend whom he has known for very long.

Okay, I'm talking as it the show is nothing new, nothing nice but it is contrary. The movie is hilarious. I have quite a good laughter plus it's sweet. Adam Sandler never fail to entertain people while Jennifer Aniston is…


There you go. A song that I haven't listen for a long time (few months kut...) I found the file in my office's PC music folder - which mean that I was still listening to this song in November last year. It still made me feel sweet after the movie 2 nights ago. ♥♥♥

Sorry I can't find the original MV. The MV is very nice although I only had a vague memory of it.
Ai Hen Jian Dan lyric:
Pinyin: Wang le shi zen me kai shi
Translation: I've forgotten how it started 也許就是對你有一種感覺
Ye xu jiu shi dui ni You yi zhong gan jue
Maybe I just had A certain kind of feeling for you 忽然間發現自己
Hu ran jian fa xian zi ji
I suddenly discovered 已深深愛上你真的很簡單
Yi shen shen ai shang ni Zhen de hen jian dan
That I'd fallen deeply in love with you It's really very simple
Ai de di an tian hei dou yi wu suo wei
I'll love until both the earth and the skies darken; it doesn't matter 是是非非無法抉擇喔
Shi shi fei fei wu fa jue ze O
Can't choose between true and false, Oh 沒有後悔為愛日夜去跟隨
Mei you …