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What Women Want

Extremely nice movie. It's such a sweet movie to be watched with someone. Although Andy Lau's is quite old, he is still so handsome. Gong Li aged gracefully. Her body figure damn good. So voluptuous. Some of the clothes that she wore in this movie reminded me of the show Curse of the Golden Flower. xp

I think it's very scary if a guy can know what you are thinking. But it would be great if you are the one who possessed the ability. Being able to know the things that you wanted to know. Rather than always being in a guessing game.

I love the OST in this movie:

Rating: 6/7

CNY movies

There's 2 movies review in this blog post ya ^^ I left out All's Well Ends Well this year. I wanna watch What Women Want. Anyone free to accompany me watch?

P/S: I didn't notice this post was written days/week ago. I've already watched What Women Want and I think I should post this before the movies are no longer shown in the cinemas.

I ♥ Hong Kong
Love ♥ this movie. It's way better than 72 Tenants of Prosperity. It's very very hilarious and full of 人情味...
An additional factor: watched it in a good mood, with my family. I treated my parents and siblings for the movie ♥

Rating: 5/7

Mr and Mrs Incredible
Walao eh... The trailer is so not interesting just like the movie. I wouldn't say that the movie is worst lar... Still acceptable. There's still funny elements in the movie. Very "fei" only lor... There's a lot of parody in the movie. Eg: Mario Bro's theme song appeared in the movie; Batman way of calling Mr Louis Koo in this movie by putt…

Jagung Kuih

My mum made the nicest sweetcorn kuih. It's very simple and only a few ingredients are needed and they are as listed below:
1) Custard powder
2) Sugar
3) Santan
4) Pandan
5) Water
6) Sweetcorn

I don't remember the portion though. Will update "once" I get the recipe from my mum (If I will ever do that xp).


I have written this post last weekend and didn't published it. Actually I have written a few posts during the weekend and planning to upload them one at a day because I know I will be so busy this whole week. I didn't intend to post this post up until the same question came up during my conversation with K these two days. I have edited a little of the content and adding a few more points into it (points from the conversation). Actually it's hard to use word to describe all this feeling. Certain things cannot be explained in words but rather you should use your heart/emotion to feel it.

I have been asking myself this question very often too: How do you stop caring for someone that you have care for many years?

It's odd to just completely stop caring for someone you have been loving and caring for many years; someone you have already thought as a family member. How odd it is that you can care for all your friends (close and not close) but not this person whom is the clos…

Xian Ding Wei

Had dinner with my friend before Chinese New Year at Xian Ding Wei in The Curve. Previously she said that the meal she had at Xian Ding Wei in Sunway Pyramid is very nice and the portion is so big that she cannot finish it. This time she said that her pork is too hard... I think the rice and braised pork plus the sweet and sour pork are nice. The soup is fabulous, just like mom's cooking. However, the side dishes are not that nice.

Rating: 3/7
Price: RM18.90 per set

Being attractive

Saw this article in NST and think that it is worth sharing. It's a 10 tips guide on ways to make yourself more attractive. I combined some and the descriptions are my own.

1) Love yourself
To people out there in order to be attractive it is about the way you carry yourself but the first thing is to love yourself. Love yourself for who you are so that you are confident about yourself. If you think yourself is ugly, how do you portray yourself as an attractive individual?

2) Be distinctively you
In order to be attractive, you have to be yourself. Never imitate others as that is not your own. Never blend in to others as that wouldn't make you attractive. You are only attractive when you are yourself; when you are different from the rest. However, never put on a mask as that ain't the original you. If you aren't yourself when you are with the person you like, how comfortable will you be? How long can you last wearing a mask to be a "good/potential" partner to the o…

Strive to be positive

This is the article on optimism that I said I wanted to blog about. It is written by Terry Paulson and published in The Star; 31 January 2011. This article got 2 parts but I was only able to get a hold of part 1.
(At first I thought I wanted to put in my own point of view but then, I am very lazy to do it. I guess the article is quite straightforward. Those italicized sentences are the ones I find meaningful).

Life is difficult and setbacks are common and everyone has the choice about the attitude he/she brings to day and the action he takes. Those who want to prosper must develop flexible optimism, resourcefulness and persistence in the face of adversity and constant change. Depression will only make you fail (eg. nothing I can do is going to make any difference in what happens to me, so why try?).

Here are several tips that I chose from the article (there's 8 in this part of the article - I am lazy to type so much) which I think is meaningful and applicable in all sort of bad s…


Since I am free tonight, I'll try and write a few of the posts that I wanted to put in this blog. But first let's pen down something that freaks me out today.

What freaks me out today is leukemia, a type of blood cancer. My mum likes to frighten me that I might get leukemia if I continue to lose my appetite eating, not eating consistently and for not having enough sleep/rest. These used to happen once in a while but have happen more often and almost on a daily basis for me for almost half a year.

The only website that I get the information from was Wikipedia and that made me feel better as the symptoms was to easily bruised, bleeding excessively, or develop pinprick bleeds and there's no known causes of blood cancer which means that I don't need to worry with my current lifestyle.

However, today I read an article in Berita Harian that the symptoms of leukemia are easily tired, pale, easily bruised and easily get infections. Just recently, my mum has been saying that I …

More to come

I have so many things I wanted to blog about but time doesn't allow me to do so. I need to get some rest now or else I will collapse soon. As my mum said, I look pale and sick which I admitted I am. I occasionally carry a pack of chocolate/sweets and painkiller (no la... should say it's paracetamol) with me in case I needed them. I'm going to be very busy soon. I don't think I will be able to blog so much. In case I forget what I wanted to blog about- upcoming posts:
1) CNY movies
2) Optimism
3) Being attractive (From NST)
4) Xian Ding Wei
5) This & That
6) Valentine's Day

Hopefully I can come back to update this weekend. Til then!


I hate this feeling. I am forever lost. I felt that I'm wandering at a forest and kept coming to the same crossroad. Many times I thought that I have moved forward but in the end, I remained at the same place. I realized that I have stopped moving forward; staying behind, unable to let go off what I have been holding on to for years. Every time I tripped and hurt myself when I reach this pathway. I thought I throw away the branch that I tripped on but it's always there. It's actually rooted there that I don't seem to be able to remove it.

I used to know what I want to do. I planned for my future until circumstances changed it. No matter how well-planned you are, nothing goes smoothly as intended. You will never know what the future lies for you even though there's an old saying that the future lies in your own hand. But some times fate has something different for you. Who would have expected that I am now an account executive but nothing relevant to Accounting whe…

Dark Thoughts

Today is Valentine's Day and I should have blogged something happier instead of this upcoming content: suicide and depression. With the recent "suicide wave" being blown to Malaysia, the newspapers had been giving a lot of highlight to such cases which is so-called more popular in Japan and Korea especially mass suicide. Who hasn't thought of suicide? I guess many would have given this little topic a thought. I have but still I would never do it. It is rather a silly thing to commit suicide because when God's closed one door, he opens another. Often time we looked too long at the closed door that we didn't realize the one that is opened for us. When you are lost and feel completely at a dead end, never end your life. You can always take a U-turn or find some other solution.

This suicide epidemic, one after another has also highlighted that depression isn't something that we should take lightly about. Some people might misinterpret the symptoms of depressi…

Tarot reading

I am quite superstitious as I do sometimes believe in tarot reading and daily horoscopes. For daily horoscope I will always refer to The Star newspaper since secondary school and most of the time, I find it to be quite accurate except for Sunday Star. The reading for Sunday Star usually don't make sense to me. After started working, I don't think it fits in any more and right now, I found New Straits Times to be more accurate. I don't really believe in the daily horoscope reading but I do like reading them just like I like to play 心理测验。

I rarely check out Tarot reading and it's only if I saw the application in Facebook that I will click in once in a blue moon to see for fun. This is my daily 3 cards reading as of 8 Feb:

7 Feb - Food Foundry

Feeling disappointed and sad today towards someone I care. But some how there's always two sides to look at things which made my feelings all mix up. Should I feel gratitude that the friend cares for my feeling or should I be sad that if the friend really care for me, the friend would have allocate some time and come and look for me individually? I guess I don't stand any place in this friend's heart. The friend could have just asked if I mind joining them or not especially I don't find the need to lie as I have always look for this friend whom I considered bff when I am sad.

However,thanks for the little surprise which made me feel a lot better. I am sorry for not being observant about everyone around me. But appreciate that you brought me to a nice place. Never expect there's such a cute place at such a "secluded" place.

The place is call Food Foundry. With the Mille Crepe there, I'm sure it's the place Carol had mentioned before. Her bf went th…


The weather really knows what I am feeling. It's been raining the whole day yesterday and today the gloomy weather really suits my mood. Whenever it rains, I always like to say the sky is crying. I want to cry but then I can't. I guess the sky is crying on my behalf.

Today when my friend dropped me at the lobby, I still don't feel well. I don't feel like heading home and went to the playground instead. It's always nice to play with the swing. I can some how swing away all my bad mood. Today 天 treat me so good as when I looked up, I saw stars glittering in the sky. Although it's been gloomy and cloudy today, the sky is clear tonight which some how made me feel better.