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Waking up in an emotional state is never a good thing especially when the weather is gloomy and moody. I have so many odd dreams recently which made me feel uneasy and disturbed. I keep having this very weird feeling. It's as if I was being punished the death sentence and the day to the execution is nearer as each day passes by.

Everyone seeing me laughing and smiling and that I am in a good mood everyday but can they tell what I am really feeling?

Shaolin 新少林寺

How should I start? Erm... This movie is very sad (悲伤). Too many death. But this is a good movie. Some part is hilarious and the choreograph is good. The fighting scene is interesting. However, I think this movie is a little too long.

As a Chinese, Shaolin is something that I am proud off. So sad that in the movie the whole Shaolin temple was destructed. However, as Jacky Chan said "Shaolin lives in the heart even when they temple is demolished".

Nicholas Tse first appearance in the movie is handsome but once he removed his hat, he looked so ugly. Comparing him and Andy Lau, Andy is much more handsome even though he is a lot older. Hou Jie (Andy Lau)'s daughter, Seng Nam, in the movie is very cute. Pity that she has to die. 
Rating: 5/7

Bone and pot

Having steamboat during a cold rainy day is almost something nice. I went to Bone and pot  有骨气 which is situated near the Kelana Jaya LRT to eat the other day. I like the ambiance there. It felt nice.

It's quite expensive though cause they are not like the usual steamboat shops where you pay once and eat all you can eat. They charge you by the food and broth you ordered. Quite expensive for 2 girls whereby the total damage is RM50.60. The list of food that we ordered and the price is listed as below:
Hong Kong Tom Yam Broth - RM12Fresh pork slices - RM11.90Fish dumpling (6pcs) - RM4.80Abalone mushroom - RM5.80Chinese cabbage - RM4.50Yee mee (1pcs) - RM2Jasmine tea (per person) - RM1.50Tie kuan yin (per person) - RM1.50Mee hoon (1pcs) - RM2 I think if more people share it would be more worth it since the price of the broth is the same no matter what you ordered. The two of us ended up having diarrhea. It's either because the food is not clean or because the tom yam broth is too …

What If

Too many what if will only make you hope for something that will eventually disappoint you. What if this, what if that... Might as well don't think too much and let nature take its course.

A: What if he dates you out on Feb 14?
B: That will be IMPOSSIBLE.
A: What if that really happens?
A: What if lar... What will you do?
B: IMPOSSIBLE. *I never once celebrate Feb 14 and I don't think there will be an exception this year*.
A: What if only. Will you go out with him?
B: That wouldn't happen. Besides, I don't even know where I will be at during that time. I might still be back at my hometown.
A: What if he comes to your hometown?
B: That will be impossible.
A: What if lar?
B: IF that really happens, I will just go out only lor... Takkan you say no! *Maybe will feel moved, hard to say right? You will never know until it really happens.*

There's no point asking what if this happen, what will you do? What if that happen, what will you do? Who will know?…


Just as expected of Jack Neo's movie. Funny, entertaining and has wonderful moral values. It made me look forward for the upcoming reunion dinner. Too bad I'm only going to go back the day before Chinese New Year. I really "anticipate" for the whole spring cleaning, decorating and busybody-ing with the preparation of the dinner. Actually what I really anticipate was all the CNY delicacies and biscuits and bak gua (dried meat). I can't curi makan before CNY. Isk... I'll have to wait til CNY eve ar... Haiz... However, I kinda don't wish CNY to come. The nearer it is, the more uncomfortable I am feeling. Weird.

Any way, I'm out of the topic. It's a nice movie and I like the scenes whereby Ah Meng (Ah Niu) irritates/annoys his mum (Jack Neo). I like the character Mindy as well. Gamblers who watch this movie will surely go and buy the number "4273". Will you go and place a bet and try your luck?

Rating: 5/7

Fun Taipei Tea Cafe

This is referring to the one at SS2. I didn't get to take all the pictures of the food as my family started eating first before my sister and me reached there. We went there late. This is the set that I ordered:

I think the food is average only but I like the fried salted chicken that my sister ordered. The honeydew milk tea not very nice cause it's quite diluted plus they put in so much colouring that I don't even dare to drink. Afraid that I'll get my allergic reaction again. I don't really like the milk tea there because they don't blend the ice in. They just add in the ice after they prepared the drink. I think the milk tea at LCS tasted even better.

Rating: 3/7
RM12 for lunch set.
RM3.50 for a cup of milk tea (additional RM1 for bubble).

San Peng Kuew Teow Soup

This road side stall at Jalan San Peng selling Kai See Hor Fun is very nice. It seems that the ingredients (kuew teow and tauge) is "imported" from Ipoh. I missed out the prawn-based soup cause it was sold out by the time we reach the shop. According to my sister, the prawn-based soup tasted even better. This shop was even highlighted by The Star.

Rating: 5/7
Total damage: RM22 (2 bowls of kuey teow soup + 1 large + pig's intestine + taufu + 3 chinese teas)

Faster and Great Day

Hmm... Not update on Gulliver's Travel. My friend ffk me. This week went and watched Faster and 天天好天. Both of them are nice movies.

Dwayne Johnson's acting skill is good. People should move away from knowing him as The Rock and start to recognize him as an actor though.

Rating: 5/7

If everyday can be a great day how good would that be? I didn't expect local production to be good. Funny as well as heart warming at the same time. Thumbs up for Malaysia's production. This movie also help to increase awareness that not only female can get breast cancer. Btw, I love the bunny doll and bag in the movie. So so cute. I wonder where can I get the plushy.

Rating: 5/7 (for a local production, it is good)


A lovely post in Facebook today on Why do people only knows how to cherish someone after they have lost them? It's in Chinese though. Worth the time to Google Translate and read it caused it really make sense. If you know how to read Chinese then go and  have a look. A question worth pondering.

15 January

Just like my previous post, Cancer is emotional, sensitive. Today date made me felt nostalgia. Last year, I blogged also about 15 Jan. Last year this time I asked the same question: do you still remember this special date? Last year this time, the feeling was different as it carried some sweetness in the message. This year, right now, the feel is completely opposite. Just nostalgic.

First Love by Utada Hikaru

I always thought that this song is a sweet and lovely song especially the piano version. There's a time I thought maybe I could use this song as my theme song for my wedding. Then I Googled for the meaning of the song and found out that it was a sad love song. Ceh... the idea was totally cut off.

This is the direct translation from the Japanese version:

Our last kiss
tasted like tobacco
a bitter and sad smell

tomorrow, at this time
where will you be?
who will you be thinking about?

you are always gonna be my love
even if I fall in love with someone once again
I'll remem…

New horoscope

I should be doing my work now or else I wouldn't be able to finish it. But I am really not in the mood of doing it. Probably going to work on it tomorrow morning before I go out.

Saw this posted on Facebook that there is a new horoscope called the "Ophiuchus" (a constellation representing a man in the coils of a snake).

New Zodiac Sign Dates Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18- May 13
Taurus: May 13- June 21
Gemini: June 21- July 20
Cancer: July 20- Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10- Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16- Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30- Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23- Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29- Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17- Jan. 20
My horoscope definitely changed to Gemini which I don't think matches my description. I  portray a strong Cancerian characteristics. I reflected all the personalities of a proud Cancerian, both the good and the bad. I admit I am a multitasker like Gemini but I am a total opposite of Gemini who does n…

Food and 2 Movies

Not updating my blog on time. I'll get this done fast to do my presentation which is due on Monday.

KRR RED day (12 Jan 2011) It seems Kenny Rogers will have this promotion only ONCE a year. Just don anything RED (clothes, accessories, lipsticks, shoes, etc) and get 2 quarter meals for the price of one (BUY 1 FREE 1). Red for KRR refers to the colour of life and KRR wants to celebrate good health and vitality through good eating and healthy living. 

I went to KRR with my friends at The Curve. I was disappointed with the macaroni and cheese over there as it was not cheesy enough. I wonder was it because of the RED day or the quality of food there is not as good as the other outlets.

After having the dinner, we headed for movie ~ PARANORMAL ACTIVITY which is erm... so so only. Too much suspense but not scary at all. People scream and jump BUT then they will just laugh it away. You can't see the "Satan" but only feels its presence.  I don't consider the movie i…


I suddenly come to an agreement that love is also an investment. When you love somebody, you will always hope for something in return. The most minimum also is wanting the other person to love you back. Unconditional love only comes from parents.

How do you judge the amount of investment? Do you judge giving all of yourself as a high investment?

Let us evaluate this situation and then only judge what should be consider the volume of investment (The situation here is just a mere creation):

Introduction to the personas: Girl A and B are more or less similar in personality. Girl A invested all. Girl B is seen as not investing highly as she does not belief in premarital sex. Both girls have been in a relationship for average of 5 years.

Mr X broke off with Girl A leaving her so sad and totally devastated. The girl who was perceived to have invested the most. She invested 100% of her everything. But one week later, Girl A was introduced to Mr.R and all her sad feeling is gone. All her pre…

Assam Laksa at Wai Sek Kai

Last week I went to SS2 Wai Sek Kai and tried this assam laksa. I think it is quite nice although I found 1 blog stating that it is a little disappointment to him/her. Personally, I think this assam laksa is better than the Little Penang at the Curve. The gravy is better, the fish is better. The fish meat in the Assam Laksa by Little Penang tasted damn weird. Of course both can never beat the Assam Laksa in Penang.

Price: RM4.50 for small, RM5 for big.
Rating: 5/7

Price for Assam Laksa at Little Penang: RM9.80. Include tax become RM11 something.
Rating: 4/7

HP7 Part 1

Aiya... Forgotten to publish this post the other day. Isk...

The third or forth time sitting right at the 1st row in the cinema. Remembering the 1st Harry Potter, how much have the actor and actress changed. Hermoine (Emma Watson) is so pretty. Anyone who doesn't follow HP from the 1st til the 6th will not know what is happening.

Rating: I dunno what rating I wanted to give to this movie already but I will definitely be looking forward for the second part. ^^

Meet the Fockers: Little Fockers

It is always a mistake to go and watch a movie with expectation in heart. This movie is not really up to my expectation from watching the previous Meet The Fockers and Meet The Parents. However, it certainly is worth watching. It is still hilarious and funny especially the part where Greg has to give Jack an injection... xp Plus Jessica Alba is hot... And Greg's son is cute ♥

Rating: 5/7 (Increasing it from 5 to 7 this year ^^).


Happy New Year people. It's a brand new year, brand new start and I had a brand new experience today. Sis brought mum and dad to sing k at IOI Redbox. It would be the 1st proper sing k session apart from the one at Genting Highland. ^^ Oldies, ABBA, Theresa Teng songs filled the room.

Since today is a new year, let me start something new as well. Let's just skip the new year resolution thing as I had already blogged about it. I think I should start to blog about food.

Today I went to Ahwa Restaurant at Section 14 for its famous Jalan 222 Hokkien Mee. I guess different people have different taste buds. I don't think that it is very great. I think that the Hokkien Mee is just ordinary and according to mum, she said it's a little too salty. To be compared with the one at Genting Kelang near Tawakal Hospital, I would prefer the latter. However, it is worthwhile recommending considering it is hard to find Hokkien Mee that still taste OK, I meant better than average especia…