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Don't Go Breaking My Heart ♥ and Unknown

I haven't been really blogging lately. Yesterday went out for movie and it's worth sleeping lesser for this movie. This movie screening date is today but I already watched it last night. 11.20pm movie. The movie is so sweet and for a Chinese show it is very long, almost 2 hours. I love the movie ♥ and the usage of the song Ai Hen Jian Dan 爱。很简单 created a sense of familiarity and I have always love this song. ^^ The song Wo Yuan Yi  is so touching when Daniel Wu sang it. The movie keep saying "10 man, 9 go out "curi makan" 1 is thinking. The eleventh guy, the Martian 火星男 already extinct" and I totally agree with it. Where can I find the eleventh guy?

The part in the movie whereby they get to know each other because they work in the opposite building and communicate and cheer each other reminded me of 2 movies but I don't remember which movie already. Nevertheless, the movie is a good one and has a lot of funny elements inside. I love the frog and th…

Batu Gajah's history

To all my friends since young who have laughed at me for saying the history of Batu Gajah, kindly see this article in NST or this if it is removed. Now it is reported in the newspaper. I don't create my own stories about elephants turning into stone but it is a legend told by the elderly.

Honey Milk

I have tried hot honey milk at many different places but still the best is the one at Station One. I don't like the honey milk at Kim Gary. It is too milky that you can't even taste the honey. I don't remember the rest of the place that I had honey milk as they aren't very good and not til the extend like Kim Gary - first and last. Haha... Station One's hot honey milk never fail to please me.It is yummylicious♥ and I am craving for it now. I haven't had anything much recently. Loss of appetite. I think the only thing I had the other day was 1 packet of maggi for the whole day. Yesterday? A bowl of herbal soup. I want food but I don't feel like eating. How good would it be if there's a glass of honey milk in front of me right now... But it is good too. I want to get back my XS size. Love the time when all my tops and bottoms were so loose. I know I am crazy but it felt so good that it some times scare me cause I can't even buy the smallest size c…

Pho Hoa at Tropicana City

This is a place that specialized in beef. So sorry I don't eat beef so I can't really give any comment on the food apart from the chicken rice set that I ordered. It is very different but nice. According to my friends, they say the food there is scrumptious.

World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles

Oh my. I really don't know how to rate this movie. I am half away (my mind was wandering) while I am watching this movie. Sigh. Wasted. Sorry "dear". But I am still aware of what is happening in the movie. Just ain't really focusing. I can predict the ending like most war movies. Many sacrificed themselves for the greater good but in the end, the evil force sure lose. I don't even know what I was thinking.

Today whole day moody. Feel like banging my head on the wall; biting, pinching, scratching something; and screaming and crying out loud. I need a place to release all this mix of emotions. I don't know why but I felt much better calling him out to accompany me. Now I no longer feel like crying any more.

It always feel nice to have someone to give me another POV. Although not serious evaluation like K, it helps a lot as it's a rather different perspective. It's a complete different feeling as after relating my problems out to him as they no longer …

The Moms....



Do you believe in fate? I do. I guess God doesn't think it's the right time for me to keep in touch with a friend that I long did not talk with. I guess from the very beginning after that incident when ML contacted me, I was with the friend who had never supported our relationship from the beginning. A had seen us knowing each other til we don't talk any more. She had advised me not to reply.

Fate has it that I have always log out from my MSN in the office but there's only few times (I think 2-3 times) that I forgotten to log out my MSN and that was the time that he MSN-ed me. Maybe fate has it that it's not the time to talk yet. Or maybe we never should.
I'm starting to think that my recent blog post is so sad and negative and I should be blogging about something happy instead. So, let's put this topic in fate as well. I think that many things are fated too. But it still require us to make decision. As per daddy "fate lies in your own hand". I got …

The King's Speech

I totally forgotten about this movie. I’ve watched this movie the week before Black Swan. Quite a good one for a movie with a lot of talking/speech. Some might just hate this movie but I think it’s ok. I think my brain might have blocked away my memory on the thing that happen during this movie which is why I totally don’t remember to blog about it until I saw a Facebook post today. I was trying to think what movie I left out because my previous post stated that there will be 3 movie reviews coming. Erm... It’s an event/incident/… (I don’t know what word to use) that made me confused, that caught me thinking for some times. I guess my brain was trying to block away things that I shouldn’t think about. Which is why I totally don't remember a thing about the movie. It’s not a bad thing though. Just something I shouldn't give a thought on.
By the way, I’ve learnt a new word from this movie – Stammer. It meant people who can’t talk properly. Oxford dictionary defined this word as…


Looking at the current news that caught my attention, apart from Japan's current situation, what caught me thinking was Bi-Anne case and the Scotland case where Theresa killed her 3 children by stabbing them 8 times. The two incidents showed that there's different way parents think that they are giving the best to their children. Or that they love their children the most.

Here comes my opinion. Bi-Anne mother had never think of how hurtful the whole incident could have impacted her daughter. Her mum would have think that giving her a good education, bringing her to UK is giving her the best but she left out something important. Is that what her daughter wants? Will it change Bi-Anne if she forcefully bring her away from her father? Is it the best for Bi-Anne by forcing her to leave her comfort zone? Will she become a recluse or someone rebellious? The court case now would leave a deep scar to her childhood.

For Theresa, killing her child is a selfish act. But we couldn't b…

127 Hours & Black Swan

I watched 127 Hours at home so I don't know if there is difference between watching it at home or in the cinema. Even so, I don't think the movie is nice/interesting if I watch it at the cinema. The movie is very slow and confusing in a way as it has a lot of flashback and dream. Additionally, the whole movie has nothing that interest me apart from the part where he cuts his hand of that caught my attention and it stopped me from multi-tasking. O ya... 1 moral lesson learned here is that family relationship is very important. Maintaining relationship and letting people know where you went is also important. It doesn't kill to leave a message on where you are headed out to.

Rating: 1/7

Black Swan
This movie shouldn't be watched by people who is already mentally disturbed. I think this movie is just average. If you enjoy ballet dancing then it is okay as the choreography is nice. Besides that I finally know what is the story of the Swan Lake. The song that I love. The sto…

Depression 2

Love this:



不知是時間變了,還是 : 自己變了。





        我哭了,誰會為我而心疼.. 累了,又有誰能讓我來依靠..?? 

It basically reflected my thoughts...


Saw this poem entitled "Depression" by Joanne Tan in The Star. I think this is a very good piece for people who shares the same mood. Below are the poem:

Life is a pool of despair drowning you until you see nothing hear nothing and feel nothing.
For I am but a puppet tied down by the strings of fate, leaping through fire, skipping through ash, dancing to the whistled tune of the master puppeteer. The days of imprisonment goes on forever, stretching into eternity.
I want none of this for I long my spirit to be freed,  my soul to take flight, my strings to be released. A puppet's life ends when its bonds detach. So be it then.
The curtains close at the end of the show. A puppet lays forgotten in the dust, lifeless unbound. Finally, I am free.
I wonder if I have misinterpreted the author's thought for she sounded like she wanted her life to end.  To be free from life's ups and downs. To no longer go through all the hardship in life.

And as she said "The curtains close at th…


Please kill me coz I'm suppose to be doing my work than blogging right now. I have to hand in my work tomorrow and I'm only 1/3 done or I should say 80% more to completion. I am as good as dead by now.

My friend just reminded me on how good would it be once you reach home and somebody is waiting there with an open arm to give you one big hug after a day of hardship. How comforting would that hug be. How lovely it would be to know that there's always someone supporting you.

This also reminded me of the past. On how I used to run straight to the door when I saw my dad home from work. I'll run straight to my smelly daddy to hug and kiss him; how I used to love to sit there and wait for my love to come home to hug him;  how I used to reach home after classes and when I saw him sitting there, I would go over and give him a big hug from the back; how i used to tell that I always feel the most secure when I am being hugged. As research shows that hugging raises the amount o…

What are words

Loved this song the first time I heard it. I think that it is so meaningful. The lyric touches deep into my heart.

The lyrics: Anywhere you are, I am near
Anywhere you go, I'll be there
Anytime you whisper my name, you'll see
How every single promise I keep
Cuz what kind of guy would I be
If I was to leave when you need me most

What are words
If you really don't mean them
When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times
Then they don't
When it's love
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those words, They never go away
They live on, even when we're gone

And I know an angel was sent just for me
And I know I'm meant to be where I am
And I'm gonna be
Standing right beside her tonight

And I'm gonna be by your side
I would never leave when she needs me most

What are words
If you really don't mean them
When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times
Then they don't
When it's love
Yeah, you say them out loud
Those wo…

Disturbed 2

Today was supposed to post on my yesterday's weird encounter and also on today's badminton game. I haven't play for almost 8 - 10 years. The last time should be around Form 1 or Form 3. But right now, I don't think I have the mood to blog about it any more.

When I was out, I received a call from my friend that one of my friend had posted on Facebook that she no longer has the will to live. I was shocked when I heard that she has committed suicide before and this post should never be taken lightly about. I haven't heard any news from my friend up til now. No updates. No one knows how to contact her since she is overseas. No phone number. The only communication was through MSN and Facebook. Sigh. Wondering how she is. It's something disturbing. I even rejected a friend's call for movie.

I used to think why people (especially girls) will become so stupid to hurt themselves because of love; because of someone unworthy of their love until I encounter it myself.…

Blow water with friend

I am so so so tired. Exhausted. Been working whole day from 10.30am til 8.30pm. Standing some more. Twice 45 mins break also went jalan-jalan. Only one of it I took 15 mins to eat Mcd. My favourite. Mcd is the only place I don't mind eating alone. Been working til quite late or staying up til at least 3am lately for a week. I think I'm going to shut down soon.

Just finish "blowing water" with my friend. One more RC to do and I can sleep. I'm super addicted to my Restaurant City. Some how it still mean something to me. Actually it's nice to just crap with my friends. It made me laugh out without any reason. Like a silly girl but yeah. At least all these conversations keep me busy when I am not out, when I am alone. Although the conversation ain't serious or real at all, I think it's better than having none at all. See this stupid conversation and you know what I mean:

Me: Send me song is it? That's y sign in msn.. hehe...
F: swt... ya lor
Me: yeah.…

Drive Angry and I'm Number Four

I was thinking what I could post today as I was so busy til the extend I just finish listing out my WIP for Monday and it is a long list consider I don't even know if there's any new job coming in that day. *Phew* Today was a day with lots of running around and doing 7 jobs simultaneously that I forgotten one of them because the artist did not emailed over the file to me. Lucky it ain't a serious matter.

I've watched these 2 movies last Sunday on the same day and in the middle, a gap at Tasty Pot for Steamboat at Sunway Mentari. I had a pleasant and enjoyable day that day.

Drive Angry
Drive Angry I would suggest you all not to watch it. It's fake and I don't think it is nice even though I like Nicholas Cage. Quite a dumb movie.

Rating: 2/7

I am Number Four
I'm Number Four is quite acceptable. Quite nice for a movie that my friend said contains Harry Potter, Iron Man, Twilight and Dragonball element in it. Plus Jumper. I loved the part where John said that any…

3/3/11 - Lovely food, movie & song ♥

I really have to blog this out when all the points is in my mind or else it would be like the Valentine's post that I wanted to blog about but then I cut it out off my mind as I lost the passion and all the points inside it. It's gonna be an extremely long one though.

Here goes: Yesterday was the first time I ate Pasta Zanmai. I remember telling my ex when I was in my first year degree about it but never got the chance to try it out. I love the pasta there as it's quite different from the rest. Japanese pasta - something quite different but yummy ♥

Soft shell crab sesame cream pasta
(RM23, RM26 for set with miso soup and salad)
Love the cream. They give the black sesame powder separately and you can add in or without it. Both give different taste but I love them. I love black sesame soup (chee ma wu) so I would add in the sesame powder. My friend ain't that into it preferred to eat without the sesame powder. The sauce got a little sweet taste in it but i…

Assam Laksa

I've been addicted to assam laksa lately... Been craving for it at least once a week or whenever I saw it on the menu, that would be my first choice unless if I am very hungry. Here are comments on two more places I've been to for the assam laksa.

1) Uncle's Lim (Subang Parade)
To be honest, I don't like the assam laksa here. Not to the fact that I can't eat spicy food but to me, what makes a good assam laksa is its gravy. The gravy here is so watery and does not taste nice. It doesn't have the right amount of sourness that it should have. Even my brother didn't really like it. This is the first time I didn't finish my assam laksa. I think I only ate half of it but the amount of fish inside is quite a lot lar.... However, as I mentioned, different people have different taste bud, my cousin sister seems to like it a lot.

Rating: 2/7
Price: RM9.90 if not mistaken

2) Pappa Rich (Kelana Jaya)
The assam laksa here is nice. It's gravy is just right. Not onl…